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what would one do if they wanted to pursue a programming career?

Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by Big.O.UK, Aug 25, 2006.

  1. Big.O.UK

    Big.O.UK Bit Poster

    hi guys i am currently doing my A+ Self study route and i noticed that the area around programming is quite vague i understand that the programming language you choose really depends on what platform or type of software you want to develop.

    however i am confused in the actual career development process that leads to programming ie:the start of a programming career or entry level into programming.

    what Certs or languages would you recommend somebody to learn who wishes to pursue a career in programming .

    any advice is greatly appreciated

    i apologize if this issue has been addressed before
    Certifications: BSc SDA,HND SWENG
  2. JonnyMX

    JonnyMX Petabyte Poster

    That's a wide open question. It's a bit like saying 'I want to be an artist'.
    What? Oil painting or pickiling dead cows?

    C# seems to constantly top the polls, but .NET has made rapid growth in the last couple of years. And of course you can combine the two...

    What field do you want to go into? OS, games, applications? VBA?
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  3. Big.O.UK

    Big.O.UK Bit Poster


    when i was doing the HND in Software Engineering we had limited exposure to C programming not much just enough to pass our assignments with.

    then the second year it was an introduction to OO concepts and C++ again not very deep.

    as for what i want to do i don't mind doing games programming however i heard that its very difficult and a person needs to be very fluent in various mathematical concepts,which unfortunately i am not.

    so my question really for a beginner what languages do you recommend learning for a beginner to programming something that would give a good foundation on and enable an individual to build on that.

    someone once advised the following route BASIC or VB6------>C---->C++/JAVA.
    Certifications: BSc SDA,HND SWENG
  4. Sayed

    Sayed Bit Poster

    hi mate ...

    First thing you need to do is consider what area of software development you want to go into ..

    -Web development
    -Windows Application Development

    you should try doing job searches in software development and see what skills employers are demanding, and what industry they are based in ... at the moment, i am studying the C# language with the .Net framework... and my company deals with NHS applications..

    Once you know what area you need to go into and what skills are in demand, then you can go out and start looking for an entry-level role....

    I started off by working in an entry-level role with front-end development with web applications.. so i was involved with dhtml, javascript, vbscript and xml. Then i began to get into more complex areas like asp.net (different to classic asp) and began understanding the .NET framework and the now new .NET 2.0 Framework...started working with applications... and SQL Server... I chose to study the c# language as it is growing in popularity and is the language of choice where i work...
    The beauty of .NET is that many languages like c# , vb.net etc can be used .... now im studying for the new MCTS exams (more info on microsofts website , and here in this forum as well i think.. )

    as for the 'basic --> c--->c++--> Java route' ... depends on what you want to get into...

    Java is a huge area and very popular
    C / c++ is classic and still used but not many jobs around that ask for these...
    C# is growing bigger ...

    Theres no specific path... and you dont need to know c & c++ & java & vb6 .... you just need to learn whats going to be appropriate for what you want to do... i would say, start learning whats in demand and is going to be in demand in 5-10 yrs time...

    A lot of senior developers can boast that they have skills in vb6-->c-->c++-->c# because over the years, they have upgraded their skills set... but the question to ask them is what do they currently use .. and what industry they are in ...

    hope this helps you...

    Good luck :)
  5. ChrisH

    ChrisH Nibble Poster

    I'm not sure how accurate the info is but it may be worth looking at


    Click 'What are your skills worth?' on the left, Display by demand and you get a rough idea of what skills you need to look at for todays job positions along with average salary.

    C,C++,Java seem to hold about equal
    WIP: A+
  6. Big.O.UK

    Big.O.UK Bit Poster

    yeah i noticed that since the .NET framework has been getting bigger so is the demand for c# and vb.net since microsoft encourage people to learn these languages to promote their .NET framework
    Certifications: BSc SDA,HND SWENG

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