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Discussion in 'Software' started by Nelix, Nov 24, 2003.

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    Not sure that this is the place to put this, but here it is anway. goes, We just upgraded a couple of servers at work, the problem now lies in that this was an old server and had been installed before any of the current staff were employed. So, now that it's freed up from the network there are still a few files that need to be removed from if and put back on the network.

    The server has been Dis-joined from the Domain and made a member of a workgroup, however, no literature can be found about the installation process of the server and no one knows the local admin password, after running a lovely little Boot CD i managed to reset the password, no problem there. The problems only begin after you input the password and press enter a box appears that says " This process cannot switch to the current directory D:\, Select OK to set the current Directory to D:\WINNT or select cancel to exit" no matter what you press the bow appears a second time, and again no matter what you choose another box appears that says "Cannot Access This Folder Path Is Too Long" the only option to select is OK, after clicking OK the machine just seems to hang.

    Anyone got any clues
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    This is a shot in the dark but I suspect the ntfs permissions on the drive were locked down so that the permissions were restricted to domain users, with it no longer being part of the domain and logging in with the local admin account I don't think it has permissions to see it's system files.

    The nearest article I could find related to your problem was here which is to do with a printing issue under NT4 but permissions are at the heart of the problem.

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    thanks for that phil, seem like that is what is causing the problem, we found a work around in that we installed a copy of win 2000 server on a different partition so that we could get some of the important files off, once we have finished the copying we are just going to flatten the thing and install, hopefully 2003 and set up a test domain.

    Thanks again.

    P.S. Just in case you were wondering why we did'nt copy the files over while it was joined to the domain......

    The server was dedicated to a particular dept and we informed them that in order to set up the new server we would have to copy everything from one to the other, (we also told them that they should refrain from using files that were stored on the server, any files that they need to work on should be copied to there local drive and when the new server was up and running they could then save them to the machine) then remove the original server and rename the new one to the same name as the old one had, we had to use the same name as some of the pearl script that we run reference the server by name. Anyhow the copying took a couple of days, and all was well untill a member of staff pointed out that about 2 days work had disappeared from a file/database, we asked where they had saved it to and they said "the server", well you know whats happened dont you?. they saved the file to the old server and the next time they opened it they opened the file from the new server that had been copied across 2 days earlier, thus records were missing.

    Sorry it was a bit long winded
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    Not sure if I should post this reply, but I will not add more details than necessary just in case.
    There is a utility which allows a non-admin user to gain admin priv. WITHOUT requiring the original admin account.
    By using this utility you could, in effect, transform a std user account into an admin. then log on using the new admin to change the password of the original admin. and full access to your machine is restored.
    There is a registry edit which can prevent this from happening.
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