What is .NET?

Discussion in 'Software' started by gary_potten, May 15, 2004.

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    Does any one know of a website that explains what many different pieces of software do, just a basic overview would be great, if not can someone please tell me what .net is and also what is w2k3 what is the difference between that and w2k??

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    .net is a programming system i believe, there was a point where the latest version of windows server was named 'windows server.net' infact microsoft wanted to brand nearly everything .net, but it changed its mind and left only the programming system as .net (consisting of various languages, a fancy framework and other such programming terms that mean little to me'

    w2k3 = Windows Server 2003

    its a newer version of Windows 2000 Server
    (not to be confused with 'windows 2000 professional, the client'

    differences between the two can be found on the MS website

    cant really help you with the first query though
    rather a lot to list
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