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Which course?

Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by Szgany, Aug 1, 2006.

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  1. Szgany

    Szgany New Member

    I'm looking to move career and would like to think I could possibly retrain in 6 months to a year. The area I'd be most interested in is more hands on so possibly network / servers etc.

    Some guidelines as to what courses to be looking into. I do know that I will more than likely need todo the MCSA / MCSE but what prior to that?

    Any help will be gratefully accepted.
  2. jodsclass

    jodsclass Byte Poster

    The normal route of CF members is to start at the A+ Comptia exam. This will give you a good all round foundation in the fundemental hardware and software aspects of IT. It will also help you identify which areas you enjoy more, hardware or system admin type work.

    The natural Progression is then onto the Network+ Comptia exam, from which point most people curve off to follow CCNA/CCNP or MCSE/MCSA.

    I'm sure people more knowledgable than me will elaborate on these routes if you require. Alternatively check out the threads for each cert, there are normally loads of discussions relevant to your query which you can follow to gain a better understanding.

    Certifications: BSc IT & Web Development
    WIP: MSc Advanced Computing, Oracle Cert
  3. zimbo
    Honorary Member

    zimbo Petabyte Poster

    im with jodsclass on this one A+ first up then Network+ it will give you a solid foundation and then you can move onto something bigger.:biggrin
    Certifications: B.Sc, MCDST & MCSA
    WIP: M.Sc - Computer Forensics
  4. Szgany

    Szgany New Member

    Thanks guys.

    I was looking at the A+ and Network+ but needed reassurance, which is exactly what you've done.

    Again Thanks!

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