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    Been keeping an eye on this thread over the last few days, very interesting and helpful comments.

    I got my first IT job at the start of June as a Desktop Support Analyst. Its in a small - medium sized company and i have come in as the 3rd member of the team, taken full control of the helpdesk so any call that comes in is dealt with by myself first. If its beyond me then i pass it onto Administrator or my Manager but at current we get around 200 calls logged a month and i would say im dealing with around 150-160 of these myself. I have also been given responsibility of preparing monthly reports of whats going on with our helpdesk and presenting this to the IT Director at the end of each month.

    Considering i hadnt worked in an IT enteprise environment before its been great experience for me and i have been given exposure to many different areas such as...Installing ESXi servers and setting up VM's, Linux (Setting up SFTP servers/accounts), General access to Servers to make changes and everything that goes with that from AD to SQL to Exchange. (Cant think of anymore at the moment but you get my drift ive been given a taster of many different areas of IT)

    After a couple of months of working here my boss told me to stop doing any studying towards desktop support certifications such as the 70-680 i was studying as he didnt think this was nessercery for me and he would like to see me spending my time instead on learning SQL and Exchange Server.

    The job was advertised at 20-23K anually and i was offered the 20K due to my lack of experience in IT. I took this offer because although they were offering me the lower band of the wage i didnt care and just wanted to get my foot in the door. Not only this but i had seen alot less offered for entry level IT jobs in London such as 17k/18k etc. So to get this entry level job at 20K annually i was chuffed!

    Despite this by the time ive paid out for my train ticket i am actually £50 a month worse off than i was in my random dead end shop job. My monthly train ticket works out at £320 a month lol. Once ive completed my probabation period at the end of this month im going to look into buying a yearly pass though which should bring this down slightly.

    My probabtion period was 6 months and that ends at the end of this month to which my boss has told me on the quiet that i wont be given a pay rise straight away at the start of December but he has said that he has spoken to the Director about me and i shall definetly be getting a payrise in January as there very pleased with me and how ive come in, done everything they wanted from me and more without any problems.

    Will be interesting to see if the company expands and a better position appears for me in the future or whether like you guys say i will need to move else where to get that better paying role.
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    in my current job, we handle on average 60 inbound calls a day, we have a time frame of no more than 15 minutes allowed to be spent on each of these incidents and if we do need to spend more time on it then we can let the user go off the phone and remain vnc'd in to the workstation to work on it, but at the same time I could be working on 3 workstations at any one time whilst the calls are still coming in... high pressured with unfortunately not a lot of support provided to us as its all about producing the right stats at the end of each month.
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