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Discussion in 'Linux / Unix Discussion' started by kelton, Oct 26, 2003.

  1. kelton

    kelton Nibble Poster

    I currently have a RedHat 7 box, sitting as a firewall / Gateway to the internet.

    Its been ages since ive updated or done anything to it. Was wanting to get something done soon so the big question is.... what to install?

    Redhat used to be so simple - wander over to a linux web store and buy the CDs for a few $$$. I refuse to pay more for whats meant to be free Open Source OS.

    So what are the latest alterantives? What do you feel is the best Linux OS now?

    Ive been told you can download RH9 as an ISO for free.... *grrrr* well in 50 years when BT finds St Cyrus village I can download it... untill then its 56K for me (or rather 48k).
  2. tripwire45
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    Well, for starters, you might want to try out OS Heaven and see if prices might be more to your liking: http://www.osheaven.net/ I don't have any buying experience with them, but they do come recommended. Have a looksee.

    I have to ask, if it's not broken, why fix it? Ok, if it's a matter of wanting to improve your knowledge base and become more familiar with more recent versions of your favorite distros (and you have the time), go for it. I think that Red Hat is still the overall favorite distro. It's the one I'm most familiar with but I only dabble in Linux from time to time. You might want to try a couple of linux forums to see what people do who are linux fanatics.

    certforums has developed a relationship with a small site based in Germany and administered by an American ex-pat called linux-tutorial http://www.linux-tutorial.info/. A fellow I know from another (non-linux) forum referred me to them, saying it was a pretty good site for a Linux newbie like me. The also have a forum that, in my opinion, is far underused. I've been hoping that we could "cross-pollinate" members to boost activity on both sites (no...I don't have a proprietary/monetary interest involved here).

    We'll eventually develop a FAQ/Info page for this and other certforums forums and lots of resources and links will be provided that will answer many questions. In the meantime, follow up on these two and see what you think.
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  3. Nelix
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    Kelton, drop me an email or PM with your address and i will make a copy of RH9 for you and drop it in the post
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  4. kelton

    kelton Nibble Poster

    Wow, thanks Nelix.

    Will do when I get back from my tea.

    As for Tripwires question on "why?" - 2 main reasons. I have a P4 + MoBo + 512 MB Ram sitting on the table here. Changing MoBos with Linux I have a feeling will be like Windows - you really need a reinstall unless its the same chipset. Linux probably allows you to rebullt the kernal from a command line - however ive only done that twice and failed each time - and ended up just reinstalling. So yeah, I could install RH7 - but I wouldnt mine seeing the latest version of it.

    Will have a look at both sites anyway, and will get to try out RH8 thanks to Nelix. Cheers bud!

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