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Wireless connectivity on Vista (build 5231)

Discussion in 'Wireless' started by philbenson, Dec 25, 2005.

  1. philbenson

    philbenson Byte Poster

    Morning and merry christmas to all...

    I've just installed Vista build 5231 on my Centrino laptop but cannot get any connection to my wireless AP. Connecting to a cable port however works perfectly. It's not the wireless adapter on my laptop as that works fine with XP

    At this stage therefore, I don't know whether this latest version of Vista simply doesn't support wireless networking, or whether I simply haven't configured it right. Vista recognises and configures the wireless hardware and I have the icon in the system tray. It is simply unable to detect any wireless networks.
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  2. simongrahamuk
    Honorary Member

    simongrahamuk Hmmmmmmm?

    It may well simply be the build version.

    As it is still in beta then some elements may simply be turned off until the next version.

    Happy Chrimbo! :biggrin
  3. Bluerinse
    Honorary Member

    Bluerinse Exabyte Poster

    Phil, have you tried using the wireless utility than comes with the wireless adapter rather than letting Vista handle the connection process?
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