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Which Linux for networking?

Discussion in 'Linux+' started by kai, May 17, 2010.

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  1. kai

    kai Bit Poster

    I am almost at the end of my network+ exam, and currently doing command line stuff. I have a spare computer which im planning on putting Linux on, but im not sure which version of Linux to use.

    Is there a version of Linux that is mostly use in a network environment over anything else?

    Any help will be greatly appreciated. This will be the first time using any form of Linux. I dont know why but im pretty excited about it :D

  2. ThomasMc

    ThomasMc Gigabyte Poster

    I just stick to what I know and thats CentOS which is RHL based, not sure if its the best one for the job but I like it and run all sorts off the back of it.
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  3. gosh1976

    gosh1976 Kilobyte Poster

    In studying for the Net+ I just used Ubuntu installed on Virtual PC. I don't really recall there being much in the objectives beyond the basic commands like Ifconfig, mtr etc. I am interested in hearing more opinions on what distribution others would recommend for learning some more of the linux basics.
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  4. Coupe2T

    Coupe2T Megabyte Poster

    As far as I know at command line most Linux environments are the same, There are a couple of differences with commands but nothing major. Just check to see what shell your version of linux is running and then google a cheat sheet or summin for that shell. Most commands are the same or very similar though!
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  5. kai

    kai Bit Poster

    Thanks for the replies!

    I want to get used to Linux because im going to try and get a job with just the network+. Hopefully I can show an employer that Im learning at home all the time and show some enthusiasm :D

    The next cert will be the microsoft desktop support one. Might as well get used to Linux if I end up running into it without no experience at all :blink

    Thanks again!


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