Win2000 or Windows 2003?

Discussion in 'Windows Server 2003 / 2008 / 2012 / 2016' started by kelton, Jan 22, 2004.

  1. kelton

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    Computeach have sent out letters (presumably to all us CT Win2k Students which are viable for it) asking if we want to switch to their new Windows 2003 course (for free).

    Personaly I think this will be a bit of a boost for me - Ive been struggling to get going and this may help kickstart my studies again. The course / exam taking structure also changes - and now looks better (and allows distant students to take exams local to us).

    Question is... should I go for the latest exam or hang out and hope I pass the Win2000 course... and then look for a job/go for win2k3? OR just go for the latest one knowing that jobs are scarce anyway and I might as well get the latest qualification... i can always go back and learn the others in my own time post-CT course.

    Im leaning towards 2003 - but interested in what you guys think.

    Flex - if you read this... did you get the letter? whats happening with your studies... havent seen you online recently.
  2. flex22

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    I haven't received a letter, nor do I expect to, but you never know.
    I've been on the course for ages, so it probably doesn't apply to me.I wasted the first year being drunk, so am constantly catching up now.

    I've heard about this from the computeach site, though I can't comment on their site as computeach have removed me from posting because I had one criticism about the way they went about things, so they abnned me.Of course this totally reasonable, and it is me who is a disgusting crtein who rightly deserves to be banned, but anyway.

    Not sure Kelton, what you should do really.Personally I can hardly see the difference between these os's, overall.But what do I know.

    Sure the others can help you more on the technical relevance.

    Thanks :!:
  3. kelton

    kelton Nibble Poster

    Have you talked to CT about removing the ban? your not banned from calling / emailing for assistance... but anyway, we talked about this and you know my views... its just a shame you have had such a bad experience of them.

    Reading the letter only people with a finnish date after July 2005 have been offered the move.

    Improvements in the course include the 1 week/ 2 exam in-cenre days reduced to 2 days and 1 exam. For me this takes quite some pressure of learning 2 to exam level for the same week. It also means you get your module and pass sooner which in turn helps boost you as you see some progress. They also add 2 months onto your finish date.

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