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Which direction to take?

Discussion in 'Employment & Jobs' started by higgsboson, Nov 27, 2008.

  1. higgsboson

    higgsboson New Member

    I'm a 'semi-experienced' Windows guy, having spend 2 years working in a projects team. I've also got around 1 year's experience with C#/asp.net in a previous role as well as my current one (I work for a large company).

    I'm on a rotational scheme and I have not been able to secure a permanent job in Windows - no vacancies - and as an alternative have been offered a role in either the Unix or Database projects team (SQL server). I like where I work so do not want to consider looking elsewhere.

    Although this is not an ideal situation, Unix is appealing as it would make my OS skills more well-rounded; SQL server also has its advantages as I already have experience with the rest of the Microsoft stack.

    I'd like to see myself contracting in the future (assuming the job market picks up) and am happy to take up the challenge of learning something new, I'm just really not sure where I should be heading.

    Any thoughts or suggestions?


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