Where can you take a A+cert exam?

Discussion in 'A+' started by YMAN, Aug 8, 2005.

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    Hi there, I live in Luton and I am studying an A+, via mike meyers A+ book (is that good enough?) I was wondering when I'm brave and knowledgable enough where can I take a A+ exam?

    Basically where do you go to take it?

    I would much appreciate a reply. Thanks.
  2. tripwire45
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    Look at this thread for the answer to your question about finding a testing center:


    As far as whether or not the Meyers book is good enough to get you up to speed on the A+ exams, the answer is "yes and no". Yes, the All-In-One text contains all the material you'll need to pass the test. The "no" comes in if you are not familiar or comfortable with the material. I originally tried to study for that cert with the Meyers book alone but in my case, I knew absolutely nothing about computer hardware. For me, taking a class was the much better way to go. It may be different for you but the only way to find out (as I did) is by studying. I discovered that instead of actually learning, I was just confusing myself. I should think that you'll notice the difference as your studies progress.

    I hope you have an older PC or two to play with. There's nothing like "hands on" to really teach you the skills. You won't know your stuff until you open up the box and start exploring inside.

    Just a word to the wise, YMAN...as you've probably noticed, we have this board organized by various catagories including by certification. Please feel free to ask your A+ questions in the A+ fourm here:


    There is a pinned thread (one that is permanently posted above the active threads at the top of the page) that discusses books and other resources. You can also learn alot by reading the other threads posted by members who are also interested in this certification.

    Hope all this helps. Good luck.
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  3. YMAN

    YMAN New Member

    thanks for the info man, much appreaciated.

    I 'll read and study the mike meyers book first (I do actually have an older PC that I can toy around with!) I'll make up my mind whether to take further classes or take the exam after I've finished with the book.

    Thanks again tripwire45.

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