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Where Do I go from here?

Discussion in 'Employment & Jobs' started by ally_uk, Mar 14, 2008.

  1. ally_uk

    ally_uk Nibble Poster

    Hey Guys

    I have 2 years experience working as a Ist line support guy and a further 2 years experience working in a mo technical role.

    Making it 4 years experience working in I.T altogether, recently at my current company I have been given a promotion which means I am in charge of supervising work placements and helping them get trained up on there computer building , network troubleshooting skills. I am unhappy with this offer as I haven't been given a payrise and i'm being expected to do more work for nothing :eek:

    Skills wise I would consider myself a all rounder I am pretty comftable with building , repairing and supporting a wide range of systems.

    Networking wise I can do basic support and some form of basic administration i.e setting up file servers , printer servers.

    I have a passion for I.T and wish to really develop but I feel like I am not being given the opportunities I have requested.

    ( I wanted Linux, Mcse training but was turnt down by company )

    I was bought up on windows since the 3.1 days but I am pretty good with Debian and Linux is my preferred choice of O/S

    Question is do I stay in this position? or do I update the cv and get out? I stupidly turnt down a 22k a year role last year :( because I thought this company had potential.

    Networking and Linux are areas of interest for me.
  2. punkboy101
    Honorary Member

    punkboy101 Back from the wilderness

    Doesn't seem like you are overly happy with where you are at the minute, so if i were you would update my CV and get it out there, just to see what comes up. If something comes up, you can always move on if you feel it's right.

    It's better to be looking than doing nothing.
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  3. BosonMichael
    Highly Decorated Member Award

    BosonMichael Yottabyte Poster

    You may not have been given a pay raise... but you've been given more responsibilities, which can be valuable. And unless they're forcing you to work more hours... you're not doing more work for nothing. You might be doing more important work... but unless you've still got all your old responsibilities at the same quantity as you had before PLUS your new responsibilities, you're not doing more work.

    Do you deserve more money? Perhaps. Before assuming the worst, have you checked to see if that's coming in your next yearly raise?

    Most companies won't pay for expensive training, nor can most companies afford to give you time to take the training. If you're looking for another company to do so, you may be looking for a while.

    If you want training... train yourself. Most companies WILL buy you books, and many will even pay for your certification exams. Just don't expect them to plop down money for a training course.

    That's up to you. Are they paying you a fair wage for what you're doing? Only you can answer that. But sometimes, you don't know how good you've got it until you experience a truly bad workplace environment. Be absolutely certain that you want to leave before you decide to bail... and don't give notice until you have another job offer firmly in hand.
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