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What is the starting point?

Discussion in 'General CompTIA Certifications' started by jhon, Apr 4, 2013.

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  1. jhon

    jhon New Member

    Hi All,

    I just joined this group today.

    I have basic knowledge about computer and wanted to do CompTIA courses. Regarding this I have few questions: 1) Having CompTIA certifications helps getting job? 2) What is the course to start with?


  2. rocdamike

    rocdamike Byte Poster Gold Member

    Hi Jhon,

    Welcome to the forums!

    I'm looking for a new job in IT too. Certifications like the Comptia A+ won't guarantee you a job, but it will help in applications. Do you have existing knowledge of troubleshooting, PC hardware etc? If you don't, It might be worth checking out the MTA certifications as they give you great foundations and are easier to digest if you don't have any preliminary knowledge.

    Personally, my plan is to do a few more MTAs before I tackle the A+ as I think it will help to ease the learning process. Of course, you may decide that you are ready to dive straight in to the A+. My point is, everyone is different; you need to decide what's best for you.

    Good luck in your certification journey ;)
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  3. Sceritz

    Sceritz Bit Poster

    Welcome! A+ Certification is definitely where you want to start your journey. It is the foundation on which I think really any certification path you want to take is founded. I'm in the middle of my A+ prep myself, and I have a skype group with others studying it involved as well. Let me know if you are interested and we can add each other, so that I can put you in the group!
  4. reallytrashy

    reallytrashy New Member

    Hi there,

    chose and take one of this exams and get in to MCITP.

    For example: Microsoft Windows 7 Config 70-680 and Microsoft Desktop Support PRO Windows 7 Enterprise Technician 70-685 to be an Enterprise Desktop Support Technician Pro

    good luck
  5. parman05

    parman05 Byte Poster

    70-685 is a hard test just fyi.
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