Win 95 wont share a printer on a win xp machine! :(

Discussion in 'Networks' started by madrob, Nov 24, 2004.

  1. madrob

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    Hi guys.

    Wow well it really is a long time since i lost posted on here! Hope everyone is ok.

    Im doing some work with a local community organisation who bought 6 new xp machines but really wanted a work shop for ten. They had 4 more win 95 machines donated.

    The xp machines are all on a little workgroup and share one printer. However I can’t seem to get the win 95 machines to see the printer or in infact the workgroup?

    Any ideas would be gratefully received!
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  2. AJ

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    First thing is to make sure the network card is installed with the correct drivers. I think you will need to make sure that TCP/IP is installed and NetBIOS is installed (not sure about that one). Make sure all the machines are in the same IP range with the correct Subnet Mask.

    Just a couple of things to check first.
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  3. Luton Bee

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    As AJ sugestes check the NIC and settings on the 95 machine, make sure the 95 can ping the IP address of machine with the printer. The next thing to consider is that you will need to add the 9x drivers to the print server (XP machine) from the installation disk or website as only the 2000 and XP compatable drivers are installed by default.
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  4. tripwire45
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    Can your 95 machines ping the XP machines by both their IPs and host names? You may have to add the host names of the XP machines in the LMHOSTS files on the 95 machines so they can resolve the IP addresses to the computer names.

    If you are using network neighborhood to try and see the XP machines from the 95 machines, you still might not be able to see them. Try opening a Run window and type:


    Hopefully, anything shared on that particular host will appear. You may get a logon screen for that machine if the XP machine requires a username and password to authenticate.
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