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Discussion in 'Computer Security' started by ant2005uk, Mar 26, 2005.

  1. ant2005uk

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    Ok I was on yahoo messenger last night and I got kicked out, and it said you are already logged in at another computer. So I logged in again, and everything was at the same point before I got kicked out, the window with the messages to the person I was chatting to was still there. I was wondering if anyone could tell me is this something I should be concerned about? could this mean someone logged into my account at a differant PC? I dont really donr see how cus it was one hell of a password and I change it every few days. If it wasnt broken into what else could it be? I was thinking it may have gotton confused because whenever I log into messenger it pops up with a message saying how many new emails I got, and if I want to log in. Sometimes my email screen pops up twice even when I click on new view messages. Anyway I changed my password just to be safe. It might just be me being paranoid im always like that when it comes to security. I mean nothing like this has happened ever before and never been hacked from what im aware of.
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    Will be interesting to hear some of the responses to this, Ant, but it may simply be a case that there was a prob with either:

    a) Yahoo Messenger (I know I often have probs getting/staying in MSN - bloody annoying)


    b) Your actual internet connection - if this went down temporarily (again, as mine too often does !!), when it came back up, you'd be able to pick right up on the same convo again (minus obviously anything the other person had typed since you were "away")

    Not aware of anything more sinister at this stage (although I know there are worms emerging quite fast for IM clients). Like I say - I'll be interested in this one ...
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    Every once in awhile, Yahoo IM glitches on me one way or another. Might just be a fluke.
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  4. nugget
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    Do you log in at 2 different computers?

    And if you do, do you log out/shut them down or just lock the desktop (for example at work)?

    Just asking as I have the same problem when I start both my PC and my laptop. I'm logged in at my PC and when I connect my laptop (starts automatically at startup) MSN kicks me out of my PC connection as I'm logged on to another instance of MSN (laptop).
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  5. ant2005uk

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    Well sometimes I log into messenger on my phone, and I know it doesnt always log me out properley because my buds can still see me online as 'im mobile' even when I have tried to log out on my phone. Im guessing it could have something to do with that what do you think?

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