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Which practicle skills do I need to concentrate to join as NW admin fresher?

Discussion in 'Networks' started by bspkumar, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. bspkumar

    bspkumar New Member

    I am learning CCNA course now. I would like to get a job as NW adminstrator fresher.

    Which practicle skills ( configurations of most used switches/ routers, NW troubleshooting utilities....etc ) do I need to concentrate on?
  2. morph

    morph Byte Poster

    Dude r u saying your doing ccna and that from there u want to become a network admin ? And by fresher - do u mean trainee?

    the things in your list - you'll need all of that and more :) I think the main thing is being exposed to the differant vendors, juniper, cisco etc.. And also whatever company you work for - how their network works etc...
    Certifications: Network +, ITIL Foundation, CCENT, CCNA
    WIP: server/ccna security
  3. bspkumar

    bspkumar New Member

    Yes, I would like to join as a trainee ( without CCNA certification. I would like to write the exam after 5 months ).

    Every company is asking for some practical knowledge from freshers.

    I would like to know which type of configurations and the network monitoring utilites do I need to practice.

    And which simulators do I need to practice these?

    Thank you for your time.

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