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What to do next

Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by myfunkieststrole, Jul 22, 2011.

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  1. myfunkieststrole

    myfunkieststrole New Member

    Hi Guys n Gals,

    This has probably been answered before but thought i'd get some wise advice and maybe you can help me decide whats best for me. Forgive me for any rambling i'm just putting my thoughts out there and im hoping your advice will help me along to a smart choice. - It has worked before, following your unified wisdom help me actually get into IT many moons ago, though I have been selfish... only popping in and shining the certforums logo into the night sky when I need help.

    A little recap...

    I've had a very lucky journey, only starting in IT about 5 years ago, moving from a sweaty tech repair type shop, to supporting the council on a helpdesk and ending up in my current position (IT technician) which covers everything from loading the paper in the copiers to Network administration. This is a great company where I've had that lucky exposure to servers. (Yes, they gave me access, Mwahahah!). ..Avaya phone systems, and the routers too amongst other things :-)

    I started in a contract position and they kept me on another year with a pay rise after getting my CCNA! but now im thinking i'd like to specialise in the cisco networking arena and am not sure which way to go. (this year contract is due to end in Nov...not talked about staying yet...)

    I tihnk the crossroads is either staying and being like my boss (IT manager - seems to know a hell of a lot about absolutely everything) or following the networking side towards specialising in something. I know IT's not always that clear cut though.

    The Security angle appeals to me, maybe thats fashionable now. Jeremy Nuggets and a lot of people recommend the CCNP next before branching 'sideways' into CCNA security etc, but thats beyond what I do now so is it going to be beneficial? what do you think?

    I'm not soley responsible for the CIsco gear but I've configured Point to Point links, NAT, ACL's etc in a Live environment. How can I break into this...?

    Many thanks in advance for all your kind advice and thoughts.

    Certifications: CCNA
    WIP: having a go at programming C++

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