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Which do i buy??

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by elli5on, Feb 25, 2006.

  1. elli5on

    elli5on Kilobyte Poster

    Hi folks, Im currently buying a few bits and bobs to build a computer myself.... Mainly it will be used for gaming by myself(if not will be sold on ebay).

    Im currently looking at PSU's, but not entirely sure which to buy!
    Ive looked at Hiper PSU's,enermax(expensive),Seasonic..... But not sure which to go for. I really would like something around 580 watts. Just wondered if anyone has used any of the above, and if so, would appreciate any opionions. Also where is the best place to purchase these from? Apart from ebay(which appears to be getting expensive).



    P.S.. Im using the DFI Lanparty (939) Ultra-D mobo(good for overclocking i hear). Anyone have any feedback on this also.

    Sorry for the essay :biggrin
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  2. danOne

    danOne Bit Poster

    Newegg.com is great for buying hardware, Iv'e bought about $500 worth of stuff from there always arrived fast and as promised. If I was you I would check the reviews for the PSUs you listed in Newegg.

    I think 580W is way too much in my opinion. But then again I don't know if you'r planning to be having 3 hard drives and a $500 video card.
  3. Arroryn
    Honorary Member

    Arroryn we're all dooooooomed

    My BF has just set up his PC using a Seasonic S12-600 PSU, 600W.

    Very quiet PSU, plenty of connectors. Running an S-ATA hard drive, 2 lightscribe drives, on an Asus A8N-Sli deluxe mobo. And some other bits and bobs. Doesn't have any power problems at all.

    Purchased from Novatech
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