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    I got an email from servernews.com with predictions for 2006. Typical sort of stuff...but at the end, they tagged on "Wild-Ass Guesses". Some are pretty funny. :biggrin

    * Sunbelt Software will be slashdotted at least 6 times in 2006
    * There will be a new product called Google Money, think Paypal with a twist, but Google's stock price will take it's first big hit (-20%)
    * Microsoft will decide Windows Live isn't worth it after all and kill the baby.
    * "Web 2.0" will be exposed for the marketing buzzword sham it is.
    * A Korean hardware company will come out with a laptop sporting a USB airbag
    * Companies to be bought in '06: TIVO, AOL, and LinkedIn whether by Yahoo, Google or Microsoft. Eek.
    * Ebay will force people to inform the IRS & Inland Revenue of all sales made. EEEK.
    * 17 named storms expected in 2006; East Coast at twice the average risk; EEEEEEEK!
    * Continued high oil prices and massive VC investments will force one major new clean technology into the foreground that will be taken up worldwide. wOOt!
    * Apple continues to crank out next-gen iPods and the latest one will have a satellite radio receiver, a PDA, a phone and GPS-capability. I want one! Prices for iTunes songs will start varying wildly based on popularity, and some one will find a way to sell them to other consumers.

    And one for the road. Blake Ross predicted: Due to a glitch in Windows Vista, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer will mix up his notes at PDC '06 and declare: "Developers, developers, developers... We're going to f*%ing bury those guys!" Nineteen will leave on stretchers with furniture-related injuries." Hee hee.
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    Love it !!! :biggrin
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    Great one Trip :biggrin
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    I'd put money on Web2.0 not being exposed for a while yet.

    and while I'm on the subject of Management Buzzwords: Thought you'd appreciate this little Gem from a manager after seeing our new Java App. (Luckily he was only in a room with 25 others)

    "Why did you write it in Java? You should have written it in Linux, Then it would be cross-platform"

    Love it
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