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Worth doing MCITP 2008?

Discussion in 'Windows Server 2003 / 2008 / 2012 / 2016' started by reverb, Sep 4, 2013.

  1. reverb

    reverb Byte Poster

    Is it still worth taking the 2008 exams or better to skip it and go straight to 2012?
  2. JK2447
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    Someone correct me here BUT there was a time when I would say certify in what you work with. I no longer say that because I feel it no longer fits the whole work/certification model in that exams are retiring LONG before we cease working on the technology they are testing you on. The Enterprise Administrator exam which would be your last exam assuming you took it that far is due to retire in Jan 2014. That gives you 4 months, maybe a few weeks longer to sit all 5 exams. Server Administrator I is 3 exams so that is more realistic. It is entirely up to you mate. I personally would go for 2012. Its 2013 now, not far off 2014....
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  3. Gingerdave

    Gingerdave Megabyte Poster

    It depends, if it will take you months of study to get through the exams then no, got for 2012. If you feel confident on what MS will ask you on, then sure go for that then the upgrade exam.

    It all comes down to the time frame as the 08 exams are being retired soon.
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  4. reverb

    reverb Byte Poster

    Thanks guys. Will consider studying for 2012 :)
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  5. Chief

    Chief Bit Poster

    I guess now it's MCSA 2008, as opposed to MCITP, but just for anyone else in my situation... It's been very useful for me to go through the training, because the servers I am working on are still 2008. Also, if you are doing some sort of consulting, you'll still need to be familiar with 2008 and probably 2003 too, even if only to be able to migrate them to 2012.
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  6. sheepluv

    sheepluv Byte Poster

    Yeh MCSA 2008 still exists MCSA: Windows Server 2008 | Microsoft

    "The MCSA: Windows Server 2008 certification will remain in market."

    Then upgrade to MCSA 2012 later on. I would think it would be hassle to get a lab full of 2012 servers going and all that when you work with 2008 so do them first, and thats what your using anyway right?.

    I done 646 (hated this exam but done in 2011). I havent done anything since, and need to do 640 642 which are more techy exams so ill prefer them. I think 2008 gonna be around a long time yet, plenty of time.

    .. just looked upgrade to MCSA 2012 is 1 exam :) so make sense this way.

    chief - looks like an oldish post hopefully reverb will read!
    Last edited: Nov 30, 2013
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