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Where do i go next?

Discussion in 'CIW Certifications' started by s-mart, Nov 12, 2008.

  1. s-mart

    s-mart New Member

    First off i would like to say hi to everybody on the forums, this is my first message.

    I am currently studying to be a CIW Master designer. I have recently sat and passed my foundations exam and plan on taking the site designer exam after the new year.

    However i would like to get gain more qualifications to increase my chance of employment.

    I am intrested in web design aswell as online marketing.

    I have looked at the adobe website and i can not seem to get a solid understanding of what the qualifications are or the materials needed for them however these intrest me.

    Basically i would just like to ask for recommendations of other courses i can do while doing my CIW to increase my knowledge?

    I know this may not be CIW realted as such however i thought there may be some people in a similar position.

    Please go easy on me, this is my first post :D

  2. tobo

    tobo Bit Poster

    Hi I'm studying the CIW too and i'm also studying flash with video tutorials from learnflash.com which are really great and i suspect a bit more detailed than the flash section the CIW course which I think is pretty general. Im still on sec1 partB so cant say for sure.

    also found these eseminars at adobe they're brilliant! and free! and covers beginners to more advanced tips. I'd love to find more things like this because I find it easier to pick up when its like your looking over someones shoulder.

    as far as the official certification with Adobe i dont know but I hope this helps.

    How are you finding the course?

  3. Obinna Osobalu

    Obinna Osobalu Banned

    Check out Joomla. Planning to install on windows platform download wamp(windows apache mysql php), on linux platform download lamp(linux apache mysql php). need to install them before you can install Joomla. Google em'
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  4. tripwire45
    Honorary Member

    tripwire45 Zettabyte Poster

    Greetings. My first question is, have you already started designing websites, either "just for practice" or for individuals and businesses? If not, start, even if you are just doing it to practice your skill sets. You'll need a portfolio, much like any other artist, in order to get a job. If you don't already work in web design, it's not too early to start looking for a job. Even a web design job for a small outfit or doing free lance work will help you build up your CV.

    That said, it's also good that you are trying to expand your skill sets. Good luck.
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  5. Carty

    Carty Bit Poster

    Hey guys, im in the same boat i think. Been studying CIW Webdesign management course under Scheidegger/Skills Train (God, i wish I'd found this site before throwing all that money away). Im just about to book all my exams. However, i cant see myself getting a job just with these qualifications. So i'm just trying to decide what would be the best way to go from here, as in job salary and job availability go.

    Any suggestions? Possibilitys like javascript, asp, xml, pearl. Or php/mysql more database driven methods.

    At a bit of a stump, however as mentioned i think starting your portfolio as early as possible is the best idea. I've started asking round at small company's without websites asking if i could make them ones (for free obviously) to staret building mine up a little to late realy.
  6. s-mart

    s-mart New Member

    Hi guys,
    Thank you for your replies.
    In response to tobo, thank you for the links they look very interesting. I am finding the course rather dull to be honest, as you say it is very general and I prefer a hands on approach but the course seems to be taking up most of my free time at the moment!! :(

    Thank you for your response tripwire, I have not designed any complete websites at the moment however I am going to start asap. As carty also said it would appear that a portfolio is key!
    I currently don’t have the option of working for a small company as I am based in France and my language skills are not up to scratch. I shall look for free lance work though.

    How is everybody else finding the course?

    Thank you for your positive feedback, it is much appreciated! 8)
  7. Carty

    Carty Bit Poster

    Hey, me again. I recently found this site. http://99designs.com/

    Its full of people with websites they want creating. If your design gets chosen you get a cash sum, ranging from $150 - $1000 from what iv seen.

    Looks to me like this could help alot for people in out position. Your design doesn't get chosen but you get more hands on experience for creating websites for potential customers. You do get chosen you get cash and a new addition to your portfolio. Looks like a win win :)

    Hope this can help :)

    Course wise, i also found it rather dull, i think that's why it took me so long to complete it, i kept getting sidetracked to other books and subjects. Also I don't think the material for pearl was particualy good, each time i asked for help i was told the coding they gave were very bad examples

    EDIT: It's not all websites, there's also logo's and a few other things in there so you would have to have a good route through
  8. UKDarkstar
    Honorary Member

    UKDarkstar Terabyte Poster

    You may also want to pick some bits from here which are all free :D
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