what will happen when new exam objective come out?

Discussion in 'A+' started by wkbi, Apr 12, 2009.

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    hi everyone,

    just wondering what will happen if get my self certify in about a month time, then new exam come out next year, does that render old certificate obsolete? do I need to retake new 2009 exam so as to keep comptia certified status? also, on the A+ certificate does it mention whether you taking old or new exam objective?
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    The A+ certification/credential does not expire, so once you've passed both parts of the A+, you're A+ certified for life.

    No. You only need to sit the updated exams if:

    1. You want to or
    2. An employer requirement, and to be honest I have not seen any requiring this.

    No, however on the newer Comptia certs, they do have a note on the bottom of the cert stating how long the tested objectives are current through to.

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    When you sign up to sit your exam through VUE it should say which objective set you want to sit, this way if you studied the new material and they are offering the new objectives already then you could sit that instead of the old objectives and vice versa.
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    The A+ cert is for life.
    After a good look at my cert I've found the revision number (602) in the bottom right corner.
    Otherwise it just calls me a CompTIA Certified IT Technician.
    The way I see it: If they really want to know which revision I passed, they can ask me at the interview.
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  5. wkbi

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    okay I see, thanks heaps guys:)
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