You Really dont like RM do You!

Discussion in 'Software' started by mikesta, Mar 4, 2004.

  1. mikesta

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    Well thats extremely interesting.
    I must admit to finding RM very restricting and quite frankly, a pain in the a**e. But what would I know, I`m just a humble network technician. If I want to do something that should be quite simple, I cant because the RM front end does it like this.....or you cant do it at all.....but RM are working on an update so you can do it :gun ......need I go on. Personally I would like pure 2k/2003, but then having spent £3500 on an MCSE I would wouldnt I :D I think Me and SimonV are actually the same person by the sound of it. After all,you never see us at the same time do you?! :cheeseyg . Latest news is citrix being mentioned....nnnnggghhhhh...get a smooth talking "advisor" and senior management are bowled over by these new and wonderful things we can have in the school. Remote network management anybody?? nice work if you can get it :twisted:
    Anyway, needless to say everythings completely up in the air at the moment and I just hope we end up with something sensible.
    I`d better go for a lie down now after that little rant! :D

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  2. SimonV
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    Sounds like your having fun with the RM kit. :hang What improvement are they planning for the upgrade? Free hammers?
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  3. AJ

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    We have just employed our new tool for use with the afore mentioned equipement. It is waiting outside, big, yellow empty skip. That should untie things a bit.
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