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Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by GenericEric, Dec 21, 2015.

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    so during the initial excitement with getting a skills test with an IT company (see other thread), i have accepted a sales exec job for a car dealership. The money will be more than if i was successful with the application support role and it seems more suited to my personality and current skills.

    I would still like to gain an IT certificate if only for my own personal satisfaction. I have been told that i will be the go to IT guy if anyone has any problems as they outsource their IT.

    I am struggling to find a certification that will make me more valuable in my current role and will help me land another job if i find this one is not for me.

    i have been considering:

    MOS - i will be using these products everyday and although i am ok using them, i could always do with improving.

    Database Fundamentals - similar to what i was applying for.

    Basic web design/ fundamentals - it interests me, the company have a website

    any advice would be much appreciated

  2. Coupe2T

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    It really depends what and where you would want to go in years to come.

    The standard starting place is probably more theoretical things such as A+ and N+, so you get a grounding in how computers work and how they communicate. From there then you would look to get some experience (Which you may be able to get in your role, depending how involved you can get with the IT), then you would start to maybe specialise a bit more in whatever area you want to pursue, however it is also important at that stage to be getting real life experience of what you are studying and certifying in.

    You don't want to come out of that role with Database certs, having never touched any real databases etc. A+ and N+ are ok, as they are kind of entry level and quite theoretical, to ensure you understand concepts, beyond that your certs should show experience as well as knowledge.

    Hope that helps.
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    I would definitely look at an A+ exam more than anything else, especially if you're just going to be the 'go to guy' rather than doing dedicated support (app or infrastructure).

    Going in to an Application Support role may be the wrong thing tho, unless you have actually done support and know the product backwards you're probably going to struggle, it would be easier doing a service desk role first of all.
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