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Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by Asterix, Nov 3, 2009.

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    Im currently in a 1st line role (although it is more 2nd line) my employers are asking me to complete a CDP Plan, which is inline with all employees of the company (1500+) (although not all of my collegues have completed this).

    I am studying for MCSA atm (Self-Study) and feel ready to take 70-290 within a few weeks and 70-291 at some point in the new year, work are happy about this and so i am incuding this as a goal in CDP.

    The technical training everyone in 1st line support has attended is the 70-271 (first part of MCDST), and they have agreed that this would be pointless for me as i have already gained the MCDST. They also mentioned that they wouldnt approve any training on anything tech that i do not have exposure to as this would not assist me in my role, therefore i was thinking of adding an aim for a non-Tech IT qualification, such as ITIL foundation. I am really bad at these sorts of things and looking for any helpful information that would help me beef out this document and allow me to demonstrate (realistic) career goals?
    My questions are:

    1) Would ITIL be any real benefit? does this look good on the CV? are there any other viable options in non-tech certs that i would benefit from?
    2) What other aims/goals can i include on my CDP?
    3) Im also having real dificulties in any goals in 3/5 years time, what would be reasonable development over this time period? :eek: (as i have only worked for a year)
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    It would if the organisation would start to make the move towards an ITIL/FITS model or if you moved to an organisation that used it. Does it look good on the CV? Yes, it does.

    How about Prince2 foundation or Project+? To a lesser extent Six Sigma. You could also try the Microsoft Licensing Sales Specialist Lite credential.

    Other non-technical: the NVQ in Customer Service, the NVQ in Team Leading & the LCGI Diploma in IT (From City & Guilds after 5 years experience, etc).

    What about the professional status ICTTech mark from the ECUK/IET? In your long term goal plan the CITP, however I believe you need at least 8 years working in IT, plus be working at level 5 of the SFIA (not not within the next 5-6 years, since you already have 1 years experience).

    Job shadowing higher tiers with their duties.

    Really for both of the above questions, the world is your oyster :)

    Over a 3 to 5 year period guessimating likely progression: The completion of your MCSA, the MCITP: Server Admin, the MCITP: EST. If you work with Cisco kit, the CCENT/CCNA. If you work with Wireless, the CWNA. The Comptia Security+.

    It really does depend on where you're career path is heading, what you're working with and how much your company (and you) are willing to pay.

    Certifications: PGDip, BSc, HNC, LCGI, MBCS CITP, MCP, MCSA, MCSE, MCE, A+, N+, S+, Server+
    WIP: Master degree
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    Thanks for the reply, Very helpful.
    Company is apparantly already modelled on ITIL (roughly from what i have seen) so hopefully they will be keen on this idea. As i am only working on helpdesk at the moment i think project+/Prince2 will be aims in a couple of years.
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    I understand i require some better stucture but here are a few ideas i have jotted down, any thoughts?
    -Build and maintain correct self concepts whilst maintaining and developing professional interaction skills to ensure positive, effective and directional communication.
    -Gain further understanding of company policy/protocols through on-the-job training, supervisory orientation and consideration of feedback. 
    -Develop skills in professional documentation (policy/report)
    -Develop a greater awareness of available career areas and develop effective methods in sourcing career information to understand information/communication flow in an ITIL structured unit and gaining relevant accreditation through formal training due to level of exposure on a day-to-day basis. 
    -Complete further studies in two exams (70-290) and (70-291) through self-study to continue development path and gain MCSA (Microsoft Certified systems engineer) accreditation. 
    -Develop a current awareness of technologies and skills required to spawn a greater proficiency in understanding strategic direction of career.

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