What parts of COMPTIA should I be memorising?

Discussion in 'A+' started by Shrubber, Dec 1, 2022.

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    Hi all. Ive just started studying for CompTIA. im currently using a UDEMY course. I know I will probaly need to use other resources on top of this but I think following a course will suit me better to start with as far as organising goes.
    The first module is about the various cables and already the number of different USB,video conections etc. seems overwhelming.
    I downloaded a picture chart of about 70 plus connections including audio,network,storage etc.
    Am I supposed to be able to remember the specific names for each of these connections aswell as their speeds?
    For example there are seven different types of USB. Do I need to know if each USB is Gen one,Gen 2x2,3.1 Gen one etc?
    Obviously I need to be fammiliar with the connections at the back of a PC and what they do but each generation of every connection aswell?
    Im eventually looking into PC and mobile repair eventually rather than a career in IT so Im just trying to figure out what I need to know to pass the exam and to be able to carry out repair and mantainance properly without getting bogged down in minute specifics if I dont need to memorize them. How do I know what I need to know and to take notes on and what is extraneous information?
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    I did the A+ many years ago - had to memorise some technical standards to get through the exam.

    I used the Mike Meyers A+ guide - good to see it is still available.

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