Word Expert Exam 77-426 (Part 2)

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  1. Bevlar

    Bevlar New Member

    I'm hoping someone can help answer a question that we don't seem to be able to get an answer to, from either from the company where the exam took part or Certiport/Pearson.

    A member of our team at work has just failed the exam (quite badly) having passed the first exam well and getting 100% in all her Part II mock gmetrix exams.

    The number of questions she was presented with was 13 then nothing more, her failure score (about a 1/3 correct) and the fact that 13 seems an odd number of questions leads me to believe the online software may have experienced some sort of fault. I know that all the questions are randomly generated, but can anyone tell me - does a total of 13 questions sound right?

    First time poster, and I am not typically a forum user, but I am really anxious to give my colleague some good news, and also we shouldn't be paying for a retest if this is not her issue.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. dmarsh

    dmarsh Petabyte Poster

    During the exam, the amount of time remaining to complete the questions or project, and the number of completed and remaining questions if applicable, is shown at the bottom of the exam interface.

    The number of questions is not strictly defined, it could change at any point, so only the test centre would know if you sat the entire exam and what version you sat.

    Generally it should be clear on the start of the test how many questions there are, if the software crashed you should have realised at the time and taken it up with the certification centre.

    If the software crashes its most likely you wouldn't get a score report at all, or the system would be restarted and you'd continue where you left off, but I've never run a certification centre so I could be wrong.

    I'd contact the test centre with your query.

    If the examinee did terminate their own test session early and not answer 60% of the exam, that would be user error and still require a retest.
  3. Bevlar

    Bevlar New Member

    Thanks for your response, we have now heard back from the test centre and it would appear that 13 was the number of questions set, so it would appear that it was our delegate who had the problem, not the exam. I will let her know about the question counter you refer to ,as it would be useful for her to keep an eye on.


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