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Wic-1adsl & 2620xm

Discussion in 'General Cisco Certifications' started by BigtimeJimmy, Apr 30, 2010.

  1. BigtimeJimmy

    BigtimeJimmy New Member

    Hi everyone,

    Not sure if I can post this question but i'll ask anyway and forgive me if i'm wrong :biggrin

    I have a Cisco 2620XM and a WIC-1ADSL. I would like too:

    1) Use the router as a DHCP server
    2) Configure my WIC-1ADSL for internet access.

    My ISP is BTWholesale. I am able to configure my router for DHCP with no problems at all and can get all pc's talking (not hard lol)

    I can also get my WIC-1ADSL to connect up and get an IP address and be authenticated etc.

    However, I can't get my internal network out bound over the WIC. I'm not sure what I should do.

    Do I need to give the WIC or the Dialer0 an IP address and then make that the default gateway (is that default-route) or do I then make it my DNS server assuming then this will pass any requests to my ISP dns as my WIC can't resolve the name. Do I put my ISP DNS in? I'm really lost and it's doing my head in. I can't find the config anywhere and I belive its the DNS part i'm getting wrong. All help very appreciated. I have currently reloaded my config back to standard if anyone has a running config they can show me etc?

    Thank you all 8)
    Certifications: CompTia A+/N+, OCR Level 2, NCFE Level 2
  2. losso

    losso New Member


    i dont have any experience with that router and adsl wic.

    Your gonna need to use nat, to translate your inside locals to inside globals.

    also create a static default by doing ip route adslinterface

    with adslinterface being the name for your adsl wic.

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