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Discussion in 'Software' started by zxspectrum, Oct 16, 2005.

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    Well hello again all , does anyone know why my windows task manager will not come up anymore when i press ctrl,alt+del together. Is there a box that i have to tick to get to activate

    Does anyone know what the hell is going on when my com is saying the virtual memory is too low, i have no idea about this, and owuld tha be the reason why my browsers go slow then sometimes just go as if id closed them ???
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    two words my friend VIRUS and SPYWARE!

    d/l some spyware removal s/ware and make sure you AV is up to date then in safe mode do a scan using both!
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    I've got no idea why task manager won't show up when you press ctrl+alt+del, but if you need to get into it desperately go to start > run and type in taskmgr then press enter, this should bring it up.

    Virtual memory is when your comp uses part of the hard disk to extend it's memory. It is also referred to as the page file.

    When you get this memory warning how many open apps do you have? As having to many of them open causes memory to fill up meaning that windows has to use the page file.

    To view the current settings for your page file right click my computer > properties > advanced > performance >settings > advanced > virtual memory and see what is is currently set to.

    Change it from being a system managed size to an initial size of 2 X the amount of physical RAM you have in your PC, also set its maximum size to the same value.

    This may require you to need a restart.

    If you still continue to get this error after doing this then it may indicate that your PC needs more memory.

  4. moominboy

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    yep, spy/adware etc for the slow browser, virtual mem is most likely lots of apps but could be one massive app, such as trying to read an iso as a word doc,(guilty!),

    also for task manager you can press f8 i think or right click the bottom task bar, but i don't think there is a setting to choose which option works, do all the keys work seperately?
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