Who do I report spam accounts to?

Discussion in 'Site Issues, Suggestions and Comments' started by MasterDelgado, Sep 5, 2019.

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    This user https://www.certforums.com/members/katherine199.30436/ has made 4 posts, all for exam dumps (which is pretty much a big no-no). Who should be made aware of this please?

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    Hi @MasterDelgado, thank you for bringing this topic up. As you rightly say, Braindumps are against our community and if you use the Report (exclamation mark in a triangle) under their post, it will notify the Admins and Moderators on here to remove, delete, ban etc. Thank you for your diligence and for bearing with us. I can delete posts like that but I've been up and down the country this week, driving and crashing in hotels so I've missed them. Fortunately one of the moderators has seen this and you'll see that the user has also been banned for multiple infringements of the rules. Thanks, James
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