what's the difference between application gateway and circuit gateway firewall?

Discussion in 'CCENT / CCNA' started by shivaji, Jun 22, 2022.

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    so i have confusion(and what i have learnt)-:

    1) application gateway opens 2 tcp connection inbound and outbound and so does circuit gateway.

    2) application gateway just authenticates but circuit level gateway does not authenticate(then how does it trust the incoming and outgoing users), it is confusing.(or does it authenticates?) many books are signalling it doesn't do it.

    3) application gateway doesn't examine the content(like packet filtering) and neither does circuit level gateway.

    4) only one difference that i have found is that application gateway doesn't changes the source IP address of packet but circuit level gateway does. so somehow circuit level gateway is transparent.

    please help. what's the difference?
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    I've used SOCKs servers but never heard of circuit gateway or looked into it.

    Application gateway can alter packets if it wants to, typically HTTP headers can be added or removed.

    Often if its running on NGINX or Apache it will also follow whatever rules have been set up for the HTTP layer and it could filter packets by packet size.

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