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What Information Technology Professionals are not told updated.

Discussion in 'Employment & Jobs' started by georgec, Apr 22, 2016.

  1. georgec

    georgec New Member

    pdf link to google docs of this article.

    add https:// to link drive.google.com/file/d/0BwaSGi0d4B6hNnBGRXV4dkVCLXc/view?usp=sharing

    What Information Technology Professionals are not told and other people and why people are treated as they are.

    Companies with serious IT departments want people with anywhere from 3 to 5 or more base level certifications and maybe experience too (smile). CompTIA A+, Network +, Security +, Server +, PMP or IT Project +, and then some OS level certifications for the desktops and or servers you will have to maintain. Usually CCNA to. (For an entry level position and experience level.) That’s what they want you to believe. That It’s an entry level position. Maybe it is for that company, because IT has become so important, but it’s still brutal and hard to get. Like an entry level doctor. One serious mistake can cost you your career. You do not have to make that mistake, someone else can, and blame you. You still lose your career. By the way, everything wrote here has a relevant point. Things need explaining.

    The company you work for can afford to have all kinds of trained people in various positions, which do the same thing, over and over again, for the most part. But not in IT apparently, it has become too important. We will just continue to call it entry level and pay accordingly. I wonder, when you go to an interview for a IT job, and they want project management experience for some reason, and IT Project Plus or PMP, do they still just ask you what the basic steps are, in doing a project? You know, explain it to me in less than one minute basically. Do human resources employees still list IT jobs as requiring either A+ or MCSE sometimes still in online ads? I will give you an example of a salesperson who did not know the difference between “save” and “save as”. After I explained this to that half-trained person, later on, this person admitted to me he or she was now a million dollar sales person, and had a contract, that’s it. This was a very big increase in sales for that person. I suspect the sales increase was more than what was stated.

    This person bids on certain types of government tenders (supplying government forms). This person makes them (electronically) and then gets the forms printed. When a government employee gives you the forms here locally in Yellowknife, sometimes anyway that person made them. He or she designs them using specialized and old software, like it ran in windows 3.1 originally, and it did not have a “templates” feature, or this person did not want to use it. So this person became a million a year salesperson or a multi-million dollar a year one. Forms do not change very often in the government on a department to department basis, so this person saved them by department with various file names or something similar, as they were created, instead of overwriting using “save”. Ever walk into a government department and see all the pamphlets and brochures and reports and such. That was just for forms “millions”. Pays better than IT, selling inked paper to the government. He or she worked for a print shop (company) that also was a newspaper separately, a legal fiction basically. Both companies, in the same building. You can travel back and forth, between both companies easily. Newspapers, produce newspapers you physically hold, so they have at least one printing press, or more, almost guaranteed.

    If you do win some form tender(s) with the government, and get them printed locally at a print shop inside a government city for example. Well, now they have that electronic data for printing too, and can now, if nothing major changes (or does “in house graphics artists”) use that data to bid later, on those tenders, that you created. When they supply you with a contract, they will assume ownership of that data, and copyright too maybe. What you really need to do, to have a chance at staying in business, and not only getting “the hard low profit to produce stuff”, is supply the plates, or whatever the press uses, to actually physically produce the “paperwork”. That way they cannot keep your electronically produced documents (hopefully). Also you or an employee of yours needs to physically stay and watch all the time, to make sure they do not take a picture of the plates or something. Never let them out of your sight, or let them do anything to them. You are competition remember, and they want you out of business. Just like if you get a newspaper to produce ads for you, they own them, and not you, even though you paided to have them produced “profit for them making it”. Some newspaper and electronic print shop production places anyway. They may “officially” own your company’s corporate logo too if they produced it, and you signed a contract they gave you. Safest to get your own press, and produce your own “paperwork” and have it delivered to the customer, or for use internally.

    You have a printer that prints on paper. Print shops have a “printer” that prints on plates, usually metal or plastic plates. Called an image setter, or something similar. The ends of the metal plates may need to be folded over to attach to the press roller(s) afterwards (slits), and through the attachment holes in the plates for precise positioning. Paper passes underneath the roller(s) and gets inked by the plates. The ink usually comes from some type of feeder or hopper A.K.A. a reservoir up top. Just enough comes out after adjustment for that plate. One plate produces one color, like advertising in a newspaper for example. Using 3 different plates, with 3 different colors on them, in the right locations, produces full color print. A forth plate having black ink may be used too. Then it’s a 4 color press. Cheaper to use one black ink, that mixing all 3 inks together to get the color black on paper. You may notice on your color printer at home, that the black ink cartridge, sometimes get empty quicker than the other colors. That’s why. It uses the black ink cartridge for the black color on your paper, otherwise it has to mix all 3 inks together to get black. Your inkjet printer is like a little press that uses nozzles instead of plates to apply the ink(s). You should be able to print on a metal plate, if your ink jet printer passes the metal sheet straight through without bending it. Contact the manufacturer to find out yourself. Ask about laminated foil too.

    You might want to consider that sometimes when you go for a job interview, and you are asked lots of high level questions, and very specific questions, that some people, like the person interviewing you, may kinda consider what he or she is doing as free high level consulting that normally cost huge amounts of money to get off multiple experts, in a field. The same when, for example, when you apply to provide government contracts and or tenders and must explain to someone you never meet before, exacting details, of why various steps, that you take are important, as compared to someone who is, is more, or is not as skilled as you, in that field, who is competing with you, for that government money. Now that government employee just gained all your knowledge and other contractors for free almost. High level consulting again for free from most contractors, just by giving it a different name. That government employee because of all the knowledge gained off contractors may end up going to work for fortune 500 company or other similar companies in their own country. What you submitted, may still get implemented in a slightly different way with your competitor(s) after the government contacts them, or by the government itself at another time for example.

    Doubt what I say, just go and talk to people who do this for a living, like submit proposals, and just listen for a change, and see what they say, and the mistakes they make or cost huge amounts of taxpayer money to do and on purpose I think. Try it and see, and more than once. Maybe go once only to some government event and lots of good people are there, and or certified people, who all want that contract. Live and learn (go and see). Well, get conversations started with contractors, in front of people (the government), who want to show off how smart they are (contractors advertising their skills and or trying to outdo each other or make the government think I am smarter and or my idea is better.) Maybe it is.

    This is an example of a government employee dealing with the public and deciding how to spend tax payer money. Gave as an example, to explain how things work to us, and was proud of herself. No joke (installing Cable TV outlets in a military building and charging a full monthly fee for each outlet “no joke” as in a, full package rates per an outlet, cost model, sounded like that anyway as explained, or worst). This government employee was explaining how she came to a “consensus” with several different cable TV providers, and they all decided each TV outlet needed to be charged full rates (by all of them) basically “no joke”. Took months too I think to do “come to consensus”, various meeting and such. She implied at various places too. Got to hob knob with them and rub elbows with them. “By all of them” hopefully means, the work each cable company did, gets full rates for the work (outlets) they did only. Ten outlets, 10 times 100 dollars (a thousand dollars). Hopefully not say, 500 times 100 dollars, for each cable company separately, with maybe one or two or three only installing 1 outlet, and each getting all that money because of how the contract is written. Assuming they only charge around 100 dollars for the full cable package at each outlet. 500 outlets and rooms is just a guess too (each room only one outlet). So 4 cable companies each getting 500 times 100 dollars each maybe, per a month, or more.

    Maybe she was told to do this by superiors; we will probably never know the truth, but why use this as an example of your negotiating skills, and tax payer money management skill? Strange, in the real world she would get fired or demoted, but a really good example of how to get promoted inside the perfect world of the government, in certain departments anyway, or promoted to a dead end job instead. Ever TV outlet probably had more than a 100 dollar monthly charge to it (if it was consumer rates only). All the same, full packages, or close to it. Cable pays more than IT apparently. (Contract.)

    Maybe she was telling business people present, “you are in the money now”. Maybe certain government employees, as they spend more and more taxpayer money year after year, end up getting bigger and bigger budgets, and eventually get to be a higher tier level and get more pay and benefits because of government union contracts for manager types, and money handler types inside the government. Who knows for sure, not us. Buy their stocks too probably.

    Also a business person present wanted to know. If he or she had to hire a Canadian, if they received federal government tax payer money, basically. The answer is “no”. So as a Canadian, you can do everything you are supposed to, like pay heavy taxes, graduate high school, and goto college, or university, and some business person, getting tax payer money, doesn’t even have to hire a Canadian citizen at minimum wages. No house for you that for sure, or an apartment either. No, just jokes on CBC news about how “lazy” you are, and how you are still living in moms house. Too lazy, to get a job, even though you might have went to university, or college, for years (in debt too). But that business person who knows how to apply for government funding, gets to live in a house. CBC is tax payer funded too, and thinks the word “profit” is soo beneath them, that it should never be mentioned in their presence.

    This business person might actually have to hire all Canadian citizens; the government just chooses to not enforce this “rule” for a lack of better term, since it’s not a criminal law with criminal punishments. Well, until they want to deny some person, or company, access to tax payer funding. When the government has rules it can chose to follow or not it’s called “options” and not rules. Options, to keep you down, or poor, or uneducated, or unemployed, or whatever.

    This is just the basic entry level certifications you will eventually need to get, just to get a decent job (smile). You can look at and download pdf versions of the various CompTIA certification objectives here. Not that the person that interviews you will care. Ask and see, show and see. Bring in a dolly to show all the books and knowledge you had to read and master to get those certifications, and whatever else needed. Do it for real. It’s a shock to them, when you talk about the number of books and thickness of them (in feet).

    add https:// to link certification.comptia.org/training/exam-objectives

    They want to pretend it’s not hard to get good marks on these exams. Just passing means you are pretty good. They want to pretend that what you do is easy, and not super important. Maybe what you do is easy to you. So is surgery to a really good doctor or surgeon. You keep critical infrastructure up and running. You will most likely, be on call, without pay, 24 hours a day (no social life “no drinking”.) You will not be paid, like a person who keeps critical infrastructure running, like other engineers get paid. They build something, and then charge absolutely huge amounts of money for the maintenance and upkeep of that infrastructure (contract). They can take weeks, to months, or ever years, to fix some problems. You fix your infrastructure quickly when possible, or the company you work for, might go out of business, or have huge profit losses (shouting and screaming and fast, and at you, in front of everybody). Because you work, you get paided like a worker, and not highly skilled labor like doctors, with guilds, and laws, and regulations, to protect them, and their earnings, and benefits, and reputations. They organized long ago (voting and lobbying blocks, and funding certain politicians, and parties, and press releases, politically active basically. Kinda, sorta strikes “everybody sick days same time”, etc.) Pays off really well apparently, in the long run.

    Alone and isolate, or in small groups, they destroy you, buy out local leadership (IT Pro member groups), and other similar tactics like “do nothing” protocol or “stall tactics” you may want to call it when someone gets in charge of a group and does nothing. Or “Elect Good Guy” protocol, he’s a good guy but doesn’t know what to do, and no one is really helping him or her “even those who are supposed to especially”. After a period of time that person might be really good still. “Instigator” protocol, someone want you to break the law but will not do it themselves. May still get arrested and in mass, a media “circus” for the press and general public to influence the public’s opinion. “No jobs” protocol to teach IT people there places, and no raises or promotions. “Replacement” protocol by people from other countries, or areas of your country, and by the bus load.

    All these “protocols” are just short term stop gaps to keep the next quarter’s profits higher or just not to pay you more. In the long run though, because people see what these corporations are really like “leadership”, and because foreigners now have access to corporate data to copy, learn new concepts for profit making maybe, learn why things where done a certain way, we (IT) cannot even help it (to learn, to pay attention to details, to figure out, to notice). Long term profit making now becomes much more difficult for the next set of board members. Bad PR is bad PR and destroys a person’s “desire” by the 10s of millions or more to want to deal with that corporation, and people like lawyers and board members who actually did this, realize, all they can do is hope, no one realizes, what a PR disaster, they just caused that corporation. They can only pretend, in front of the TV, and to various stakeholders, like shareholders, that it’s “no big deal”. Bad PR means, even maintaining last quarters or matching last year’s profits, is now much more difficult than it should be, because of the bad PR they caused. (IT can’t help but notice once more.)

    People then decide in various countries then, to do something about that corporation, and do their own “investigation(s)” and inform the general public independently. For this reason, it may even take a couple of years to really start losing easy profits (lost earning and no actual growth). Only the most ruthless people who do things, like extreme cost cutting, can make any real profit, or at least, stop the loss of profits. That causes bad PR too sometimes. The corporate instigators in the first place, did this, to keep their bonuses, or for other reasons, or both.

    In the future, corporations may want to think of only hiring their own countries citizens, for key position inside a large, or national corporation. One corporation’s loss of profits is another corporations profit making opportunity, especially if it’s a bad enough PR disaster. Which is easy to happen, if the main stream media gets involved. Live and learn. Let people be in charge, who only care about profits “at any cost” and in the long run, that corporation is doomed. As far as easy profit making is concerned. Like I said, good profit making opportunities for other corporations they move too though. Maybe even back in their home country.

    Bad public perception is bad public relations (PR). No matter how big or small that company is, and the people in charge need to realize this. Countries realize this, and spend absolutely huge amounts of tax payer money on their public’s perception of their own government. How beneficial and wonderful and especially also, how needed the government is, in all kinds of ways.

    Those lawyers are in big trouble to. Bad PR is bad PR. Now no one (important) wants to hire them either. At least for a corporate trial, and especially, if it gets advertised and on TV (trial). It’s kinda funny if you think about it. All kinds of lawyers want to work for huge corporations, and get treated like they do. Actually, like they see them (lawyers) get treated on TV shows, and in movies (make believe). They have been sold a sales pitch, that ruthless business (sales) people take advantage of. So some lawyer(s) do a business person a favor basically. Save that persons reputation, and or future profits, for a pittance basically. Especially, if they can settle out of court. How many hundreds of thousands or millions, do you (lawyers) save that business person right away, and in the fullness of time? That business person would be found out, if it was not for you (discredited publically). Business person(s) hob knobs and butters you up a bit (lawyers), or treats you like you are a high end lawyer, but just doesn’t pay you like one, who has a law film, and charges millions to tens of millions for their services.

    Basically, the average lawyer gets played like a harp, by the average business person. Well, for what they do for that business person. Business people need a good local reputation, and if necessary, a larger than local reputation, or no one has the “desire” to deal with them, who knows about them, and their company(s). Basically, because of what you do for them, the average person, let’s say, doesn’t “desire” a lawyers company or presence. In real life, ordinary people should not (desire) that business person’s presence. Lawyers get the blame, business people get to keep and make more profits, at your expense and reputation because of you (lawyers), and your industry on the whole, that gets taken advantage of. Basically you stop the chaff from blowing away on the wind, in the local economy, and stop the opening up of new business opportunities locally. In a truly capitalist economy, poor business decisions that cause a company problems, are supposed to get punished in the market place, even locally. But people must know the truth, and then new business opportunities arise, from the ashes of their mistakes, and if they survive, they must get back to working hard again, to recover lost market share, if they can, or move on, or wither away.

    For a while, there was talk of companies replacing sandwich makers, in store and restaurants, with robots. Some pretty respected people said publicly, that it’s coming, and basically, you have no choice. Turns out, you do have a choice. People (customers) don’t want (desire) to shop at places like this, (too cheap to give a person a job). Simple as that, not even talked about any more, by these respected people, and they hope people have forgotten, or will forget. In the end, the customer always decides. Even big chain stores “never seemed” to have learned, about self-checkouts, to replace people. No one wants to shop at a place where corporate types, are soo cheap, they do not want to give people, even young local people, jobs and work experience. They keep the self-checkouts there, in hope that people will want to start using them, but they don’t want too.

    Basically, business people use you (lawyers) and dump you, for a pittance, for what they get out of what you do for them. (Get them out of serious trouble). Then they move onto the next lawyer locally, and for a pittance, do the same thing, again and again. (Any excuse to use a lawyers services “cheaply if possible”). Now when a real client comes your way, there is no local lawyer or law firm including yours, that person can use to get help (compensation), and make you may be, lots of money. All business people still have insurance after all, especially when they get bigger. I’m pretty sure, there are lots of ordinary people who would like to be able to use your services locally. Don’t forget to get even more money from those business person(s), if they want to settle out of court. Their reputation matters, just like your does. Remember they all have insurance and assets, if it comes down to it.

    Just like everybody else though, you must be able to earn a living. So when you do deal with a business person, make sure that you get lots of money from him or her, for at least, the length of your career (retainer contract), like for 20 to 40 years, or however long it is. Because, you can never bring that person to court, for any reason, and that cuts into your personal future profit making opportunities, let alone, taking into consideration, growth and reaching your life goals. Any smart business person(s), would demand huge amount of money, and maybe other forms of compensation too, for doing that for you lawyer.

    So you want lots and lots of money from that business person. Might as well, make it a monthly check. They need to start paying one way or another, for how, at least some of them, treat people, like their employees and maybe local customers too. Make sure you talk about this with your entire profession, so they all know what to do. At least pick some local companies to do this with. Maybe lawyers should get together locally, and figure something out, nonbinding or whatever. Do your duty to the general public and make sure basically, that bad people at least, with money, start paying for what they do, when it’s appropriate. Fear of higher insurance rates and having to pay out and looking bad in public should eventually make some of them behave better. Everything has been twisted around to suit business people, untwist it for your own benefit, and at the same time, be doing the right thing.

    You might want to consider supplying your client with a home too, while you are waiting to bring some company, even a local one to court. That makes the family situation for your client’s family much less stressful, because of money issues, and therefore, they become much more robust and resistant. That way, any type of stalling tactics, take much longer to really start stressing out your client, and his or her family. Your client is much less likely to settle out of court, and if they do, they will most likely want more money, instead of settling for less. Inform the public and tell the truth, about stalling tactics for example. Locally, if nothing else.

    I think that lawyers, might start to notice, that’s it’s a little more dangerous than they think, when dealing with local companies sometimes. Especially, if that business person(s) has lots to loose. For example, that business person(s) may start laying off local employees in your community, especially hot headed ones, or ones with hot headed friends and or family, and say, you and your family and your client and clients family, are the reasons why basically, or imply it repeatedly. Other business owners “good old boys club in action” may band together basically with them, and make it as difficult for you and your family as possible, in order to try to break you, and get rid of you and your client. They like things the way they are, and have a vested interest in the status quo. So does the government. It also has a vested interest in the status quo too, but not publically. Stand together or hang separately lawyers, or united we stand and divided we fall, or make sure you get paided lots of money for your entire career for doing the smallest thing for them. Demand more when they want something else from you, or you still are just another worker for them. They are just trying to get a better return on investing from you. More money for them. That’s what they always want. More, more, more.

    Do you have any property rights? No. Not when it really matters. Are you lucky enough to have a home? Let’s say the mortgage is paided off to. You still do not own that home and property because the government taxes you for “owning” that property. That’s what they call it a “tax”. I call it a “user fee”. If you really own something, you do not pay any fees to anyone, for possession of your property, so you can keep it. Try it and see. The government will come and take their property back from you, if you refuse to pay there “user fees” A.K.A. “taxes”. You know you must do it too. Give them back there property you were “renting” from them, or they will use any force necessary, including deadly force, to remove you and your family from your “pretend home” that they “pretended” you owned.

    You own no physical property of any real value, if it comes to government needing to take it from you. Even your food, for you and your family during a disaster, if they really wanted to take everything, it’s there’s. You have no rights at all, because your government does not consider you a human being with rights. You and your family are an income source to the corporation called government only. Do you have any rights at all? No. They are all “pretend only” rights. They take people’s homes, all throughout the country, on an ongoing, and as needed basis, one at a time, in every single community. When they have to take too many at a time, it causes them trouble. Then they do not do it, or the government makes people think they won’t, and drags it out over the years, at a higher than normal rate. Especially poor people, without a voice, who no longer even bother to vote much as a group, or are predictable as a group or subgroup, in how they vote. A politician’s biggest problem is getting reelected or elected in the first place. That’s it. So they focus only on people who may change their vote. Special interest groups, and undecided voters, basically only.

    Let’s talk about a home owner’s user or rental fee called “property taxes”. Have you ever heard of the divide by 70 rule. When you have exponential growth, it a simple way to tell you how long, for example, it will take to double your money. If you are now, lucky enough, to have a 7 percent yearly growth in online investing. Well that means, 70 divide by 7, or ten years to double you money. It also means if you have a yearly increase of say 3.5 percent in property taxes in 20 years, you would have paided the total cost of your home to the government in “property taxes”. Along with everything else you have been paying them. Do you do things, or are you forced to do things, by a home owners association HOA, to increase the value of your property, and thus, the property taxes you must pay?

    Another question for you. Is Gingivitis really Scurvy?. Well maybe some people have both, or one or the other. I read before that after 3 days, an orange loses 90 percent of its vitamin C content. After another 3 days, that 6 days total. I assume its lost 90 percent of what’s left over. So in 3 days, the orange has 10 percent left, and in another 3 days, it has only 10 percent of that left over, or 1 percent in 6 days, of its original vitamin C left over. Can you afford to buy fresh oranges on a regular and routine basis? Can you afford to buy multivitamin pills? In Canada at least, there is no such thing as cheap multivitamin pills that I know of. Poor little children, got thrown out with the bath water. Out in the cold, for years, and years.

    So at first scurvy makes your gums bleed. That means to me, your lack of vitamin C has become so bad, that it has become symptomatic, and detectable by a lay person, without medical training. Afterwards all your teeth begin to hurt, and then they start to fall out, and then you die. What other medical problems do people have, because of lack of access to vitamins? Even children in Canada, have these symptoms. That’s how much the government and business people, takes from people in Canada, even children, who don’t have a job yet, and are still in school. How close are people, including children, to displaying other symptoms of vitamin deficiencies, with new names, that we are not aware of.

    How close to displaying symptoms of, “overall lack of vitamin and trace minerals “ are people, especially poor people, going to be, throughout their entire lives? The government tells you in advertising and books to buy fresh fruit. Isn’t that nice of them? Don’t you think? A overall lack of vitamins and minerals must cause lots of health problems, for people throughout their life, and make them, more susceptible to other medical conditions, because of overall bad health. Be warned, most vitamins that easily dissolve in water are dangerous to your health in high doses, and may even kill you. Just like not enough vitamins is dangerous to your health, and might even kill you and your family.

    As you know CompTIA A + has 2 tests. The 220-901 exam objectives list from CompTIA that you have to learn is 25 pages long. The 220-902 objectives list is 26 pages long. A+ is (51) pages total. Network + N10-005 is 25 pages long. Security + SY0-401 is 24 pages long. Server + SK0-003 is 16 pages long. Project + PK0-003 is 9 pages long. Cloud + CV0-001 is 19 pages long. Then there’s Cisco, Microsoft, maybe Apple too and almost certainly database servers and email and messaging too eventually. Or you will be replaced in most companies with an administrator, and not an engineer, and some contractor(s) to do those other services.

    If you do not keep up with your continuing education requirements you can actually lose all or some of your CompTIA certifications for example. Microsoft has upgrade type certification(s) you can take when Microsoft comes out with a newer operating system, and you have the appropriate previous certification(s) with them. I think some new company needs to do the same thing and offer for like 20 dollars, an equivalent level certification for various CompTIA certifications or a full exam for a full price. Make the new certifications exactly the same because the new company(s) test objectives are exactly the same. So after you get certified with that new certification company, and a newer version of an exam comes out, for Network + for example, you can just take that new companies upgrade exam only (only covers new material on upgrade exam), instead of having to do the full exam with new material, and charge like 50 dollars for the upgrade. You still have the previous certification, so you know all the old material and you were watched as you took the first exam (no cheating). Now you just need to be tested on the new material only. Also someone could take the full newest exam for new and upcoming IT professionals or whatever.

    Also I want to be able to take the upgrade exam anywhere, even at home. It’s only new material after all. Have it also, so that, if you don’t take 2 or 3 newer versions of some certification(s) exam, because you were learning a new area of IT or whatever, that you just take the multi upgrade test with all the new material you need to know. Also no expiring certification(s), just add the year to the end or whatever to that certification you get. IT professionals simple in a lot of cases, do not have the time to get lots of new certification(s) and also keep on having to get continuing education certifications(s) full exams. We want to have a life too, and not lose the certification(s) we have because they want more money from us. Competition is a good thing. A new companies certification(s) may become the new industry standard because IT professional want it to be the new standard. Simple as that, no one has a gun to our head or the ability to arrest us in this case; we have options if we really want them. Even if IT professionals have to make them by themselves, as a group (Guild(s) or companies(s) we make).

    The (IT Infrastructure) will probably keep up and running for years too, after you are gone, without any serious problems, since you have fixed so many problems for them, and increased profits for that company you worked for so much, probably in the million to the 10s of millions of dollars. But you will not get any of that money really; someone else will, even if you are a contractor, and get say 50 times what that IT person gets or got. That’s millions to 10 of millions per a year in extra profits because of you. Say you were a sales person who got a 5 percent commission. Let’s say you did something to increase profits, or cut cost by 20,000 dollars, per a month and permanently. A sales person with a 5 percent commission would get an extra 1000 dollars per a month. In real life they want, and get, much more than that, or why bother.

    Speaking of millions of dollars. I was at my bank a long time ago here in Yellowknife, and wanted to take out several thousand dollars in cash. The teller basically started snarling at me, and not quite accused me of being a drug dealer. Told me it would have to be looked into, that I might be a drug dealer. (They can do that for some reason at the bank). Came back a few minutes later with someone, and they said I could take my money out basically. As you can see, they made a big deal with it, and in front of everybody. Later on, I was using the interact machine, and would usually look at my balance first, and then take out some cash. I started to see amounts of like 3.17 or 3.71 million dollars, being in my account. It would only show up on screen, and be gone, when I printed off a receipt. This went on for maybe 3 or 4 months, on and off, before I was finally able to print off a receipt, with the large amount of money on it. So, I goto the teller again, and tell her what was happening. She goes and gets someone, a former teller I think (supervisor). This time “it’s no big deal”.

    No fuss at all, and they are quiet about it. I tell them too, it’s been going on for at least 3 or 4 months, this money appearing and disappearing in my account. So they fix the problem for me. I think about it now, and wonder why, the police were not contacted, and in front of me. You would think at least 2 police officers would be required to show up. Could have been going on longer, and that’s at least 9 to 10 million dollars in cold hard cash, that someone, or a company, or county owns. Unless tellers can just Willie Nellie add and remove, millions of dollars from the banking system. Maybe it’s in some holding account, waiting for some charter, or law, or statute of limitations to expire, given enough time and no one claims the money. Maybe it was drug money, or money laundering, who knows, and I think that is a problem. I should know, and it should have been considered my property, as far as telling me, what was going to happen to that money. The public should have been informed too, as a transparency issue, unless of course, they found out right away, who it belonged to, after the police got involved, which they did not, as far as I know.

    Seen this documentary on TV before and I knew some sales people. They were making commercials for TV to sell some bauble on TV. Sales went up by about 4 percent instead to the usual 2 or so percent or whatever. This was a one-time increase in sales for a short period of time (less than a quarter or a little more). They got to stay at the best hotels, drink the best wines, and eat caviar, and fly around in Lear jets. Didn’t even really cut into their bonuses they got. That is the impression I got from that documentary.

    Sales people(s) are smart; they know they will get paid nothing basically, if they do not have their own contract for the management of that company to sign. A smart contractor sales person like this asks for 99 % of the profits, once above the regular industry standard 2 % or whatever. So for a 4 % sales increase, that person or contractor gets almost all the extra profits for sales of that bauble.

    What he does is let the person he is dealing with, haggle with him, to lower what he wants to get, down to 98 % of the sales profits. So the manager or board member of that company, or however he or she is, gets to claim he doubled the profits, by getting the commission lowered from 99 % to 98 %. He gets a bigger bonus because of this. (Has original contract + new contract as proof of his haggling ability.) Fax, or registered mail, or whatever else also, is considered proof, as stated in his contract.

    Contractor did the work so to speak (employees), so he wants the money (sales, profits). Might have to negotiate, back and forth, for week to months, flying around in corporate jets, to finally finalize that particulate contract. Both of them together, in really nice, and how should I say, settings designed to put peoples guard down, because they have become so relaxed. All or mostly, a tax write-off (business expense) too (free). They are working after all. If these high level contractors say this is not true, ask for the contract they actually use, for themselves, when they apply for themselves, at a new company for a job, or to do work for you (share holder). Could always bring them to court, and then they are forced to produce their contract. Or I guess, look at old court cases, where this might have happened.

    A smart business person can even claim their work clothing as a business expense (tax write-off) I would assume. Even a small business person with a small business license can or should be able to do this. It is for work after all. There are all kinds of tax breaks for small business owners too, find out. Like to purchase a new vehicle every few years, or you could lease one and get a new leased vehicle every few years, and at least partially claim the lease as a business expense. How much do you have left to give the government or anyone else? This at least, is a chance for you to buy some assets, and at least try and if needed try again, at being a small business person, and own some assets, and have them be a tax write- off. Make sure you get the right type of business type and insurance too, if anyone can get hurt because of what you do or did. Remember it’s a business expense.

    You do not want any personal liability, and have to worry about losing everything you have, like your home too. This seems to be the number one concern to a very top concern of any business person, who has been in business any length of time. If you sell something make sure it has a warranty at least that expires the product, or put in contract based on date of sales or what’s needed.

    Insurance problems, insurance problems, insurance problems, any, any, any, payouts, payouts, payouts, same with insurance companies, same with insurance companies, same with insurance companies, your enemy too, your enemy too, your enemy too, lots of money, lots of money, lot of money, at stake, at stake, at stake, not there’s anymore, not there’s anymore, not there’s anymore, pretend it is, pretend it is, pretend it is, when big payouts, when big payouts, when big payouts (just smile and bear it).

    Do you have a legal obligation to actually talk to an insurance investigator? The person who signed their contract for insurance probably does (contractual), but you never signed anything. If it’s bad for the insurance company, most likely, they are fishing for anything, for any excuse, to hold up your claim, or deny it by using circular logic type questions, that have circular logic type answers, or whatever. Basically, leading you by the nose to a certain conclusion, that’s best for the insurance company they work for, or maybe they’re honest, who knows? Record the interview anyway, with video and audio like police do. Get a lawyer first, before you talk to them. If they want to talk to you right away, all they are doing is maybe taking advantage of your drugged, or in pain, and confusion state, or “I want to be left alone, so I can sleep and heal up some state.” Complain to the hospital and police, that you want to be left alone right now, and want to talk to a lawyer first (weeks or months later, get money first), and or have a lawyer present, if the lawyer thinks you should. Business people talk to lawyers all the time. You have a right to remain silent, even when talking to police officers officially. Do not sign anything either. Your doctor(s) will have a different attitude in dealing with you, when insurance companies get involved. Your doctor may have to take the stand, and they do not like that. Might start talking about that doctors past, when dealing with patients or something. Who knows for sure these days. Maybe that doctor can’t even properly diagnose the difference between Gingivitis and Scurvy?

    You should be aware that any business people you talk to, do not want any more competition. If asked how much money they make, like talking to newspaper(s) owner(s) in the middle of nowhere, they will initiate the “cry poverty” protocol, and claim there is no real money to make, even in a government town or city (rolling in the money) with lots of government contracts listed (ads) in the paper for example, or listed on government web sites. If you don’t live in a house, and that person does, that’s a good indication of a “cry poverty” protocol being feed to you. Why would an experienced business person or persons, stay in a sector with no real profits? They do not work for minimum wages. Charge the same as they do, and at least do a good of a job as they do. Just being able to show up, or being available right now to help the customer, should get you work. You are offering a service then that other business can’t. Availability, and after hours, charge lots more, at least 2 or 3 times your usual rates.

    IT people may want to charge thousands of times your usual rates, or even millions of times, to a desperate business person, like after hours, who is bent over a barrel. Like trying to meet a deadline or recover data off a crashed version of their desktop or server or laptop, that no longer boots up, and has a proposal to show client(s) the next day or just can’t produce their product anymore, or whatever. Shouting and screaming in this circumstance, is a good indication or extreme stress, and should be taken advantage of. Just make sure his check clears first, and you have a contract with that person. If he or she cannot get that type of money right away or can, have a contract ready for him to sign (photo ID that person, address, etc). Also, just in case, he or she claims it was a mistake to the bank, get a signed invoice from that person. Make sure that person has the authority to do this. Might and probably is, at least, millions of dollars on the line, or a foot in the door in some corporation. He or she wants you to be a sucker.

    Do not promise that person anything other than you will try, and they must pay you, no matter what. Be reasonable and let that person haggle you into some type of monthly payment plan, if they cannot afford to pay you (charge interest then and get collateral from that corporation and person(s)). Else that person can lose that contract or their perfect cv (resume), or career, or business, or whatever. Remember it’s just a legitimate business expense for that person. Here comes IT to save the day, so they must pay. Reliable witnesses too and maybe record it on video. Never fix this type of problem in less than say three days, unless absolutely huge amounts of money are involved for you to profit from (wants you to be a sucker protocol). Must have a contract ready, and know how to contact bank or banker after hours, or whatever. You will get the blame anyway.

    High end business people may want to have some type of way to make a certified checks or something, where that ownership of check is all that matters, or they calsl and have that person’s name tied to it, and that person’s bank account too, as double-safety for you, and they contact your bank manager after hours too. Bank to bank transfer via this special piece of paper, or something similar, and the bank gets there fee, from that special, high level business person, or his corporation. Or something like that. Large amounts of money after all. Or a special credit card (unlimited credit) to make a deposit into your bank account, and you know the phone number to verify it, and it’s yours period now, or something similar.

    Medium sized and larger corporations may want to get some type of disaster insurance to cover this eventuality. If no immediate payout, on insurance in this case, from insurance company, then no help. It’s the business person’s corporation and insurance corporation problem, not yours, remember that, besides whatever they will both say, and the insurance company too will say, insurance companies will charge a premium for this service. So you must get the money immediately, or they will do everything they can not to pay you. Receipts from everyone, and multiple copies. Big bold easy to see writing, no fine print. Remember you did not cause the problem. So get paided first, and then do work. That’s it. Millions of dollars in insurance money is at stake, and they do not want to pay out. No promises either or conditions, to keep payments or get it. It will still be your fault, even if you fix the problem.

    (information) If you get a contract for yourself and you want a part of the money you earn for that company, by working there. How do you know that the information he gives you, or she, is the actual truth, as you want it, and not an outright falsehood kind of (big bonuses for themselves)? There are so many ways to hide the money that companies really earns after (you) show up, it’s a nightmare to get the truth for yourself. You need extreme penalties in your contract, like taking everything he or she earns, and has earned, and will earn, from him, or her; even if they transfer the profits to a corporate holding company that some lawyer setup for a 1000 dollars or instead, he transfers the profits to a family member (his profits now still). What about this, if he skips to another country. The law doesn’t really care that much.

    I guess you need to get, and receive, absolutely huge amount of money up front (cash or check), even before you show up. How long is the contract you have with that company (him or her or them), 1 year? What will you do afterwards, if he or she does not want to renew because, you had him bent over a barrel (in front of staff and or buddies), and took advantage of him, just like he would do to you? Maybe they just want to take advantage of you and then get rid of you. Maybe he wants revenge now, and wants to destroy you, and or still make you dependent on him, so he or she can lord over you. Or maybe not, just gone and poor again. Huge amounts, means absolutely huge amounts. House just paid off, all bills paid off, money in the bank and money to live on (investing), and 10 times all that too. So you want 10 times, ask for 50 times that or more (negotiating). You have the company over a barrel, or your boss maybe. Dragon Den them, ask (insist) for half the company, if you want to. No good reference for you at least, for taking advantage of him, so get huge amounts of money off that person and company. No more employment with that company either most likely.

    Remember checks (postdated especially) can be canceled. If he or she says you can just bring that company to court, think carefully. They might be planning to act like some contractors who do work on people’s homes and just shut down there company, using a lawyer, and still keep everything if they get sued. Or he gets you to do something extremely valuable for another company they own (smallish), and some judge, and or you, may not understand what happened, and maybe the judge, and or you, can legally do nothing about it, because you did not state in your contract, that all software you make for example belongs to you, or something like that, or cost saving you come up, with require a separate contract to do at his other huge corporation. (Not a chance, after he finds out what to do himself). You didn’t even ask for full disclosure of all their assets, and business interests, etc. You need penalties and severe, for lying to you (take everything). Maybe he or she gets a contract then with a huge corporation and then gets huge amounts of money for showing them something new he can pass on. No risk for them, if it doesn’t save, or make them money. Especially, if he or she is a low to mid-level manager for that corporation, he can make some serious easy money. He just needs to have the contacts information to contact the board members, or whatever, via internal email for example. He or she is on the way up then, money wise anyway.

    FYI. What’s the difference between dumping and delegating responsibilities? When you dump responsibilities on someone, that person does not get rewarded, or rewarded properly. That person should get at least internal recognition and huge wage increases. (Achieving life goals) I think they call it now these days, for manger types anyways. So delegating is getting what you should get for achieving that goal, like doing “a project” for a company. Just one project, and maybe only partially completed still. Then you get the rewards right afterwards, not like, years later, after “proving” you have a “good work ethic” for example. That one project makes that corporate huge amounts of money in some way, or multiple ways, or will.

    A single project may have unrealistic expectations to make you think you failed. Not enough time for example. Or several projects in one, and you get only so far, because, they stall out the project on purpose or burnt you out, because they got what they wanted already, and do not want to pay you. As a general rule, if you are rushing, and or people are not cooperating, who have a “seeming” vested interest in finishing the project (high level managers or owners or both). Basically they do not want to pay out on your contract, or properly reward you for your hard work, or maybe you would get that promotion now, instead of someone else. Or whatever, when it doesn’t make sense to you, because it’s not a standard project management issue, than it backstabbing you, basically. No matter how nice some are, and hateful others maybe are. Good cop bad cop routine, or whatever. You see, they went to a high end expensive seminar(s) about obtaining their life goals, and you did not. Their pickings are barer now (in seminars and in real life) as to what they can do to obtain their life goals. Unless, they are willing to work at it. Remember, bonuses and huge bonuses are only one time blips in money you get. Huge wage increases, is proper compensation, unless you are a temp contractor.

    Put in huge penalties for that company, and him or her, or them, personally, or all of them personally, for you experiencing verbal abuse, because you interpret “that comment (s)” as verbal abuse, that someone made, staff / family / owner / friends of staff (put this in your contract). Put in huge penalties for slandering your name because you say it is slander, or if any employee does it too (per staff member(s) /owner(s) and everyone else (friends, etc) then all the parties as stated in your contract get penalties again). One person abuses you, they all pay. Penalties for communicating not the truth, and total truth, about you (context too), and must inform you and your lawyer in writing and verbally too, and you must agree and your lawyer too and in writing, etc or more penalties (need your permission). Penalties for paying penalties too late (after an agreed upon date and time to you, like end of current month after you inform them penalty clause is being enacted). Better have a safety deposit box at a bank too. May have your home broken into or have arson occur. Over a barrel remember. Own the business too, if he takes too long to pay. He will go out of business anyway, when the network is down anyway, or so they like to scream. (Cannot produce anymore, grinding halt, all income lost.) Money no obstacle now, for contractors to come in, and fix everything up at a premium expense kinda, sorta. (No choice, bent over a barrel now and maybe screaming now and who knows why?).

    Back to contracts. Penalties (huge) for gossip about you, and you say it’s their fault period (talked about you to someone). Even if gossip occurs at any future date, or even if you are not present, and hear about that. Actually they must report it to you, or get even more huge penalties. They are all perfect remember, and you are not, just close to it, in the IT department anyway, in regards to what you do anyway. You have to be when you are on your own, or you do not last very long. Remember some A+ study guides at least, talk about how you will have to put up with basically people “out of control”. When you apply for a job they usually ask you about this in some form, you have no choice but to say you can deal with it basically (ongoing verbal abuse, and out of control people venting, and eventually venting everything at you, because they can, and do, and are allowed to “no professionalism what so ever, when they become distressed, while IT eats stress for breakfast, dinner, and lunch, and supper.” Rote repeat).

    You are expected to put up with this behavior (abusive and unprofessional behavior) and you are not allowed to vent at absolutely anyone yourself, without fear of losing your job, because things get so bad (out of control). So you must move on, and you need money to move on, and you will be affected in brutal ways by the treatment (viscus verbal abuse) you will receive from people who think this is acceptable, and just funny (viscus verbal abuse). When you complain about wanting to be treated like a human being again, with human rights. Do not call it harassment or human rights abuses. Just call it verbal abuse, at least at first, that’s what you will experience, if you do not already know. Eventually it gets much worst. (You see governments pass laws that they pretend to enforce (everywhere and evenly) involving worker abuses, that just makes it more complicated for everyone, and more serious for business owners, if that type of behavior gets out of control – it does). Which is, especially easy to happen with IT (Information Technology) personnel. IT personal has to be perfect and fast, well as much as possible, but not anybody else. Managers or supervisors make mistakes, and it’s always somebodies else’s fault then, yours or regular employees. Upper level types, mostly just do the same thing, over and over again too, mostly.

    If you go in some business, or government department, and the current person, who does IT, is put down verbally in any way, and or almost snarls, when he or she interacts with staff at work, in front of you, or they complain, or laugh, about IT personnel too you. That’s a tell, you do not want to work there, any longer than possible, or at all if possible, I have seen this myself. If you see an IT person who looks like he or she wants to break down crying, every time you see then, and you hardly ever see him or her. That’s a tell too, you do not want to work for that company. Poor man, he has a family to feed (wife and child, well maybe not now), and is stuck I assume. I have seen this myself and in the past few months. December 2015 now and he has been like this for years. You will also learn to run on burnout for years at a time, in the IT field. No real vacations, no real relaxation, not even close to a stress free environment at work, not real downtime, on call without pay, everyone’s verbal punching bag, and dart board, etc. When you complain, if you dare to, or must. They will just say ”it’s a joke, and can’t you take a joke, stop overacting, we’re just having some fun, you are too sensitive, stop complaining, maybe this place isn’t a good fit for you, what are you talking about, no one says anything about you, etc.”

    Here’s another good tell, if a company you apply to work for, asks during your interview and they all do. Can you handle verbal abuse and upset people basically? Well, that’s a company you need to run away from as soon as possible. There should be laws that require that a written statement from former employees for IT and other similar people, which no longer work at a company for any reason, can write a statement about that company. That company has to supply to all new employees these statements, and all statements. Let’s call it a “reference” and it must be also posted online in an easy to find spot on their web site, or we could do it ourselves on some web site (one per a state or territory or province) I guess, and not rely on the government to fix this issue (I don’t have 70 years left). Kinda like a job board for company references (employee experiences) good or bad or whatever. As long as you do not lie it is not slandering a person or company, or so I assume. They still may send you a “cease and desist” letter or whatever. Doesn’t actually mean they will actually do anything though. But you never know, I hope you can afford a lawyer. If that company was to actually bring you to court and you can’t afford a lawyer and even though the judge knows you are in the right. That judge may rule against you because your lawyer (none in this case) never pointed that fact (not slander “the truth as it happened to you”) out. Just one more dirty trick a business person may use to keep former and current employee(s) down.

    More punishment for you, and the employees all see how the real world really works, and bow their heads and do what they must, until they become like their bosses, or close to it, because of sameness and not becoming noticed either, and it becomes fun, and it’s easy to do, and encouraged, and the bosses want them involved, because it makes it easier for them, and more people become involved as time passes, and it gets worst and worst for you, and better for them. Isolating you, and limiting your resources, as much as possible over time, as they do more and more to you, as time passes. Safety in numbers too, in many ways for them. Everyone says you are lying or crazy, or they just don’t care, or whatever.

    I meet a business person before and he told me, all the laws governments has passed, have been written by business people, for business people (remember “reference” for you only, not them). You may want to write an apology to have published in the local paper and or on popular website(s) online, once you get that letter, stating what they said, and what you said, and any proof, and maybe why you said that. You know including other relevant data outside the narrow confines of what they want to focus on, like your treatment by that company, and an apology of course from you. Give your local paper a copy of what you received and everything else, or something similar, and or post this information online too at popular web sites. You never know. The company and lawyer(s) want to focus on an event, you should focus on the disaster leading up to that event, let’s say and beyond. Tell the truth if you are allowed too and can, or do nothing but get out, or whatever, or they will eventually implement “the final solution protocol” against you, and do their best to get you to kill yourself, or encourage all kinds of young stupid people, to try to get into physical fist fights with you, and then there family and friends all think you are dangerous. Give young people and street people a little money for booze and drugs, or supply them, and tell some stories about you for weeks and weeks, and where you live, look like, etc. It will be your fault, and you get to goto jail or prison, because they never show up alone (witnesses) when they show up to your apartment door, unless they plan to run away, when you answer the door over and over again, until you learn not to bother answering the door.

    Note; if you go into a company and hear someone gossiping, the staff there has become so out of control gossiping, this unprofessional behavior is literally bulging out at the seams. That’s how poorly the staff is being managed and supervised, and that is a top down problem. I guarantee you the most senior, people including the owner if they go there, are exactly the same (gossipers and complainers), because they do not see this as a problem, and lower level employees are just copying what the bosses or boss is doing and allowing.

    When these senior people go to country clubs and such (bars), and start drinking especially. I assure you they are gossiping about their customers and employees and or competition in a special way, including the high level ones they personally deal with. (They may even lie about customers to other people (competition) so the competition does not want them as a customer “problem customer protocol”). I use to hear people be like this, even at work, and with important customers, sometimes in front of other customers (gossiping and complaining “personal attacks about a person, etc”). Often enough to notice, especially on Fridays (bars). Especially when that customer has some complaint or wants something fixed, or extra done. Big drama queen issues about it, even if it’s not the customers fault, or is. Basically, they are so use to being unprofessional, they literally complain about high level customers, in front of employees and or customers, who then gossip about them too. There’s usually lots of turnover at places like this too, in certain positions anyway. Low pay and lots of work gets dumped on these poorly paid people, among other things (on the job supervised kinda training, and a high learning curve, etc from the left over person, who was there the longest to teach the new people. They want out of there.

    There on the job training, gets worst and worst, (to a point), as new people keep taking over the new instructor positions, let’s call it. Lots of stress for these people too, from managers, who like to spend their time gossiping, and punishing employees, when they can, by telling staff members comments and jokes for example, about how stupid they are. Also, threating to fire them too. That means a bad reference for them. Mostly women and young people this happens too (voters). Told they need lots of experience too, to move a notch up for being working dirt poor. Actually they all do a good job at places like this, or they get “talked to” by management, or fired and replaced. Just using them, even though they do a decent job still. No raise, until they get experienced. Usually six months to a year or more of experience required to get good at something, and then maybe you are 3 times faster now at doing that thing(s). Only a 5 percent raise though, after a year or 2. Maybe less, and now less hours too, because supervisors and managers complain at employees to work faster, or scare these employees (voters) into thinking they are easy to replace. Maybe they are. (Cracking the whip protocol). These managers would have to do their job, if no one was available to hire, or they hire more poorly paid people, so they have a floater or 2 kinda. That former floater, is forced to train someone quickly now, because they might be getting overtime now (a problem for management), and might quit too anyway. Then who would train the new person for that position? IT would basically, in using the software anyway.

    Back to contracts. Basically anything they do (that company) that causes you harm, you want huge amounts of money as compensation, because all you have is your reputation, and your health, well reputation. You may need to pay for commercial advertising like ads in papers, to try to lessen the damage to your good name. Like ask people to come forward publically and explain themselves and what they have said, if they dare to, and provide proof, and maybe you want to explain all kinds of things about them, outside of the razor thin focus of that event, and you want to also explain the general context, like your treatment, to the general public at large.

    May want to have certified (notarized) copies of your contract(s) too. Have it in your contract, that they are considered the same as the original contract “for any and all purposes or for court(s) for sure” or whatever and lots of whatever’s for you and no limitations for you, but for them, as they do to employees and customers (In Contract). Send copies to family by registered mail, and tell them, to not even open it, and just store it for you, and that it’s extremely valuable. (Worth lots of money) Who gets your money and maybe the contract payouts if you die? (Insurance whatever “electrocuted”). How do they find out what they are (payments), and where they are (where from), who to get it from, etc. Send that family member(s) a second copy to look at, and explain it to them, explain everything to them multiple times until it boors them kinda, sorta, over years if need be. You need a will too (accidents) and your own medical insurance and job loss insurance, even for long term health or mental reasons.

    If he or she cannot produce huge amounts of money for you (cash or check upfront), they don’t want too, or can’t produce any free cash. Do not take stock options, in something (business) that may become useless, no free house in the company name, where they are your landlord (legally enter), just lots and lots of money. You are trustworthy, they are not. Money gives you options in your life, less money means less options for you (voter) and more for them.

    There is no one else you can personally punish (hold accountable) in government, for the way things are, than the parties and people you can vote for, once every few years (people in power). Your local vote makes the biggest difference, because of a smaller voter pool. Local politicians, are the only people in government you can actually contact, they must help you or pay the price, no excuses, or what good are they to you? Really, what good are they to you, and what use are they then? What do they do, really for you personally? Does it take months to get an appointment? Too bad for them. They need to be available.

    Politicians and bureaucrats have a job to do, they work for you, and your family and neighbors. Their job is to do what you tell them, and other locals tell them to do. You may each want opposite outcomes. That’s their problem. They have the power, with power comes accountability. We have forgotten that. They wanted the power, and may pretend they do not have any, too bad for them. They could just give up the power officially and give back the powers they took from you (rights to do what you want on your property for example) and your families (voters) and fellow citizens’ rights. Those politicians could make sure they have assistants available to help local citizenry (voters) too, who can and will do what’s needed for you.

    Remember if you see some fortune 500 company on TV, talking about that year’s growth (extra profits), a 2 to 3 percent growth in profits is considered pretty good for most industries. Going from 2 to 3 % is a 50 % increase in profits. That TV commercial producer is smart, he never says anything, just continues haggling back and forth, and knows he will probably get called back to do work for that company again. Will even get jobs multiple times producing commercials, to give that guy with a contract a chance to make a huge bonus again. By doing the exact same thing again and again, maybe a little variation that looks huge on a contract, using lawyer speak (verbiage).

    You will be subject to verbal abuse, and sometimes extreme verbal abuse, especially from department managers, and high level managers and owners. At least at first anyway. Eventually, everybody hates your guts, and takes out all their frustrations that they can get away with, on you. I believe it’s called by me as “a herd of snarling cats in a big box.” You do so much for them, that they get used to doing whatever they want to, and you make it for them, so they can do whatever they want to (job related), as best you can for them, with what you got and know. They generally also become uncooperative towards you, kinda, really, “herding cats”. Here is an example.

    add www to link .youtube.com/watch?v=Pk7yqlTMvp8

    You may not know it yet, but most companies are organized like high school, and on purpose like that. I mean the public schools in my opinion, were made to be like a business environment. For example, you are required to do tons of homework though-out your school years. You are being taught, as a worker, to work, for free, at home. It seems normal to you, even though you are sick of it, or will be, like most working people. Doesn’t mean, you are not technically, and legally, supposed to get paid though, it just means, you are being taught, to work, for free, by the government, by the 10s of millions or more. Why? Because it benefits the government somehow, to do this (but not you “voters”), or they would change this. (smile)

    I met a business man once and he told me “all the laws written by government, have been written by business people, for business people.” I agree with this person, sometimes these days they are a little sneaky about it. For example, a business can apply for free funding to the government, to have some type of handicap ramp installed (disabled person(s) funding). Here they can get up to 25 thousand dollars in such funding. Let’s say, 2 years later they get more funding again, and it’s 25 thousand dollars again, or close to it, and an employee does the work, and does a really good job. So now, that business has 50 thousand dollars in tax payer money granter to him or her, to increase the value of his company’s assets. Now they have 40 to 50 thousand dollars or more, in collateral, to put up for a loan. At the same time, it is good PR for that company, and the government, it’s just 50k more in taxes that got spent kinda, sorta. For every 100 dollars the government gets in tax money, 30 goes to the federal government, and 30 to the provincial or state or territorial government, and 30 to the local, or so I read in the USA anyway. That leaves 10 dollars left over. So to hand out 50 thousand dollars, the government needs to collect 500 thousand dollars in taxes, if it’s that efficient in Canada. I doubt it. So when you hear a politician, or person on TV, talk about some new tax or taxes, and the government will just give it back to the poor and middle class. Well, not until after the government gets it’s 90 percent cut first.

    I suspect in Canada it’s even worse, in another way even. I think in Canada, they take that left over 10 dollars and hand it over to corporate charities (not for profit “officially” corporations) where they want to live in houses and own vehicles too. Probably 90 percent of that is spent again. So 1 dollar out of every 100 dollars that is handed out this way makes it to poor and needy people. Everybody wants to just manage, including and especially manage poor people, and they keep them with no options unofficially (just like business people, some anyway). Officially everything is wonderful, and poor people are just lazy, and not abused in various red tape and super stressful environment ways. There are lots of poor people like this too of course (lazy, substance abusers for real) because they have given up and given in, or just got hooked on drugs, or were abused in other ways as children for example, with no real help, just pretend.

    Remember, if there is less poor people, and people who need government help, in a given area, that department and others (all level of government there locally), gets less money and they may even lay people off. Laying government employees off in this one case, ensures upper level people keep their lavish lifestyles at masses of taxpayers’ expense (remember government employees got layed off instead of high level managers and other bureaucrat types). In my opinion, the government is just another huge corporation with extraordinary powers over people (its citizens). It might actually be only 1/10 a dollar or even less, that gets to needy people in Canada this way. Always “cry poverty” (need more funding) protocol with the government and government aid agencies in Canada. I wonder who owns the buildings for all these government funded (partially anyway) aid agencies and charities, and what do they pay for a square foot for rent? So for every million dollars in taxpayer money maybe I guess 1000 dollars or less actually reaches people in need, but on paper it looks like a lot more. Maybe it is 1 dollar out of every 100 dollars or more.

    (Follow the money) At one time the cable TV rates here (Yellowknife) were terribly expensive, even though the government, if I remember correctly, was supposed to set rates (via rules and regulations). Just like for your monthly power bill. I use to wonder why it was so expensive. People use to complain about it all the time when anybody talked about the cable company years and years ago (new owners now). Heard the manager at cable office, or the owner or someone similar, explain to someone he had to I assume, that the rates were so high because the cost per a square foot for being inside that particular building was so high. I guess the cable company was “stuck” because of their lease (contract) officially. Heard later, and I do not know if it is true or not, that the owner or owners of the local cable company also happened to own the building they were in, and were charging huge fees, by charging a huge rent to get around government interference in their profits making basically. Trying to find out what various corporations get from the government in tax payer money is a nightmare for the average person. The government uses lots of different verbiage when they hand out “tax payer money “ too. This confuses the issue. Loans, grants, subsidies, etc. Then they always want more taxpayer money in fees, charges, carbon credits (fees), etc. Always they want more money and power, at your expense, and never fix anything, unless absolutely forced too. Usually they only pretend to fix problems publically.

    (Follow the money) To be blunt someone or a friend or family member, let’s say, maybe owns a “for profit” corporation and a “nonprofit corporation” He or she charges the nonprofit huge amounts of rent, through the “for profit corporation” (land and building owner). Or something similar (a variation). Other people (partners and or silent partners) may become involved for example, including politician’s maybe, and or bureaucrats, or they just own stock in the “for profit” corporation(s). Then politicians, and bureaucrats (rubber stamp) everything there corporation(s) do (part owners maybe somehow “silent partnerships contracts”). So politicians, and or bureaucrats, and or business owners, increase their person wealth, at tax payer expense. Then those corporation(s), because these politicians make corporations “profit making opportunities” much easier (rubber stamping), do things for these politicians and bureaucrats, like make campaign contributions to them, at least in some cases. The corporations may use go-betweens to do this (lobbyist, etc.), so it is not so blatantly obvious. Also, make sure bureaucrats, and or politicians, get high paid jobs, or consultant positions, with these corporations, as a reward, for rubber stamping and not “red taping”.

    Politicians and or bureaucrats probably have silent partnerships (contracts) with these companies forcing them to actually do what they promise. If it becomes public, it’s just another scandal that should be a crime, and is a crime, in my opinion. So many people must be doing this though, that they can’t actually arrest anyone, because it would all come apart or not, and they would all have to stop at least doing it this way (another scandal). Even if it’s legal, because they exempted themselves, it still bad PR (public relations) and teaches the public, that they cannot be trusted, and are extremely corrupt. They just pretend, they are not corrupt, and corruption is rampant really. No real accountability, because they have so much power, and are never held accountable or almost never.

    The politicians in government just get other people blamed, or the government (politicians) does yet another public inquiry, or senate hearing, or commission or royal commission or whatever verbiage they use to stay in power, and hope, people forget, and calm down. They never give up power and wealth willing, and act like, you are pulling their teeth out, without any type of pain killer, when it comes to taking the slightest power or corrupt law away from them (politicians, bureaucrats and press people too all do this basically). But you (the general public “voters”) are just some type of stupid and or bad person that need less money and more lockdown protocols “laws” restraining you (voters who no longer vote, but special interest groups do still vote “based on goodies they get”). Or you vote is “predictable” no matter what the parties do. Goodies or no goodies you still vote the same, or not at all (same thing to politicians “you do not matter, election time is what they care about only”). Then politicians fade away from public scrutiny (view) as must as possible. Depending on what they can get away with, on a per a politician basis, and the election cycle.

    What politicians do, when they want to pass new laws, further restricting your rights, and your families rights, is act like they are talking about someone else, maybe somewhere else, and not you. But the new laws affect you, and your family, and your community, and country. Those politicians are actually taking about you and your family’s rights, they are just “pretending” not to be. Remember that, it always affects you, and your family too. Or the press does it for them, on their behalf and “pretends” too, that it’s someone else, they are talking about.

    Have you noticed the main stream press never gets angry at the politicians, so you don’t either, when it’s a massive amount of corruption being exposed in the government publicly? Then it’s only a scandal, or so the main stream press says, if they say anything at all. However when the press has “righteous rage” at someone, or some county, or some company, then so do you, or other people do, by the 10s of millions or more. Also the main stream press and media does do things, over the months to years, if need be (building public outrage), for you, or other people by the millions or more like you, to blown off some steam, from time to time, as a “safety release valve”, if need be, when it involves massive corruption in the government, and you “feel” there is no real justice, for you and your fellow citizens basically. So they tell you some more information, or make some joke of someone, or something, so you “feel” more informed, and or TV has a joke at that person(s) expense. No real step forward though, to “real” justice for you and your fellow citizens.

    The new politicians that come forward, when it gets like this, just want to keep promising, like all politicians do, that “if you give me the power I will fix everything for you”. At best, they change a few things like (grant) you a few gun rights back, and still keep 1000s of law in place restricting those rights, and other rights, and keep dozens of other gun laws politicians passed too, that were passed in the meantime, while they bickered on TV, and exaggerate the importance of what they did, all out of proportion, or maybe it was important. You still gave up a lot of ground there, and in other areas too (other liberties). You always loose defensive wars in the long run. Now they call it compromising (you being defensive, they are still on the attack “taking more of your rights”). They want you to compromise and keep losing rights because of new laws being passed, and department regulations, etc. Watch how the gun hater grins on TV, when he talks about compromising, or how they scream basically. One or the other, and (righteous rage protocol “table thumping at you or others”) too, at how evil letting you (voters) have guns is, but not evil for them or their armed body guards.

    One of the major tactics the government uses, when say, a new gun law is passed, yet again, taking more of your right and liberties away. Especially when masses of people refuse to turn in there guns is to, well do this. First, they pass that new law or laws, then the government informs the public of these new laws via the press, masses of people still refuse to turn their guns in. The government initiates the “righteous rage” protocol and starts table thumping about people breaking these new laws. Some more people turn their guns in because of imitation and or respect for the government and “just laws”. Been convinced it’s a “just law(s)” or scared. Masses of the public still refuse to turn in their guns, or register, or whatever. So now, the press starts talking about S.W.A.T. teams around the country swatting basically, men in their homes with their families there, not a work for example, or while driving to work.

    This extreme imitation of the remaining people, who have not turned in their guns (reported to press), gets most of those people to turn in their firearms. Now S.W.A.T. teams get the rest, on an as needed basis. If they feel like they have too. May pass new gun control laws, in hope those hold outs, will now willingly turn in their guns (fear of punishment growing, and bigger punishment). Along with other new people too, affected by new gun control laws. Repeat as needed.

    If masses of people were not imitated, by the dire threat, of extreme violence, and even death, for you and your family, forcing you, into turning in your firearms. Well there would be nothing the government could really do publicly, other than behind the scenes type tactics, to punish these people, and in mass. On a percentage basis, too many people would resist the S.W.A.T. teams and they would take too many causalities. Then S.W.A.T. recruitment would become a problem, well more of a death wish, compared to being a regular law enforcement officer. Basically being in S.W.A.T. is no fun anymore and not worth the pay. In a country like the USA, everything being equal, 1 percent not turning in their guns is more than 3 million people. Let’s say half, 1.5 million people. Let’s say 1 out of 10 shot 1 round, and 1 out of ten shots resulted in some type or serious to lethal wound to S.W.A.T. That’s 15,000 seriously to lethally wounded S.W.A.T. personnel, for that one law to be enforced. 2 rounds shot and it’s 30,000. Lots of ex-military, in the USA too.

    Let’s talk about the ATF, which is now called the BATFE, the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives. At Waco Texas someone complained to the ATF, that the people at the Branch Davidians ranch might have been using automatic weapons. It was well known by locals, including local law enforcement, that several people at the same time were firing there semi-automatic weapons at targets, to learn how to shoot, and on a regular basis. That would have sounded like automatic weapons fire to some people. The ATF could have placed those people under surveillance, with something called binoculars, and found out, it was just some people getting training in how to use firearms, and firing at the same time together. In my opinion, that is probably why, they never exercised that option. I believe the government, in this case the ATF, wanted to stage a publicity stunt, in this case involving firearms, that ended tragically, with wounded and dead on both side. Including women and children, being burned alive, once the FBI got involved. That’s why the ATF invited members of the media to come along. It was going to be a media circus style event, for the press to record on video camera, and report about.

    It was known by local law enforcement, that the leader would come into town once a month anyway. He could have been arrested then, as was talked about on a documentary I seen. The Branch Davidians were being taught basically, that the government was going to come for them, or something similar, and the apocalypse would start then. Doesn’t really matter what he thought. He should have been grabbed in a car, headed to town, or back to the ranch. What the ATF did, is assault the ranch, and in large numbers. These people at the ranch were being taught, something like this would happen, that the government would come for them basically at some time. These people, also received basic weapon training in using their weapons. All of a sudden, what he was preaching appeared to be true, and happening. So some of these people, defaulted to their basic training, to fight back, using firearms.

    The ATF, deliberately gave these people no chance to think, of the consequences of their actions, they had no time to think, only to react, to what they perceived to be, a dire threat to their families and themselves. Which turned out to be true.

    What the ATF should have done, is place them under surveillance. But they did not. They could have waited to get the leader when he was going to town or leaving town. They did not. The ATF could have informed the Branch Davidians ranch members via loudspeakers, for example that they have a search warrant to search for automatic weapons, or just sent 2 officers to the front door normally, and knocked on the door, and told them, we have a search warrant. They did not. The leader, and other people at the ranch, have let other government workers in the ranch before. For example, in one part of a documentary I watched about their leader, a social worker talked about how she went their multiple times, to check up on the children there. Told them to do certain things, some of which he did, and did not do. Based on time, or money concerns, or something, or he was crazy, and dangerous, as portrayed by that social worker, but not dangerous enough to take the children away.

    So we got to see the Branch Davidians revert to their basic training and engage the ATF. After both sides exchanged gun fire, and the ATF withdrew, we got to see the ATF officers revert to their basic training, and start pushing around the media, that was invited for the media circus the ATF wanted to have. Basically, bully boy thug tactics, got displayed and utilized against the press. The press even got to record it. ATF personnel didn’t know what to do, so they did what they normally do. Thugery style tactics, against people around them, to make them feel safe and in charge again. Basic psychology at play here. That’s their “safety blanket” you see. If you were in a war zone, and all you had was a rifle, you would take it everywhere with you, to make yourself feel safer. If you had tanks, you would take your tanks with you, to make yourself feel safer. Might want to be in a tank too, and be in the back or middle of them.

    You have no real human rights. Human rights, when the government or other people talk about them, is always about “group rights or martial law” and not about a single human beings rights, because you have human rights simple by being a human being (not because you are in a special group, extra rights for a group is a perk and a privilege, not rights, remember that). This allows the government to take away a single person’s rights, one person, or two, or a families, one at a time, in various places, throughout a country, on an ongoing and as needed basis. Including if you are in a special group.

    The government treats individual people, as if they have no human rights, when they need too. Let’s say you have a dozen different basic human rights. If and when needed, the government will take away only one right and partially, or three and fully, if they think it's necessary, and they can get away with it (by isolating you eventually, even from family “poverty or distance or both or crazy or all”). Or all of your rights if need be eventually. It gets worst and worst for you, if you are a trouble maker to the government. A special type of trouble maker, who talks about things, they don’t want talked about. First they let people you work for violate your rights (bow your head or else), and businesses mostly make and keep you poor, and then the government steps in, now that it’s gotten out of hand “scandal” (you want to be treated fairly now, like a human being again, want some justice) and so, the government gets ride of you (psych ward), or destroys you (he’s crazy to public), so no one wants to hear your story, and for other reasons too.

    The government does not want people (it’s voters) to realize, they are the same as business people, but the government does it’s “bad behavior” on a much more “grand” scale. You can kinda, sorta get away from a bad business person maybe, kinda, sorta, but not your government. As the government does more, to make things for you, and your family worst and worst, because they want you to have more problems to worry about, and not worry about them, and what they are doing. Being bad and lazy is easy, and they take the easy way out whenever possible. Having layers of problems between you and your government, makes it almost impossible for the average person to realize it’s the government that is responsible for how bad things really are. They always take credit on TV when things are really good, don’t they (the economy). When a major disaster happens, they have no solutions anymore, because they are nowhere to be found then (Katrina), because everybody realizes there solutions are just yet another disaster waiting to happen. (If politicians talk too soon after a disaster). So when they do talk, it’s about placing blame and such, right then. (Finger pointing protocol, but not their fault ever).

    Duck if you are a worker, or you will lose an eye, before they bring you to jail, for not stopping that disaster, or for trying to help people, when the politicians and bureaucrats only dare to wait and see and hope someone else gets blamed. (Blame the cook protocol.) The public needs to have it made clear, who has the power, and who has the responsibility, for the response to natural disasters for example. Flow charts of (powers) and (responsibilities) would be helpful. Also, what happens when the perfect world of the government flowcharts break down? Like they say they have for continuity of government, at least in shows, and on the main stream media sometimes, and in movies. What’s the truth basically?

    Also the government may use the (bring in the heroes protocol). The military may be deployed to fix up a situation. Again it might truly be necessary because of how government truly is. The actually rescue workers are probably by and large really good and want to help. But all of a sudden bureaucrats and politicians no longer want to make any decisions. There is, no perfect solutions during a disaster. People get hurt and die sometimes too. The news media goes on a feeding frenzy, like a group of sharks, and these people know, they will now get throw to the wolves afterwards possibly (it they are not high up enough in the government). Rightly or wrongly, depending on how bad it is, and how high it goes. Hard to tell, you never get all the facts, just what the government and press choose to tell you. By the time all the facts do come out, if they do come out, that person(s) career is over, who got sacrificed rightly or wrongly. At least that person(s) tried. It would have been probably worst if that person did not do, when no one else would.

    Being in Information Technology (IT) before, I personally understand at best, you can only do what you can do, with what you have. During a disaster other people in the government may think inertia is a good thing (career saving protocol but people die), and let you make decisions (no formal permission) and then you get the blame, but none of the glory in this case, for trying to rescue people and stop needless death (by doing the proper paperwork “in writing”). That person must push forward still because no one else will, and all of a sudden the federal government says it’s not their responsibility, and it’s complicated, all of a sudden. If you listen to TV news casters talk about the disaster when the public is angry (at government), and they must respond on behalf of the government. (It’s complicated protocol) gets done, just about always now anyway on TV news.

    You may also here local government officials say on TV before the disaster hits, they (voters) have to get out before some storm hits for example, or no one will come to help them, or you are taking your chances. (You are stupid protocol “for staying” and righteous rage protocol “to stupid to leave and endangering people”). At the same time, the government keeps some people so poor, so those departments (local) get federal government funding, and other funding, that poor people may have to rummage through recycle bins for a water bottle, because they do not even get enough money to pay rent. Let alone buy food (another government service which funding must now be provided). Let alone have the money to get themselves and maybe there family out of harm’s way. That poor person would be wearing rags or nothing at all, if it was not for donations from corporations and people. At least, in Canada, anyway.

    When some politician, or bureaucrat, is forced to talk about what poor people get for money, they talk like this or use to. Let’s say someone gets a total of 300 dollars a month to live on back then, when they actually talked about this kind of thing in public. When that government bureaucrat talks to the paper for example he would “make it seem” that a poor Canadian could spend 300 on buying clothing to the newspaper or TV reporter. Poor people would be shocked at his “misunderstanding” of how much they really have, and that they can’t spend 300 dollars on clothing, because that woman has a child to feed and rent to pay too. He would then act like he’s sorry or something, to that poor women, and the other women present with her, but nothing would get done in the press to fix this “misunderstanding” to the tax payers (voters) who still believe, a poor Canadian women back then, had 300 dollars to spend on clothing alone, every month . Seen this type of behavior more than once, on nation TV too, (CBC) in Canada. (Mislead the Canadian public protocol) both poor and middle class and most rich people too most likely. CBC is a state funded news organization in my opinion, and not impartial. Sending different messages to different groups of people at the same time.

    When you are an employee in Canada, one-half your paycheck is taken by the government, even before you get paided, in various fees and such. You must pay the government, for the privilege of working, all your life. If it wasn’t for money, the government would have to come with a tax collector, and guards, and carts still, and take right away, half of what you produced for bartering in front of you, even time you were ready to goto the market place for bartering. Then there are the federal taxes and other income taxes, and other taxes. Money, and electronic money, and communications, and records, and automation of taxes, whenever possible or you do it for them. If it wasn’t for money and modern communications, the government, like I said, would still come to your door or farm or place of business, and take half of what you produced all the time. They would employ local people to do it too, and call them federal, or provincial, or local, or whatever.

    The government wants a cashless society to be implemented. Then all money transfers will be known about and fully taxed. They don’t even have to tell you eventually, what they tax for this or that is for. If you do not like it, all they have to do is disconnect you from there system, that requires “perfection”, to access, either by accident or not (it doesn’t matter). Then you quickly lose your home, and all your belongings, lose your ID (wallet) and no money to get new ones. Then you have to rely on government services for life support, assuming they let you, if you have no ID. How do you even prove you are a citizen of that country if you require ID to prove so? Especially, if you have been made, over a period of time, to be alone and isolated, or just are. You know, one or two people at a time, all over the country, in all the communities, on a as needed basis, in this case, to take everything you think you own, or because you caused trouble, or some government worker doesn’t like you, and did something, to get you into trouble, or whatever. Or like, maybe I want you under my control, because I want you, or need more funding, or don’t want to lose any funding, or I want to use you for some other reason, and you get blamed then. Everybody in government knows, and they all do it, for various reason (exploit people). First come, first serve (find your own person to exploit protocol). We are gentile men and women, after all, in the government (no infighting publically). They just use you (voter) for their own purposes (benefits). You are, already kinda a nonperson if you do not have ID at least. Wait and see how bad it will be after a cashless society gets implemented.

    Kinda funny (sick), you may hear of families being separated, in some cases for years, after a disaster because they (the government )cannot even afford apparently to pay for bus fair to bring family members together. So I expect now, in the near future, they will now want more tax money that will turn out afterwards to be in the millions per a (voter) to actually pretend to send them back to their families. (Always some mistake you make on paperwork protocol) so we cannot send you home to your family unfortunately. So sorry, come again in two or three months, and we will ty again. Did I say that? I meant we do not have the right form that I could print off as a pdf, off our web site, but I’m not going to tell you that, just come again in 2 to 3 months again. Don’t get mad or you will not be allowed back in for 6 months, and then we need to make special arrangements for you because you are “out of control” and dangerous. Oh yea, now you have a criminal record and can no longer provide for your family. So work harder when you experience (crack the whip) protocol with someone who does hire you.

    Don’t dare complain, or else, that business person will threaten to fire you, and that’s a really dire threat to you, because now, your teenage daughter is pregnant, and you did everything you could to make sure she was raised right. But it’s so hard with the TV, movies, the school, and poverty and what people see, how some people anyway (criminals), get a better life, at least for a time, and that seems, like forever, to a young person. She’s lonely too now, and maybe, was getting picked on, as the new girl at school. So now she’s pregnant, and will probably still end up getting a criminal record still, because she’s so poor, and needs to steal food, to be able to eat and feed her baby till the end of the month, and every month. She still hasn’t gotten her pride beaten out of her by the system yet, and would rather steal that ask for a hand out.

    Don’t worry the government will, while she’s still young, tell her how basically useless she is, using special government speak, and at the same time, make sure she can’t get out of the situation she’s in. Because, she has been taught by you, to be a good worker, and a good person or she wants to party now (young and rebellious at first). The government wants pretend dangerous people around them, so government workers get extra pay for dealing with them. Also these types of poor people make their job easier and safer, and not harder and more dangerous. She doesn’t really complain, she just tries to make things better for herself and baby, and all they have to do is use the system against her, to keep her there (poor and down trodden and most importantly dependent on the government in all ways possible). They want millions of people like her, and not real out of control drug users, violent offenders, mental patients, etc. It make them safer and the same time, like I said, she will probably get a criminal record too, and be forced by scary people to do criminal activities, because she will also learn, because she is basically poor and alone, what law enforcement officially are really like too, when they can get away with making their job easier too.

    By letting people hear your story and others, people might being to realize the government really does nothing at all to defend people’s rights. It just pretends to on TV, and in press releases. When enough people around a person or group realize this, and start talking about it, they realize how bad it really is. Just this one thing is this bad, and it’s out of control. What else is out of control? All the checks and balances we gave the government to protect us, are there just for show, in the press and on TV. Every once in a while, they put on a new show, to keep you convinced it’s real, because they really don’t care. They do not have to. With no real accountability anymore, because people do not know the truth, because people are being misled, politicians and bureaucrats get away with only pretending to care, and focusing on other issues important to them, like making themselves more wealthy and powerful and keeping people from realizing this truth. (All they want is easy money and power).

    When the governments (politicians) do get caught, not doing their official job. Well, it’s because they do not have enough power (laws), or it’s someone else’s fault. So just give me (politicians) more power and money, and this time, yet again, it will be fixed for sure (just watch the news anchor nod in agreement). Politicians have only one real problem and that’s getting elected or re-elected. (You need to vote for a party-less candidate “independent”). That the press tells you at every opportunity, when they are forced to speak about this person or persons, is a wasted vote. Hard liners get to be the leaders of various parties, whatever those parties are. They are surrounded by support infrastructure, including personnel, funding, laws, rules, regulations, press, police, courts, etc. As long as the party or gangs or whatever you want to call them remain intact, there will be no change really at all, other than the fake world on TV, to pretend things are different for a while, but it’s still just the same, just not on TV. They will want to still pretend they can help you, with problems they tell you you have. They do not even know your name, let alone what your problems are, other than the ones they cause you, and your family, and your neighbors, and your fellow citizens (voters) personally.

    They are all just actors acting on TV (there on air and in public view personality). The news host, the political critics, the retired general, the experts criticizing the former guest, so people don’t focus on what the previous guest said, etc. Shows on TV are scripted. On those TV shows, actors for the most part do not decide what they say. Someone else decided for them, a script writer. TV news hosts read off a teleprompter that’s above the camera they look at, or read off a piece of printed paper. Not everything, but most things are scripted. Most of the time news hosts are even told what questions they need to ask, even if they are really knowledgeable on a subject. You do not really know those news hosts, but you feel that you do. That is a character being played on TV, that’s all. There are no real force powers or Jedi or whatever. It’s make believe, remember. It’s hard to remember, it’s just another type of really done up TV show where they pretend also to be intellects, that know what’s best for you. Pretend intellects, that know what best for you, in every single bit of your life they are interested in. Remember, first an intellect needs to know your name, and know what your problems are, before they can help you. A real intellect, that wants to help you, does not tell you what your problems are. He asks you what your problems are.

    Would you even listen to politicians, if it was not for local government employees forcing you to listen to what they decided, and if needed, sending law enforcement to intimidate you and your neighbors into complying, or using police raids on TV to intimidate you to, as you can see the consequences for you and your family for you not complying? An interesting experiment, turn off the TV, and especially the news and don’t pay attention to no more political web sites, shows, newspapers, etc. For me, I no longer know most politicians names even, let alone what they want me to care about. But I do see what they want me to care about, and think, and believe, in movies and TV shows everywhere.

    I no longer know what the new racist words are, and it shocks me when someone acts flabbergasted when I use some word to talk to someone in casual conversation. For example “hey Mr. black man you dropped your wallet”. I never met him before and pointed at is wallet. What am I supposed to do? Everybody, especially woman around me, all inhaled sharply. It’s not racist to me. I was trying to help the guy out. I no longer care if some news network decides a word is now racist and you are a racist for using it. Well unless I have too. The government, because all of a sudden, within a year or two, also decides, it’s a racist word (courts pass laws), needs to print these racist words, and upcoming new racist words in various newspapers throughout the country, so people, who no longer pay attention to “fixation issues” politicians want people to focus on, know what these words are, and the punishments for using them are. That would be a big help.

    Another thing, the government can do, is supply all oppressed minority groups with tax payer supplied jackets. Have that minority person’s name printed in big bold letters on the back. So it’s easy to see. Also have a name tag with that person’s name on the front of the jacket. Or maybe a patch, with their name on it. Make sure all the jackets are the same color too (white maybe?) to help hide their skin color from racist people. Also because I can only speak and read English, please make sure the names are in English, or uses English lettering, to help me pronounce there name, if they do not speak English. This is a limitation I have, only being able to speak and read English. That would help clear up a lot of potential misunderstandings I believe. Basically, if I knew that person’s name, I would have called him by his name. (Wow a whole new government wing in 20 years costing billions of dollars a year can come from this ”function creep”). From jackets to billions, watch the future documentary on jobs, laws, regulations, new law enforcement agency creation in the government.

    Does the government force women to get pregnant and have babies against their will? Yes. In Canada anyway, in order for poor women on government assistance to keep it, they have to have babies. To get enough anyway, to like, live in an apartment or cheap house in a poor acting Canadian province, they must have a child to keep getting that little bit of money. They have no choice in the matter. Usually these women only have one at a time, and do not like having their babies growing up in poverty and almost guaranteed to stay in poverty themselves, unless they find a way to buck the system a bit. These small provinces number one output, for decades anyway, was people. Workers, just happy to get a job, any job, even for a few weeks in their home provinces. Might be a little better now, with some mines opening up, in some of these places, but not for these women. No jobs for them, other than having even more babies all their lives. Does not mean they do not love their babies.

    Some working women in Canada too, choose to have babies in order to get some times off work, and still get at least some pay while bonding for the first few months with their child, and knowing there job is still there, when there leave is up. Some have a baby just to get away from their boss, who may be harassing them in various nasty ways. They get to have a little break from work, and have a little bundle of happiness in their lives, and maybe, be left alone too, by their boss, or manager, or supervisor when they get back. Doesn’t mean they do not love their baby too.

    Are white people modern day Jews? We all know what happened to the Jews during World War 2. But what lead up to that event? At first that government, or was it more than one government in Europe, blamed the Jews for all the problems their citizens had. Like how governments today blames white people for all the problems every other group has, and force feeds white people at the same time, the notion that they must be punished, because of what they did. By being told, over and over again at schools to convince then it’s the truth, and that you and your family must pay lots of taxes for compensation basically, for something you personally never did, or more than likely, your ancestors never personally did either. It was government for example, that made slavery legal, and allowed people to be racist, including nonwhite people. Lots of nonwhite people are still racist even today, and even to other minority groups.

    As long as you are not white, it’s the white persons fault, and not the governments, who allowed it, and still allow you, to be exploited, by business interests. By the way, again they still allow you to be exploited by business interests, just like white people still get exploited too by business interests, and by the government in the form of forced shame, for something they never did, and more forced poverty on them too, and minority groups too also. We are still taught to blame each other, and not the people who benefit most from your exploitation, weather white or not. When we fight, we fight each other, and they get to stand back, and laugh, at our stupidity.

    But it’s not stupidity, it’s being lied to all your life, by people, who only pretend to want to help you, but really only use you. After the fighting calms down, they want to come in, and arbitrate both groups, and show the world, you all need managing. But especially, their own countries citizens need to be shown, you need managing (in mass). They want you to believe, they must be in charge, because you are too angry, too stupid, too uneducated, too whatever. Belief means, people (everyone else) believes they (the government) has the right to manage you and must. So the masses “feel” and “believe” you need managing, but really you had no choice, even if you wanted peace. The other side would have still attacked with sticks and stones and fists, if it was a 5 or 6 against 5 or 6 (riot on the news) or something larger. Then the government wants it calmed down, to a just simmering rage underneath level. Then the cops are everywhere. The government, never want the masses, holding the government accountable, (even by voting) even though that’s all we got left really. Actually they cannot even afford to have you not liking them, or believing in them, because, that’s all they really have to offer you (management), and they must continuously stir up trouble, with an internal and or external threat(s) and or distractions, to justify the powers, in the form of your money and your rights, they have taken from you, and still take from you and your family. Remember they always want more.

    Let’s talk about you may be getting into the paper business. That is industrial grade equipment you are using. It will eat you up in a heartbeat, if you give it a chance. Insurance will probably require that you have it inspected ever year, after the warranty expires, or insurance should require a yearly safety inspection, to keep getting your insurance. You are almost guaranteed to be seriously injured, or worst, if a press, or other similar equipment, gets it hands on you for any reason. Long hair, a scarf, a draw string, you slip and fall into it, etc. The purpose of insurance is to make sure officially anyway, that safety standards and equipment are meet and in working order. Really though, no one wants to see someone seriously hurt, or dying or dead.

    I seen this one, fairly small paper cutting machine, that I called a guillotine. You blink and you would miss it, slicing through about 4 to 5 inches of paper, and perfectly smoothly, in about 1/10 a second or less. It had a cutting blade that would slash down and slice through the paper, and then slide back up again. Then be ready to go again. An employee doing maintenance might think, that having a roller stop in 1 or 2 revolutions is fine, or doesn’t know how, or what, to do really. What needs to happen is that when a safety device activates, the roller needs to stop dead cold dead in a millimeter or less. That way for example, your hair does not get ripped off your head (scalped) or a body part does not get pulled off or mangled up. The companies that sell this equipment, need to start having some type of maintenance and safety inspection contract, for any and all of their brand of equipment, or it is consider “out of service” or ”non safety compliant” or something similar. Need to install, the latest safety devices, and or features too, at the same time within reason. Then it gets recertified for use. Put the date of expiration on the sticker or tag.

    Let’s talk about some rights the government wants you to fixate on, and the press and media too (pasty’s and turn coats some) and schools too (government run and or funded). Gay rights (a group). They do not want you to fixate on your problems, but problems someone else has, in this case, that is really not that important to the average person anymore. So first of all, it was government that prevented gay people from getting married in the first place (laws). It’s a fake issue now that the government (politicians) wants to drag out, and flip-flop on, to keep it a central issue in people’s mind, to take care of a politician’s biggest problem. Getting re-elected again or elected in the first place, and not focusing on your problems, which politicians mostly cause. Do you actually care anymore about gay rights, well if you are older anyway? I don’t care, and I think these people can do whatever 2 consenting adults want to do in the privacy of there on home. I think these people are not normal (outside the norm); normally a couple is a man and a woman. But it’s not my business, or decision to decide what they do in private. I do not want to see 2 of them kissing in public. I do not what to see a hot teenage girl and a guy, each licking each other’s tonsils either in public, and being sloppy noisy too, especially sitting on narrow stairs when you are trying to walk by. Literally having to wait for minutes after you ask them to move, waiting for minutes. To stupid, and utterly lacking in any curtesy, what so ever, to move out of the way. I had a special way to deal with people like that, before swearing got the RCMP called on you.

    So, gay people want their rights back, or to get them. First of all, stop using words like marriage, that gets lots of religious peoples, and other peoples hackles up, over using verbiage like that. Use a different word like civil union or some other new word. Politicians are just using the gay marriage issue as a talking point with people (fixation issue), especially with children and young people in schools, to make it an election issue. Most people, who still care about certain verbiage, will then stop caring or care much less. But politicians and other people whose job depends on this being an election issue and an issue to fixate on, will still continue to make it something for the population to fixate on (what else can they do?). People need to start saying to (local) politicians, and in public “what are you going to do for me personally to buy my vote. I have soo many problems now, that I need you to offer me something to buy my vote.” That’s when you should realize they can do nothing for you anymore, because soo many people now are in the same situation as you and will do the same thing too. Try to contact federal politicians like the president and you get taken into custody for a mental evaluation, or so they say on TV. So you have to get help from local politicians. They happen to be the easiest to get out of office too (unelected).

    If governments really help their citizens when they required help from the government, then taxes for the government helping people, should actually go down eventually. But they don’t, they go up. People don’t get helped from the government; they get trapped into needing the governments help. The government, then only provides life support level help to people, for the most part. If you are lucky to even get that much. Remember generations of people needing government support for various reasons. If the government really wanted this to stop, (an ever expanding budget). They would do things to actually make their budgets smaller. Say from 100 percent to 92 percent next year. They usually claim an expansion from 100 percent to 102 percent is not an expansion because they were planning to expand to 105 percent actually, or so they claim (It downsized). Listen to the wording; they are very careful at what they say, as to not outright lie. Including, when the press basically gives a press release, on the governments behalf.

    Gay people also want the rights of a married couple. Simple, when you apply for a job and hand over a contract for that business person to sign, make sure it includes all the rights you want your partner to have in there. Stop believing that the government wants to help you (pasty), and help yourself and your partner.

    I should say that lots of actual laws that protect you, and acts, are being broken by business people all the time (maybe by contract, then it’s not or maybe still). They just pretend that you are not supposed to be paid overtime or whatever. Look it up for the State or Province or Territory you are in. Look it up on google and notice the flowery language people use for information they place online for businesses stealing from you what you earned. They act like it’s funny kinda, but it’s not is it, because when you know, you realize, it happened to you or a family member almost certainly, if you were ever a worker.

    Hard to convince someone “it’s no big deal” if or when, it happens to them (lost income). Take a candy from that same business person without paying for it, even if that person owes you back wages (lost income). See if law enforcement thinks a nickel candy is worth arresting you over? That money that business has is your property by rights. You earned it, so it is yours. You should also own even more money than what was not paided to you as it was used to earn extra income. Where’s your compensation for that. I read an article years ago, about having illegal copies of software inside a company. That company got audited, that company was forced to court, and had to pay around somewhere between 100 times to 200 times, the actual cost of buying that software from that company for each illegal copy of software it had, (no serial numbers), as compensation, for lost income, to that company. Where is your compensation, on an equal basis, for your lost income voter? You probably need it even more. Where is the justice? I was told before by a businessman, all the laws government has created, have been written by business people for business people.

    How funny is it, to try to get your stolen earnings back? It’s not big enough with that particular one company, to be “only a massive scandal,” you see on TV (rampant corruption), but it’s common behavior with businesses though (a non-crime of huge amounts of voters money). So it is only “funny kinda.” The government still wants to pretend, it only funny though (for school students I guess.) Funny as in, not a big deal, as long as it does not happen to you, or someone you care about. It happened, and is happening to so many people, it only “kinda funny, or no big deal” when a government employee, or pseudo government employee, or expert, or business person, talks about this online.

    There are some businesses where a person will lose their job for walking through a metal detector, and setting it off, because you are a worker, and you were rushing around to fix some problem(s) and forgot to remove a company screw driver from your pocket that cost, if it’s really good 10 dollars. At the same time, they will rob you over your term of employment, of thousand(s) to 10s of thousands of dollars or more, in pay due to you. That is just one thing they do to employees, and what’s the big deal? It was just a joke, and is a joke as far as the government is concerned. By the way, maybe you lost your job because they made you run around on purpose, yet again, and this time you forgot (screwdriver), so they get to get rid of you now, since you complained about your back being hurt, while on the job. Out the door you go, and you are now a thief too as far as your official reference from them goes (caught and dismissed for stealing company property). Pain is a good variable to distract you, and exhaustion too. Did you not wonder why there was all of a sudden more or less work for you? Why did they not contact the police, or did they?

    To the police that is a serious crime, stealing that 10 dollar screw driver, and they will charge you with that crime, if for example you were supposed to know you may be charged with a crime at company discretion, because it says so on the contract, you were forced to sign, to get a job. The police would not like it, but would still do it. At the same time, if you talked to the police about that company owing you 10 of thousands of dollars in lost wages and you had a bad back because of work. Well, they do not care, and not even a crime. Both things, even the stolen wages are not even a crime to them. All the laws, rules and regulations written by government, have been written to benefit business people. That’s it.

    Your worker rights, are not laws as in criminal laws, but guidelines, regulations and such. You need lawyers, money and the government; to get back just a piece of what is rightfully yours. Got a bad back, you cannot even get 100 percent of your lost future earning potential, let alone also, pain and suffering, medical expenses, etc. May end up losing your home, family, all kinds of things. But that’s ok. It’s not a screwdriver a business person owns, voter, or nonvoter, or predictable voter.

    When you first start working as a IT professional, you are expected to work for low pay and “show a good work ethic” let’s call it, and put in lots of hours, including (mostly) hours at home studying like mad to get these certifications. Stack those books, you are required to learn, and kno,w and have hands on experience with, and study, on top of each other, and see how many feet high that stack is. Each page, new material for the most part. Your social life, eventually, will be you hand. If you have a family or get one eventually, it’s out the door for you.

    You will most likely, be required to report on employees, who do things like, install illegal software, or other things, that violate company policy. You will quickly learn what will happen is, management will tell you, to deal with that person, and tell you, to tell that person, to stop. That person just does it again and again, because there is no real punishment for them, because you do not have the power or authority to fire them, or even discipline them. That company if it ever gets sued or gets threatened to get sued by another company, well it will be your fault, and they get to get rid of you (fall guy “pasty” or some black mark on your internal record “future reference” or it was).

    What is happening is human resources and management, who have received the proper training to deal with this situation, and have access to legal advice and lawyers, want you to deal with this situation. That way, if the company gets sued, or is threatened to be sued, they get to blame you (patsy). They dare not do this themselves, if they can get away with it. Or they want you to get in trouble, and get you gone, but they are paid to deal with these “human resource issues”. They want to keep their perfect resume (cv) and ruin your life in the process. What these companies need to do is have experts (lawyers) interact with these employees, in a profession and legal manner, if they are not sure what to do, or simply don’t want to take the chance, and in writing. But they won’t will they? Mostly anyway.

    They might, and probably will, want you to fix some type or electrical work (outlet), that an electrician is supposed to only do. The same thing again, if someone gets hurt or killed, even years later after you have left them, with that power outlet for example, you get to get sued and probably go to prison or jail. (Pasty again)

    No increase in insurance rates or a lower increase or no jail time for that company and the people who forced (told) you to do that (perfect resumes still for them and still free too). What about, if you fix a broken wire on a power switch on a desktop computer, and a year from now that person gets hurt because someone else, an unskilled employee, was forced to fix that power outlet. You may be called into court still by that person’s lawyer or maybe the company’s lawyer(s) to deflect blame to you if the company is charged (manager/owner). Your name is mud now regardless, and your career is over. Would you take the chance and hire someone so “stupid” as to get someone killed maybe, after you or someone you hired does a name search, on a search engine, about that person (you)? (Court trial / insurance company does name search on you or background check).

    So someone gets hurt. The owner calls you in and talks to you with a witness present and tells you to sign a document because it’s your fault. So you do, because he or she is instead, now acting like they are doing you a favor. So now you have just assumed all personal liability for all damages that person and anyone else in the future who might and does get hurt (not criminal). Well, actually when you first applied to work there and got a job and you signed a one year contract (employee agreement) you assumed all liability for anything you were involved in or told to do or was done in the past. The one year contract was for employment only, not the liability you assumed on their behalf. That was forever basically, or as close to it as possible (via new contract). Maybe you were told you would lose your job if you did not sign or get a job In the first place (pasty – management knows something will happen “you safety person now”). Or you were told it was a better employee agreement (contract) for you. Doing you a favor, remember. You want to read it and they say “ok” so you start reading and a few minutes later, they act like you are taking too long, and hand you a pen to sign on the dotted line. You are poor basically still, remember. Maybe they are just trying to stress you out, piling on more stress.

    Remember the government lives in a fantasy world where everything is wonderful (perfect because of them) and portrays it that way on TV, and to people (all ages) in school. Except for when they say something is a problem that needs fixing. Then they need your money and more of your human rights to fix that problem. Basically they need yet again, more money and more power to fix that for you, on your behalf. Usually somewhere else, helping someone else, just not you. The money and power they have, has to come from somebody (you and your family and others like you). Unless you work for the government of course in some way, then you are one of their chosen few who also benefits from what they do. (Easy job, easy money, lots of benefits, that they portray as everyone’s rights on TV, or they use to anyway.) Still do this in schools, if I were to guess to students (no real work experience yet or understanding, because they are treated as young, and taken advantage of). Pasty(s).

    In extremely stressful situations for IT Pros (you), staff (them) being and becoming verbally abused will become very noticeable to you, while you are still trying to fix the problem even. Shouting, screaming, remarks that can be taken multiple ways, out and out called stupid, as you are leaving, because you can’t fix one trivial thing for example or something major right away (takes time). It might not even be fixable; it needs a patch that does not exist. That doesn’t matter, and they do not care, they just want to complain about you. You see, you have fixed the company up, and things are much better now for the company. That means no more overtime for most employees. That means, maybe less than a full-time job for them, let alone overtime and they hate your guts. Management, after or before you fixed thing up for them, might ever encourage them to hate your guts (through not stopping the abuse) to deflect, who’s really at fault for employees loosing there overtime. (It was a management/owner decision). You need lots of money to leave, and most likely move away. Remember that it’s critical for your well-being.

    All the employees really have to do is more work, like you do, and learn new things, like you do. But they don’t want to, so they have less work to do now (more gossip and trouble making time now). Maybe management, even keeps them full time, for unexpected problems, like delivery problems because a deadline was missed or came close to being missed, so now it’s via plane, train, truck, or whatever, to still meet deadlines and or get the product delivered. Now they have free time to gossip every day now mostly, and they hate you guts still. Even though you told management to do this to meet and keep deadlines (keep them full-time). After your boss (the owner) finishes screaming at you, you explain to him, you are just trying to make sure deadlines are met, so everyone gets paid (you too), and it’s just a suggestion.

    Anyway, here is a list of a certification roadmap for what supposed branch of IT you will need to get to be employable somewhere else, from your current employer. Remember, this is just the “current” industry standard certifications you need, not the future ones. You need to always keep getting new certifications too, and or doing continuing education or you lose your certifications in many cases. Just like you never had them. One more company or companies, taking advantage of you, to keep the money rolling in. (Books, training courses & videos, seminars, etc.) Add http:// to front of link certification.comptia.org/why-certify/roadmap

    Remember, many employers want you to also have an university education to work for them. (why not? That person is in debt. “Harder to escape (unofficially)/leave (officially)”) Also the government gets to pretend, that they are doing university (or college) grads a favor, by letting the cost of education skyrocket. You always have to keep learning and doing the latest thing too. Eventually the (company (full-time or not) / companies (part-time) you work for, if they even bother to offer you any training what so ever, will stop offering to pay for that education/training. Especially certification level training/education. You are really good, and hard to replace, especially in little communities and isolated communities, no matter how big those places are. I have seen company owners laugh with staff members at a mother (employee) who was forced to steal toilet paper from them, because she was so poor. She started complaining then, because of the jokes, staff was making about her, and I think she got some type or raise afterwards. Didn’t seem to do any worst job than other people, who did not seem to have a problem spending lots of time in bars. They like hiring woman, and especially Asian (Filipino) women especially, because they work so cheaply.

    Nobody wants to move to the middle or nowhere, if you’re smart, or have a choice, unless you were born there, and think it’s normal. If you are a good worker, they do not want you to leave, and a ruthless business person (all of them basically) will make it as difficult as possible for you to leave. For example, by not paying you what you are worth, and cutting back your hours, when you start to get certifications or complain about abuse, you are trapped there. All they got to do is unofficially give you a bad reference, and no one will hire you, and they will trash your reputation, and pretend, they are doing you a favor by keeping you on, when other business people ask them, why he/she is still working there then? At first anyway. Your boss with tell that other business person “I’m just keeping him on as a favor till he finds other work “or “he means well you know, we want to give him (another) chance” or “(he says) we are (harassing him), (he reported us) and we can’t get rid of him (now), we are (not allowed to)” or basically management and staff spread gossip about you and do their best to make you a laughing stock and do everything possible, right up to the edge of illegal and beyond, to make your life a living hell on earth.

    After this happens, and all kinds of people around town get pulled into this, (functional drunks and druggies, especially management types at bars.) They all become accomplices to any criminal activities done to that person, and or bad press, also caused by their actions. Also, everyone wants something to hold over a local newspapers head, and bash them with it, if need be. They know what’s going on and don’t care, they just want to take advantage of this unique opportunity to goto town with various forms of corruption, including all levels of the local government too. It gets worst and worst, as the years go by.

    This is a tell. If you apply for a job and they warn you for example, you may have to move to Northern Canada. That person is warning you, we can’t get people to go there for any reason, and must rely on young or desperate people to do these jobs, located there. Then these young and or desperate people don’t get paided either, what they should be, for just going to these isolated communities. Notice lots of businesses never want to list the wage, or salaries, or hours, and or the benefits you should get, and hope you do not ask for, so they can line their own pockets better, at your expense. Without a prewritten contract, and families and friends, seeing and knowing beforehand, what your contract has stated in it, you may find out after you arrive. “You really thought I was going to pay you 40 dollars an hour, even though you have several years of experience, and super high rent and super expensive bills to pay. That was just a joke, I was telling you. No you are getting paided this instead.” You need enough money to leave too, and get home, and not be broke, literally. A flight back to somewhere descent (civilization) costs 1000s of dollars. Most likely, more than one month of your earning, if they can get away with it. I have talked to highly skilled professionals (arrived alone) in other fields here, and they get a one year contract only, and then that person gets dumped locally after they sign off, as required by law for example, on some engineering project. In the middle of nowhere remember.

    Then because it’s in their (everyone involved) best interest, it’s the good old boys club in these places then, and they will all fall in line back to back, not to keep just you, but all hard working people down and dependent on them (they know and might even have to join in and pretend too.) Also it’s a warning to working poor people who see what is being done to you in a government town (maybe) that you are also just a worm (nothing) and this can be done to you too. No one will do anything to help you either. You will be destroyed too. A government town is a government town, and a government hospital in a government town, well find out what they do when you cause trouble, same with R.C.M.P. All these government workers need perfect resumes to get jobs that pay well in these government towns / cities.

    Remember all of Canada, because of the distances involved is “in the middle of nowhere.” Once other people start joining in on the fun of verbally abusing you, because the company you work for encourages other people to, to “teach you a lesson” for wanting to be treated like a human being, and then it gets even more out of control. Because these places are full of drunks and drug users, especially the managers and supervisors (what else is there to do other than have babies). It becomes a major scandal and the government(s) (all layers) don’t want people really knowing what places “in the middle of nowhere” are really like. Of course women and minors with no choice go to bars, or wait outside, to get a place to stay in for the night too, sometimes. Or they like to party too, or whatever.

    Canada is one big party town (nation) remember (bars and clubs everywhere, alcohol sold everywhere (in some provinces), in most restaurants too). There is nothing else to do but party, especially if you are new. IT does not get to party with people. Management may also encourage people to abuse you, in the hopes that you get a criminal record eventually, and now you are stuck there for at least several years. All they got to do is let the abuse continue, and eventually you will explode, and hopefully get some charge and conviction and hence criminal record. You are hard to replace, without paying someone more money, to do your job. IT Professionals need to be especially careful of this.

    The government falls in line too, back to back too with your bosses and other people involved now, to pretend the things you see on TV are real, even though you kinda know it’s not. What you experience yourself or will, is common everywhere, and not just around you (abuse.) By being a good hard worker you will get used up and throw away, if you make trouble they (everybody with a vested interest) will do their best to destroy you. Just one more homeless person with the crazy eyes, and the crazy hair, frozen to death on the streets, or a drug addict dead on the streets, who has learned not to trust people and wants to look “crazy” to keep people away from him or her. Not all but some, maybe one out of a 100 or more will be you, or a person like you, if you are a good worker. The government does this to people, as needed, one at a time, all over the country on an as need basis. (Police don’t care, ignore it, not you though, stand up, get hammered down “psych ward”. Crazy people have no right’s, it’s a legal loophole (publically known), they are just crazy, if a government doctor says you are, or you need to be kept for evaluation, for your own safety of course, but they mark down it’s for public safety, because you are dangerous.

    Now you are officially crazy, and who listens or cares about what a crazy person says. Go on medication (super strong), and that’s it for you, and easiest solution for them. They just pretend you have rights, because really no one has any human rights. When you read or hear about losing your rights, it framed in the reference of martial law, and everyone knows there rights are gone, for whatever reason.

    In the real world, many countries have a constitution similar to the US one. At the end though, if they bother to say it, they have fine print, saying basically, we can take your rights away, at any time, for any reason. So they treat people as if they have no human rights, on an as needed basis, one at a time, if possible, all throughout the country, and no one knew till now (other than government & business people). Your law enforcement and criminal justice system is central to this type of bad behavior, because they have no respect for you, and no accountability to you. They are in your community, and every other community, and do these things to their fellow community members (human beings) knowingly and willingly, for extreme power in your society, and easy money. Their job is really not that dangerous (physical safety), they just pretend it is, and everything is focused on police officer safety now (lock you down and everybody else, excuses). A.K.A. The police state pretending not to be a police state. The police state is loving and caring to everyone on TV, and leaves people alone, until it doesn’t leave them (you) alone, and you learn to do what they say, or else, the police state is put into motion against you.

    If you were or are a serious criminal, who is charged with a serious crime every “I” has to be dotted, and every “T” crossed, or the police states case against that person will most likely be thrown out (rights violations for example “local public at least paying attention to case”). But a poor person caught smoking pot or simply possessing pot, now that person rights can be abused, because it’s no big deal now. It’s just a joke violating those people’s rights. All they get is a criminal record, which in Canada anyway, is a lot like having a death sentence carried out against you. A series of steps now happen. You are now a burden to your family. There is only so many things you can do. Become a regular criminal, wash dishes if that employers insurance allows it still, become a drug dealer, sell pot for example, or become a prostitute, to make ends meet. Maybe go to school, if you have the money. That’s about it. Anyway, you are now a burden to your family, and your family is much poorer now. So because some politician(s) decided to make pot illegal one day, and it wasn’t the day before, you now have a criminal record. Ever couple of years, it becomes a more and more serious crime, even mere possession, when they decide to arrest someone for that reason (keeping jails relatively full). All minor crimes become more major eventually, given the fullness of time, and politicians. They want full jails with nonviolent offenders. So you can get a criminal record for hitting back an aggressive person, even if he threw first punch, or was about too, or swearing, or smoking pot, or protesting, or too many parking tickets, etc.

    Now you are a model inmate, as far as the guards and government is concerned (Preferred client). Not a real criminal as far as violence is concerned, so if a guard makes a mistake, he or she does not have to be so worried about getting stabbed over and over again, really quickly and dying. But at the same time, it’s an extreme stress environment for you, so then, when you do blow up, and start screaming or god forbid push some guard back. Well, now you are some type of “dangerous offender” and various “Lockdown” protocols get enacted again you. Poor criminal justice system, now they have laws and regulations they must follow, and more guards must be called in, and overtime, and such, has to be paided out. If they had lots of real serious and dangerous criminal in there, they would do anything, and everything possible, to lower the stress level. Remember in real life “officer safety” is the number one issue, and for real. You are just pretend, real dangerous (to corrections officer). Now you have more time added to your sentence maybe, and it takes longer, for you to get a pardon too. But you cannot afford to get one though, because they are not automatic in Canada anymore (Too nice of the government, no easy money for lawyers). You must pay for pardons now, and maybe pay to get a lawyer too, in this case, poor person.

    Lots of work for psychologist too, and similar types, to deal with your excessive and extremely “dangerous anger issues” (In the money now protocol). That’s why, they do not have you chained up like Charles Manson, when that person talks to you alone. You are “soo” dangerous. Remember play along, it just pretend for them, but real, for you and your family, if they have not left you yet. Then of course there’s the stress (maybe violence) this causes in a family, and a women may have no choice but to leave, even though she loves you, because being poor, in a place like Canada, is so brutal. All because politicians want to make there number one problem, getting elected or reelected easier for them. Plus other minor crimes too, the consequences are so brutal. You will most likely get charged again. Must keep the jail and prisons full, and the probation officers busy, or there budget gets cut back too locally, and at all levels of government locally involved. Easy money, easy money, easy money. Plus having real and dangerous criminals on the streets, keep people worried “visible gangs, etc”, and they want more police officers around. Police station personnel get to keep their budgets ever expanding too. It pays well, not to care about people’s rights and keep (voters) afraid.

    Does your government torture people, and locally in your community? Yes. If you live in a small community, they may be torturing you all, but that’s a different topic. Little communities are basically poverty and despair factories in the middle of nowhere, for most people, or a lot of them. What your government wants is a solid core of people, visible to the public, to prove there is a need for various government departments. Also to prove to you, you need to pay high taxes for “lazy drunks and drug users and poor people in general” and it’s also as a physiological warning to you, that your are not far away from being one of them, and may need to access those government services locally to (but you are not like the core group). So you better keep paying high taxes, and maybe, be a little afraid too, of causing too much trouble. So bow your head a little too, or end up being dependent on the government.

    The government needs this core group of visible homeless and or poor people, in every community, in every state, or province, throughout the country, to convince everyone, with their own 2 eyes and 2 ears, that the government “is needed” right here in your community, and in every community. At the same time, they “need” to convince you that the government is actually trying to help them, and not exploit them. Not an easy thing to do normally. So this core group of people, needs to be alone and isolated, and at the same time, visible to the general public. The government also wants this core group of people, basically despised too if possible “Jews Protocol”, by the local people, so that, whenever each group interacts with each other, more often than not, conflict erupts. Then law enforcement needs to be called. Each group learns to hate each other. When they each directly deal with each other (walking by someone they interacted with before), each side has no “desire” to actually talk civilly or deal civilly to each other. Too much trouble for one group or the other. Why is that? Because this core group of homeless and or poor people is being tortured in various ways, and is not aware of it. But they react the same way. As if they are being tortured.

    There are 3 ways I know of to torture a person or a group of people. Physically, emotionally and using physiological techniques. Everybody is aware of physically torture techniques. But the cold can be used to torture someone, by forcing them into the cold every day. Or a lack of free drinking water, or out in the bugs of northern Canada every day. By being surrounded by violent people, when they are intoxicated. Lack of sleep. Lack of your own personal shelter from the elements, basically. Etc.

    Emotional torture for example, might be lack of support (too poor to talk to family) or forced to be concerned what they think of you (crazy) if you did contact them. They do things, to drive friends away. People are not really allowed to deal with the issues, that do cause you or them, to be the way you are street person, because you are just trying to stay alive, and or are soo angry, at the people who pretend to want to help you. The government acts like you deserve what’s being done to you, by various thems in government, and pseudo government departments, to punish you, bad street, or poor person. The government keeps you only running on life support, (food, and used clothing, and a mat to sleep on).

    The physiological techniques government uses against street people are designed to cause extreme stress levels in homeless people’s lives, because they hate street people too, for how street people treat them, when a government worker walks by (snarl at them). The government employees cannot really help you, as they would lose their jobs anyway. You are being tortured, and cannot really do anything to the people who are torturing you, for their own benefit (an easy life for them), because they have soo much power over your life. So you lash out, at the only people you can, the other ordinary people around you, who do not understand what is being done to you. The ones that do don’t care, because they benefit too somehow, from how you are being treated. Then law enforcement shows up (the public cheers), and you do not dare do anything, because the police have such extreme power over you too, including, the power of life and liberty, of taking it from you. Then again you know, so does the lowliest government worker, if it boils down to it. All they got to do, is make more stress for you, and out you go, or the police come, when you are raging at the injustice of your treatment and life (sober or not, aware or not).

    Because no real help is offered you homeless person, or multigenerational government assistance recipient, you have learned not to bother with the government whenever possible, and maybe not to care, or you despair at your situation (medicated then). If you are young, then you are generally stupid, and in this situation, maybe they do offer you real help. But young people want to party and have fun, so it doesn’t really matter, except the general public gets to see they are “really” trying to help those young people out. They start treating young people in this situation as if “it’s your own fault” and soon “you deserve to be punished” and then you figure out later on. There was no real help for you, just a few chosen few and you “deserve” what’s being done to you now, once you become a homeless person. Never any talk from the government, about how you were forced to live in these little communities with no hope, no jobs, no chance, no real education that matters in modern life. Yea, I can set a beaver trap, and I know my culture backwards, and forwards, and sideways, but no skills that get me a job in a city.

    So you get recycled by government and pseudo government organizations over and over again. Every once in a while you get charged again and convicted again. If you commit a serious crime, well then the police do arrest you charge you right away. It’s too bad some innocent person had to suffer some crime because you were intoxicated or not, and lashed out at somebody, and now, that person has become a victim too. Not only of you, but the government too is guilty. All this, because the government wants lots of employees, who have an easy life at your, and other peoples expense. So lots of people have a vested interest in the status quo, and the status quo in your community too.

    It happens, all the time, to all kinds of people, all throughout the country (violence), in every small or medium or large community, on an ongoing, and as needed basis. Especially to children in small communities. Because the legal justice system wants, its easy money, and extreme power, in society too, along with the rest of the government. Not with just homeless people, but with all people, whose lives are more stressful, and just harder, than they should be, so some can just “manage” us, and have an easy life, at your expense (all citizens). It is justification for the police state, and a bigger and bigger one, all the time, everywhere. The government just doesn’t want you mad or stressed at them, but at a dozen or more other issues.

    Seemed to be a lot of “officer safety issues” arise as the shooting was physically occurring (going on) in Paris. Police running around everywhere afterwards though (On TV), for the camera, so people still believe them, and trust them. Do you know how long it took for law enforcement to show up in Paris? I do. Long enough for more than 100 unarmed people to die. All they (the victims) have to defend themselves was harsh language and pleas for mercy. Please do not shoot my child, please do not shoot my wife, please do not shoot my baby, please do not shoot me. Or sobbing, because they were completely defenseless, and at these murders mercy. With no police around, to be the heroes and save them, like they portray them to be on TV and in the movies, and like the victims believed till the end or close to the end, when they called for help, and got none. They paid the ultimate price, for believing the police could, and the government could protect them, when murders decide they want to kill you. You only have seconds to live, and do something to stay alive.

    (All police officers are heroes remember). People who experience some type of attack (mass shooting for example) are the first responders to that attack, because it is happening to them. To be able to quickly and effectively respond to such an attack by people who want to (kill you), people need a way to fight back, and right away. In a perfect world, before there is even a body count on the victim(s) side, people need some type of firearm that they can carry to defend themselves. The only way to protect yourself from someone who wants to harm or kill you, and other people around you, is by using a firearm, like police carry and use, for the same purpose, well in the past anyway. Now sometimes they seem to leave a higher body count than if some gang bangers do a drive by shooting. In the real world, in day to day life, you must be able to carry a firearm to protect yourself from people who want to kill you and your family. All those people had, because they were disarmed, was harsh language, and pleas for mercy remember. They were forced to wait for a police officer to come and save their lives.

    I assure you, even though politicians are not talking about it. They are upgrading their own personal security. More police for them, more guns for them, more bunker like buildings, and upgrades, to make those building appear not to be bunkers. It’s never enough, when it comes to their security and life. When it’s your life and security though, you have too much (safety and security), and need more restrictions placed upon you to keep politicians “safer feeling”. They just say it’s to keep you safe a million times over and over again. Politicians are already extremely safe compared to you; they need to feel safer though.

    I ask you a question. Not that you would not, but. Do you want to be shot at by people, and multiple people, carrying weapons, that are killing people, and now want to kill you, if you show up? The police found out as usual, there training was not good enough, there gear was not good enough, and they had a choice not to be as fast as they should have, because they were scared, as all human beings would be. The people (voters) who were being shot at, if they had guns, would have been scared to death of dying, and would have returned fire at those murderers, who were killing people around them, and maybe trying to kill you too. They would have returned fire because they had no choice, if they wished to stay alive. It would not even been about being a hero, just surviving and hugging your family when you get home. The government understands this (our employees, we are there bosses, we vote them into power).

    Why do they still want people disarmed? Simple, they want their populations disarmed, and totally at their mercy, or lack thereof, to be blunt. I believe senior people in government display something that I call “depraved indifference to human suffering” both directly and indirectly caused by their actions and inactions. Also I believe they display the symptoms of someone who has “depraved indifference to human life.” I believe they do things to surround themselves with people who are like themselves and/or also benefit from their behavior, like law enforcement officers, who gain extreme power in our society, and get easy money, as long as the police does whatever it is told (law enforcement officers now and not “protect and serve” anymore). If needed, these politicians will blame the police forces and legal justice system for their behavior, to save themselves from getting unelected. They still get the power once elected, no matter how many, or few people vote for them. The government has made law enforcement exactly how it is, and how it wants it to be. Well, as far as they dare push them to be, in the public eye.

    “Law Enforcement Officers” now and not “to protect and serve” anymore, as they use to advertise on the side of the police vehicles. Some type of joke (by mentally sick people in positions of power) as far as I am concerned, to tell smart people, and rub it in their faces, without them truly understand what is going on and why back then. Not that I know everything either. To tell smart people at least (that things have changed now). New world wide police PR and fast “Law Enforcement Officers”. In first world nations anyway.

    Does the government really do anything to help poor people and I mean in mass (in Canada anyway) to really help poor people? They lose their funding remember, and then there job, but the high level government employees still get to keep their jobs for some reason. That reason is, as far as I’m concerned, is because they do not hesitate to make sure things stay like the way it is, with lower level government employees, and the public. Higher level employees want to keep their easy money and lifestyle. They also show symptoms of people who have a “depraves indifference to human suffering.” I think these type of people are some type of psychopath, who thinks, and believes that it is OK for them to have a good life, at other peoples expense. Some of them anyway, because, they have a boss above them too. Layer upon layers of people like this, or acting like this, to keep their easy lifestyle going at your and other peoples (voters) expense.

    I meet this dyslectic person before, and he asked me what the time was on an analog clock. I think it was 10 to 5 pm. He literally didn’t know what the time was. He is a smart person too. He just didn’t understand. I think really smart psychopaths, let’s call them that for now, want senior positions in the federal government if they can, so they can get away with doing whatever they want (become rich & powerful). They are functional psychopaths who do not outright, let’s say, kill people with axes. They just do not understand it is not OK to do the things they do, to their populations to get what they want. A easy life of luxury, and power over other people. Psychopaths are abnormal people, and these ones want as far as I am concerned, lots of abnormal people to be thought of as normal, to be a distraction, and also an issue to get elected. Both the same really. “Fixation issues” for you to worry about.

    I’m not saying it’s a grand conspiracy of psychopath’s who know they are sick. A few really smart and lucky one’s make it to the top and want and get easy wealth and power once they make it. Owe favors too most likely. Most don’t get that high but a lot get fairly high in business, or there government, none the less. Some are just too sick, and are caught by law enforcement because they are too sick and openly dangerous. Seen a bunch of documentaries, like 10 to 20 years ago maybe, about psychopaths.

    Psychopaths have no real feelings of sympathy for example, and do not know how to behave in society. What they do is copy what other people do, that gets that person what he or she wants. For example, ok, that’s how you get a person to laugh, that’s how to get a person to cry, that’s how to get a person to trust me. They just mimic other people’s behavior, to get whatever they want. When this doesn’t work they keep on doing and pretending the same thing, because they do not know what else to do, or they just stop, and do nothing, and hope you move on, and forget or whatever. Or create distractions like another scandal on TV, or make sure your life is soo bad, you must only focus on yourself and family, and not say another families members problems, because your resources are so limited, or a friends problems. Layers upon layers of shielding for them (problems for you). The main stress media press too, makes sure you are distracted too. If they can, and they can most of the time. If you are not distracted, than 10 of millions of others are distracted. 500 channels on TV remember, each with various issues for you to fixate on, or be concerned about, or be entertained with. Some shows are getting really good on TV, and there are more of them. The Romans did this with their games for the masses.

    Then there are the narcissists who get into government. “Do gooders” who think they know best (based on their life experiences and station in life) and want to impose their opinion on everybody. So they get into government and have their agenda pushed and hopefully passed into law. You see, they know what’s best for you, and everyone must be forced to do what they want you to do. If you don’t agree with them, it’s because you just don’t understand, and they would literally start screaming at you if they could, while talking to you, and if they could, even torture you, to make you understand, and come around to their way of thinking.

    So, if they are still functional, they want laws passed, that punish you and the more extremely the better. But they can’t be too harsh at first. Everyone knows they are nuts then, just some nut job. So they do it a little instead at a time, and whenever they can they can, they take any opportunity to push their agendas forward massively. Like after a shooting, pushing for more gun control massively (media blitz) to disarm you so they can do whatever they want to you more easily. Don’t you understand, guns are dangerous, and only law enforcement should have them. Well at least for now, because that person want all guns gone, even from law enforcement eventually (different types of agendas). Also most people, who spend their entire life trying to get something imposed on you, are hard core narcissists. They truly believe in what they preach, so the government also uses them for their own ends. They are usually given their 15 minutes of fame too at least once, that they so crave. Unless they become politicians, with some type of holy type quest, to push on everyone, or whatever. Then it’s another fixation issue, if it goes on long enough, and enough people care, or are made to care.

    When psychopaths don’t get what they want, and they have some type of control or power over someone, they basically throw fits, or tantrums or, get violent to punish that person, same with narcissists. Both in public view and not. Using violence, is a classic example of a full blown person like this, less severe cases in government would use other methods to do such violence to you “laws that punish you harsher, and harsher, as they are upgraded”. That amount to much the same thing (violence against you and your family or fear of). They are smarter that full blow psychopaths or narcissists, so they do it smarter “laws and fear of laws”. Or they have been taught, or learned to do it that way (use force of the law). Of course, other people in positions of power, basically do the same thing to you, who may or may not be psychopaths too, for easy power and wealth.

    Because they are smart enough, and they have the resources, and they encounter a problem they never personally encountered before, they just pick up the phone and press the right button, and tell their personal assistant to fix that new problem for them by hiring 10,000 or 100,000 people, and having one of those people figure out how to fix this new problem they have, or put massive amounts of money to think tanks or whatever to figure out a solution. Then they hand up the phone and wait.

    What would you think of the average politician if you see him, or her, on a wooden box, preaching to people, as they pass by, even if he were dressed nicely, and never knew who that person was? I would think he or she is nuts, especially, if that person never had police protection, and I did not need to listen to his views, and be bombarded all day, and all year, with their reelection “fixation issues”. Ever notice, and this happens, when you do not pay attention to the message, but how it’s delivered. Well, that news show hosts or anchors pay rapt attention to everything they say (then so do you), and if they like that person, basically adore that person (so do you). Regardless, they always make a big deal out of whatever is said and whoever said it (it’s important), well unless that person is a independent, then they act like that person is stupid, and you are stupid, for just paying attention to that (wasted vote “independent”). Let alone how stupid they make you think you would be, for voting for an independent, and wasting your vote.

    The press is not supposed to interfere, but since one main stream media outlet was allowed or forced too interfere. Then they all interfere now, and you get to the point that, you have the kind of press we have today. They can hardly be trusted, to be truthful, about anything important if it interferes with someone in power, in any small way. It’s a crack in that persons power (armor). I guess it’s better than having people in power shoot at each other to settle their differences. I guess that’s why any important patent too, that has 2 corporations fighting over it, always ends up going to court too. That way they do not end up fighting in public over it, and in private too. That’s why I think any (known) important patient(s) gets fought over, and if a person has to go up against a corporation. Well what’s the point, to even bother to apply for a patient?

    So you goto some patient process learning session and those lawyers show you a patient and then a new one because one thing has been changed or added to that patient. Again what’s the point, how is that supposed to convince you to spend maybe 100s of thousands of dollars to get a patient and then it’s the courts for you if it’s worth anything. All corporation got to do is bankrupt you or offer to buy it off you. Maybe one corporation challenging you all the time through paper (shell) companies they own and then they walk in like white knights, and tell you, they’re doing you a favor, or whatever, to buy your patient off you. Including the patent attorneys that you worked with, to get that patient.

    The main stream media are not even supposed to have an opinion on the matter they are talking about; they are just supposed to report the facts, and all the facts that are relevant (all). Nothing more, and nothing less. The press can’t even debate someone, without interfering with what that person, is trying to tell you. Or debating, after that person is gone, to cloud you opinion of what that person said. The press on TV, is basically, trying to think for you, in everything. It’s noticeable, when you have expert knowledge on a subject, what they are doing, but not to your neighbor. When you don’t have expert knowledge on a subject, they are still doing the same thing, to you now. It’s easy to forget, they are still doing the exact same thing. Because someone in government wants that issue or knowledge, clouded or confusing to understand, for the average person. Now the average person during elections for example, has to make decisions about who to vote for, based on wit, charm, how they dress, what they say they believe in, there reported values, etc. Inconsequential parameters for extremely import people with way, way, way, too much power over us. They make themselves important to us, because of the unaccountable power they have and get, once elected.

    Remember you have no rights. All the government got to do is say you are crazy (press release), or do things to drive you crazy (still just a press release, now crazy) and pretend nothing is being done to you, or someone else. One person at a time, remember. (Like that young beautiful woman, who just sits and stares, as people around her do the same thing, as was done to me. You seen her only ever once, and wonder, if she is still alive, just gone, or in a Psych ward, or on super strong pharmacy grade meds now “zombinall”). You know what’s she is doing. Just like you, she has learned not to move, not to blink, not to make the slightest sound, or they continue there “fun” against you. One second, one minute, of not having people like that “bothering” you is precious. All they are doing, is bothering you, and just having some fun at your expense, until you learn; to let them do anything they want to you, if you do learn that. Everybody, and absolutely everybody, wants you to learn that (it’s just fun). So they can have some fun too, when they are bored or whatever. Reporters are monsters, if you do not already know, and so are most other people when encouraged to be (mob instinct, and fear, and drinking, and fun, and talking, etc). Just by simply being around, and listening to these people, over and over again, in some ways, you start to become like them, if you are not on the receiving end, of their endless barrages of attacks against you. Because if you move or make a noise, it starts up again, or gets even worst, and everybody around you acts like nothing is happening to you. Or it’s “no big deal or “can’t you take a joke” or “he or she is soo emotional” or “what a wuss” or various endless jokes you have to put up with about you, or whatever.

    Why did they show me in the first place, to rub it in your face maybe? They were snickering about it, so it must just be more fun for them. Just funny you see. To them anyway. More abnormal people, who are treated by the government, like they are the normal ones (so many involved now). You are not. They are just having some fun. This is “normal” behavior and it starts in school. Someone always has something like this happen to them in school. It’s always a loner (just quiet) or someone who they make into a loner, and ends up having one or more psychological issues and it never gets fixed. You could have three people all “abnormal” and one of them would become the new loner eventually. I think people who get treated like this, are being used as safety valves for these abnormal people, to keep them functional in society. These abnormal people need to be medicated eventually, or maybe just punished, and taught at an early age this is not normal and acceptable behavior. (go stand in the corner, don’t do that, don’t be mean). If you do not know reporters are monsters. Think of this, they destroy people’s lives to get ahead and publically. Then they get to joke and laugh about that person publically, when they see him or her afterwards, or wherever, and whenever, and in public. The bosses of reporters are even worst monsters; they just act like they are nice people, and normal human beings.

    You have to worry especially about people like this (abnormal people), if you are alone and away from family, as many IT professional are forced to move, and are generally hated. Remember Information Technology (IT) people are taught to be helpful, and to listen to their other peoples IT problems and let them vent at you. So, when you vent back at them, because of their behavior, and it’s everybody’s behavior now. Well you are “out of control” and must be dealt with (punished) for daring to talk back to staff. I noticed something because of this. People who do not complain, and bitterly, about any, and all, the slightest things, being done to them or new work added, end up being treated like IT people, to one degree or another.

    People, who do complain, fight, bully, and abuse back in other ways, do not have this happen to them. They might get a criminal record, and then they do not care, and, are, or become dangerous people to deal with, and be around. If you get a criminal record, well you are not dangerous compared to them. Because of the way you are, they punish you for the slightest infraction, if they feel like it, because there are no person consequences for them doing so. Unless you do something else, that they cannot officially punish you for (telling the public the truth) and create personal consequences for them.

    Basically, the government (just people) abuses you too, and takes their stress out on you too, because they can. Until you make them pay in a way, like I said, that they cannot officially punish you for. Then they want you there, and under their thumb, because it makes there life easier and or punishment, and that’s all they really care about, no matter who you are. You are fairly rare eventually too, and if the government, did properly punish the other people they deal with, all, or lots of their funding would get cut off (all levels of government locally). So, just like in jails and prisons, dealing with dangerous people, is scary and dangerous. Dealing with you is not (not violence), unless you make it scary dealing with you, and abusing you somehow. The government does not care if it destroys your life, and the life of your family, and friends too. Whatever it takes, so they can continue having an easy life, at your, and your families expense, and a lot of other peoples expense too. They never leave you and your family alone or do anything to really help you. It’s always someone else they help, or next year, or next time maybe, or no funding sorry, or let’s try again later, etc. To be blunt, you are still there, situation no different or actually worst now.

    Better start recording interactions with abnormal people bothering you, both in video and at least audio, and put some recording online if nothing else. You will get to the point you can’t stand listening to the recordings, and it takes a lot of time. Record then, how law enforcement interacts with you, if you can. Be careful, by complaining, and you are alone, they might just take you to the psych ward, as that’s the easiest thing for them to do. Especially if these abnormal gangs of people say basically, they do not know what you are taking about. That’s all they got to do. The police will be very, very, specific in the questions they ask those people and it’s a human rights loophole. If it’s a newspaper you work at, full of out of control druggies, and drunks, they are abnormal people. Well the police, and everyone else in government, wants something to hold over them. Or any other important businesses too, I would guess. Besides, we live in a disposable society, and everybody is disposable, including me, including you. You have no idea still, of how disposable you are, to your government, if you are a subject (nonperson) of Canada and other countries.

    If you think you are not disposable, just get in the way of 10 to 20 police officers in a firing line (firing squad) about to open fire on someone. If you are in the way, like in the background, and able to be hit by stray rounds, you will quickly find out how disposable you, and your family is, to law enforcement officers. All you got to do is listen to them on TV afterwards, acting like “it’s no big deal” that we shot, a bunch of innocent people, and some may be dead. You mean nothing to them, and they even use the most basic and debased of psychology, to tell you so to your face on TV. If you are smart enough, and alert enough, and awake enough, to see it. Also not distracted enough by “fixation issues” to actually realize they are teaching you on a basic level. You are nothing, we are everything , and dangerous to disobey, or have us (law enforcement “the government”) notice you even. They display characters of people who have depraved indifference to human suffering and human live. Officer safety has become an in the open (licensed to kill) type thing. We are still ultimately the government’s bosses, unless we let them become our bosses, and masters, and lords, and czars, and governors, and whatever else they call themselves to make us think, they matter more than we matter. They have a job to do in society and that’s it.

    You could also point out how law enforcement has no respect for your basic humans rights what so ever. Not even your right to be alive. When they think and say “it’s no big deal” to injure and kill lots of innocent bystanders, because of out of control power “officer safety issues”. A defacto “license to kill” is what “officer safety issues” has become in our society, same with resisting arrest and other such laws that force you to deal with law enforcement officers. So ordinary laws, plus resisting arrest, plus officer safety issues, equals out of control law enforcement. Remember it’s the 1 in a 100,000 stops that results in a dead or injured officer that get new law(s) passed, that for you need to worry about. Because of how the other 99,999 times ordinary people like you, have to deal with law enforcement. Remember, we (ordinary people) have no real checks and balances anymore, other than getting rid of elected government officials during elections or holding some of them accountable anyway. Elected officials have made it this way, and on purpose. Then they want you distracted with issues they pretend to care about, for the most part. But they never really fix anything, that’s a tell. Well they never really fix anything for you, to make your life better, at least in the long run. Not anymore anyway.

    Seen this made for TV drama (based on a true story) I think it was about some crazy man doing extremely bad things to boys (trying not to get blocked, because of key words) and then killing them afterwards. A police officer had a high suspicion, he was the person doing this, and asked for permission to place him under surveillance. He got it and let the guy know. I think it was after 6 months this man wanted to have the surveillance to stop, and got a lawyer. The police chief, I think, talked to this detective about it, and he convinced the chief to do everything possible, to continue surveillance, because, he thought the guy was going to crack soon. (First time ever, long term surveillance like this, for this purpose anyway). In this made for TV movie, the lawyer for this person, came out of a meeting with him, and told the police on the elevator, not to stop watching this person. This extremely abnormal person had no safety release valve anymore, in this extreme example, to keep pretending he could still function in society (publicly). See below.

    "To Catch a Killer" tells the true gruesome story of John Wayne Gacy. 1992 TV Movie.
    add www to front of link .imdb.com/title/tt0105604/plotsummary?ref_=tt_ov_pl

    Do you think drinking and driving is bad? Of course you do. Have you ever heard of antilock brakes? They were first added to vehicles as a safety device in order to let people stop faster, because of how they work. Now I notice, they are being used to get even closer to people, before they stop. The exact opposite of a safety device. Remember guns and how dangerous they are, even if they are used correctly or incorrectly. Guns can be used to do two things basically, intimidate someone into doing what you want, and causing grave bodily harm or death. A vehicle can do both those things too, but that’s not what is supposed to be used for. By using your antilock brakes and stopping extremely close and fast as pedestrians (voters) are crossing at an intersection. That driver is using extreme intimidation to make people (voters) move faster, who may be afraid of falling down for example. They (voters) have the right to cross the road without fear, at a pedestrians crossing anyway.

    Eventually pedestrians (voters) learn to ignore people doing this, to a point. What these abnormal drivers are doing, is teaching pedestrians (voters) to ignore extremely dangerous driver behavior, that has a much higher probity of causing pedestrians (voters), grave bodily harm or even death. That driver when you look at his face, usually has some type of evil grin or smirk on his face when he does this, and usually has a grip on his steering wheel, with both hands showing, like he’s some type of race driver or something. Sometimes they even lurch their vehicle forward at you, if you are alone or not, when they are stopped with their smirk on. (It’s just a joke). It’s not even a crime (unless it happens to a police officer, then he knows his life was just put in danger).

    Sometimes these drivers don’t even slow down, and just start blaring there horn at people, and force some old person, or some drunk(s), to move much faster across the road (wherever they are crossing). Sometimes, just barely missing that person (voter). If that person fell, I think they would get hit and it happens a lot. Pedestrians (voters) always have the right of way. That driver, is using the threat of deadly force, to get you to do something. What would happen to that driver, if he or she stopped, and rolled down his window, and pulled out a gun, to get you to move faster? It’s the same thing exactly, and the outcome is exactly the same, if that deadly device is use against you. Tell the police though, and if the drivers vehicle never touched you, they do not care. It’s not even a crime.

    Especially in the summer time, at intersections, you can watch and see people using there antilock brakes, to stop extremely fast, and close, to pedestrians. Almost everyone goes out, and leaves there car parked sometimes. Just watch, and see for yourself, if you can see an intersection. Some people are just young and or stupid. They see TV shows, and movies, were they just talk back and forth, and then almost hit something, and keep on going, like it’s no big deal .Again, abnormal behavior, being taught to young people, as acceptable. Well, it was just an accident, and when they go to jail, or prison, there are still just more model inmates, and not really that dangerous. It was accident, after all. They still need to be punished though, for killing someone. But, what about the people, who teach these young people, this unacceptable behavior? Maybe, just cut off their government funding, for putting such bad behavior in TV shows, and movies, if that’s what is happening. Maybe some government funding, to show the aftermath of such behavior, like going to jail or prison, and how the victim’s family is affected, and their own.

    These abnormal drivers have some type of sick fantasy about killing people, and they enjoy intimidating pedestrians. They can do it, and get away with it, so they do it, and get away with it (it’s not a crime). So some pedestrian starts crossing a road at an intersection, and a driver this time, who is distracted for some reason, and is not going to stop, gets closer and closer to a pedestrian. Remember pedestrians have been trained, by these abnormal people, to ignore danger signals, until it’s too late, for them to get out of the way. Now a person is serious hurt or worst. You think insurance companies would care about this. No normal person wants to see people get hurt like this or cause a accident.

    So on December 25 2015 at exactly 7:00pm, with lots of compacted and slipper snow on the roads something like this happens to me, except I do not get hit this time by a truck. I am waiting by a 4-way intersection in front of A & W. It’s cold outside, and I want to cross the street, and I am on the sidewalk. Because I have been hit before, I wait for the light to change, and make sure, that truck slows down, and stops. Basically within a second of the driver stopping, I start walking across the street. As soon as I do, this the truck driver decides to lurch forward at me, and he had already stopped extremely close to where you are supposed to cross. It’s really slippery, and as far as I am concerned, he came very close to lurching forward fast enough, to actually, maybe, slide forward, and maybe hit me, which he might have, and I would have ended up with a truck and tire parked on top of me, or maybe he would have peeled out on top of me. People have done this before to me (lurched forward), so I looked up at him, to see, if I knew who it was. He gave me the finger, or so it look like, so I gave him one back. He rolled down his window and started screaming. (Road rage for having to stop I guess, or I dared to do something back to him).

    So I walked around to the back of his big dark truck maybe black, and got his license plate number and started calling him Mr. C37844. Was dark outside, and I marked it down afterwards, it looked like C37844. He got really upset then, and started screaming about getting into a fight with me, basically a few times screaming like this, while I was in on the road. He had a kid with him so I was kinda, sorta surprised. After a few times (screaming about fighting). I said OK, and told him, after he opened his door, because traffic was going by, and one car almost hit me, to park over there, out of the way, instead of where he was parked on the sidewalk partially, and I wanted off the road too. He then closed the door and drove away. He is one of “those” people to one degree or another. Just as big as me, but no longer feeling safe, and use to being that way with people I guess.

    If you think I am lying about Canada, look at how communities are laid out. You cannot really go anywhere inside a community without a vehicle (brutal for poor people). Let alone cross the country. Also try to do anything without photo ID or money. Losing your ID and you have money is a nightmare in Canada. Hard working people almost never get paid well enough to get a vehicle, especially women. Hard working people never have perfect resumes, so no government job for them, because they work and make mistakes, and learn from their mistakes, and they are normal people. Only people who do not work, and or blames other people for their mistakes, have perfect resumes. For example, if someone was to hire an assistant, and basically have that person(s) do all the work. Remember manager just makes decisions(s), which assistant can do to, after some experience is earned. When that person makes a mistake, this or her manager(s) can just get rid of that person (risk to there job). As simple as that, to do. Just because lots of people do this, does not mean it is right, but that lots of people get to keep their perfect resumes (cv) because of this. Sometimes they are hired to replace you, and then replace you they will.

    So how can someone get you in trouble for something they did, or did not do? For example; an employee, or manager, may not have done a good enough job on a government contract proposal, and so, says, they have placed the proposal, work (data), of their proposal, on the network, to get it backed up. That night, before it’s backed up, because they have access to the IT department, and has other material in the IT department, that he or she accesses, they may purposely crash the backup server, or the backup software, or backup data, on that server, and maybe crash other servers too, (misses proposal deadline at least “no one cares then”). They delete all kinds of files and folders off various drives/folders to save their career (backup server(s) too). All kinds of problems the next day, and anyway, that person hates you guts, and you deserve it, as far as they are concerned. These are the only backups you got, hard drive backups on an actual backup server because there’s too much dust for tape drive backups, and management doesn’t want to spend 40 to 50 thousand dollars for doing all the work necessary ( buying equipment and tapes) to use tape backup drives that are also slower too than hard drives.

    Millions (lots) of dollars of work, and hundreds of thousands (lots) of man hours of work needs backing up, and they do not care. You tell management still, what’s needed, and you get screamed at. OK, not my problem anymore, but it is. Too busy screaming at you, to listen to you, or to let you speak. So when you have backup problems, because there is going to be backup problems, now for sure, they have SMS (selective memory syndrome). They tell you to fix it, but you can’t, and no way do you want to be screamed at again, so, that’s just the way it is, and they know what to do, and just want you gone now for trying to stand up for your rights or pretend rights. So years later, backup to hard disk software that can actually back up everything, comes out finally. But people can just walk in and have physical access to all the servers and data.

    Anyway that person gets to keep their perfect resume, gets more overtime, makes you look like you are not doing your job, and maybe his wife or uncle gets that contract instead now. You have logs, but what’s the point, people don’t even log out when they leave for lunch for example, and no one gets in trouble anyway, except for you, because they want you gone anyway, for wanting to be treated like a human being. Now you have to listen to people including managing/owners have discussion in front of you, when you are called out, to fix some problem, about what to do about you, since you’re a problem.

    George Albert Collins. A must be human rights activist. When you point out the human rights abuses of your own country, you realize, you are treated like the human rights activists in other countries are. Like in Asian countries for example. Whatever your government can get away with, is done to people, on a per-a-person basis. Prove me wrong, hope I am wrong. By reading this you are a threat to your government now, and will be treated like one. They are patient, and cruel, and heartless. They just pretend not to be in public and on TV. How they treat homeless people, is how they will treat you, because they can get away with treating one person like a mad dog, they will make you a mad dog, and treat you like one, if they can. Ever try to get help from you government. That’s how they really are at best. They are your government to you, and the only people, other than police you get to deal with. Remember red tape, is make work for them, and they want lots of work.

    One person, a thousand people, reading this, and it’s all your problems, millions of people reading this, and being told about this, and it’s the government’s problems. Knowledge is power, and letting people know the truth, well it’s all you got and it’s a lot. Keep your head bowed, and say nothing and maybe nothing will happen to you, like getting a good job or having a good life.

    Watched this one episode on TV about gold mining here in Canada I think, or Alaska. Just one of many shows like this, here in Canada. There was this old man, who knew how to fix a lot of their heavy equipment, among other things. All kinds of worker safety regulations are being broken on that and other similar TV shows all the time. At least back then, and in full public view. So he's working on a piece of heavy equipment, to fix it. He's not wearing his safety helmet, because he has to crawl into some tight spot, or whatever. Can't even be bothered, to move it for him, to make it easier, and safer to fix. He gets whipped across the head by a steel chain, powered by that piece of heavy machinery. That blow would have layed me flat out, and I would have been on the ground screaming in pain, and curled up like a ball, if I took a hit like that, if it did not kill me. They show him with his scalp torn open and bleeding. There is so much blood you can't see his scalp "skin" torn open.

    Management makes a big deal about his safety now and calls for a medevac helicopter flight or some contract medical service (Management “acts” really concerned for his welfare because you the viewer are). So then management talks about now, how he's with them (medevac personnel) getting checked out (“acts” concerned still but calmed down so you the viewer is too). Then later on during this episode a management person says he's basically OK (management “acts” much less concerned and so are you now, you the viewer are relieved now). Then at the end of the episode they send him home in a boat instead of on the medevac flight (“acts” like he’s ok, on with the show). A flight would have cost 10 of thousands of dollars and there insurance rates would have gone up (Canada “free healthcare”). Management (a man) just before the injured worker (old man) leaves, basically says don't call us we will call you, and so sorry, shook his hand and said I see you later or mumbled something when he lead the old man, to his boat ride home. That man (management) talked to the camera (means you viewer) about what a nice person the old man is basically (and so it is implied that man “management” is also a nice guy too, by him doing that on camera).

    This old man, should have been told by those medical specialists, and his bosses, to file for workman’s comp. He might, and probably will, later on in life, suffer some type of brain problems, like a blood clot or something. Why wasn't he brought to a hospital and cat scanned and had an actual doctor look at him? Some half trained uncaring people, told him he was OK. What do they really know? He might already be experiencing problems other than, no more job, and taking a long time to heal, and pain and suffering. He might have some type of low grade infection, and as soon as he gets somewhat sick, his body can no longer fight the infection off. Or the low grade infection makes other problems worst for him, like getting sick (the flu).

    He got hurt, and then he got dumped. Might be living off his life saving now, getting poorer and poorer. Eventually, forced out into the cold, or a shelter, if he even owns a home. At his age, why is he still working? He worked all his life, and must still work. Instead of getting richer and richer, he has more and more taken from him, by all kinds of people, just taking advantage of him, and now he is all used up. Try to find him and I bet you can't. I bet they will say he has moved away. (bones in the bushes or in a grave) What will you be told online but not shown? Well maybe. Remember TV crews were present too, and somewhat at least, modified these companies, and management types’ behavior. Best not to eat fish, that taste like pork.

    Never watched this show again, maybe he's back and not staying in some homeless shelter with no way out. If so, he's lucky. This kind of thing is common, and no one notices, unless they experience it themselves, and are scared to death to talk about it, because they are so poor, and scared to.

    One more thing you, may want to ask your management if up-to-date backups of everything, are required, in order for them to collect insurance, for like a fire, or flooding, from the sprinkler going off inside the IT department (disaster recovery insurance). I have actually seem myself, a sprinkler system go off by itself, right across from me, in the room in was in. So much water so fast. Might want to get one of those, dry normally (gas based) sprinkler systems, to protect corporate, and or shareholder assets. Same with making sure you have reliable backup software and hardware.

    It surprises me, when a company with dozens of years’ worth of collected work, mostly in the form of stored data, on various servers, does not take data security extremely seriously. Especially when an employee or two family members, works for the local competition, and they can walk into the IT department any time they want, or just install an external hard drive and start coping entire folders off certain servers, like archived work, or customer lists, from an accounting server, in the IT department. You can even mention it to management, and owners, and it’s no big deal to them.

    A person might begin to think there is soo much work to go around, and soo much easy money to make, they don’t even care, because they cannot handle the volume anyway, maybe. Maybe even too much work for two or three large companies, for the local areas size, just might have some type of silent agreement, like silent partnerships (contracts) with each other, and they keep prices artificially inflated, by pretending, to be in competition with each other, and keep certain customers, like government customers prices, higher than they should be. Maybe, everybody else’s prices too, in that area. Maybe just drunken stupidly too, or they do not really care to make more money (extra millions per year) by making sure there competition has a harder time catching up with them. At least put it in employee contracts, that they are not allowed to take any company data “work” with them, if they leave that companies employment, or are still working for that company ,but work for another company for example “competition”. No taking data to the competition.

    It boggles my mind, that lots of corporate people, think it good practice, to put old, and not so reliable equipment, in some cases anyway, that during a backup for example, starts acting quirky and unreliable, and so puts shareholders, and or corporate assets in danger, of not being properly protected (backed up). Same with not encrypting the backup medium, just in case, it gets lost, or thrown away. Like for example when I was in IT, the tapes I used, no longer had a warranty after using then 7 times, from end to end, if I remember correctly. Need to have a policy too for lost tapes, or IT personnel who may be coerced into handing over millions to billions of dollars’ worth of data (password protected or not). Also a policy in place, preventing IT from being coerced in the first place. IT directly gives encrypted backup medium to outside security personnel “contractors”. Have security place the backup medium for example, in your local bank vault (safety deposit box). Where it requires a warrant for example, for anyone outside the owner, to access that data (encrypted). They still must get password if someone does manage to steal backups, from a safety deposit box.

    Remember insurance companies do not want to pay out an insurance claim(s) and management will want to blame you. It's managements fault though, they just want to save their careers and destroy yours. They are not doing their job by making it difficult at the very least, for you to do your job. No one will ever hire you again unless this type of knowledge becomes common place in IT, and blame is placed on board members and owners for example, because it has to be there ultimate responsibility in the end to protect the shareholders’ interests and investments in the company or their own property. People need to be informed, where the blame lays before it happens. Same with loosing customer information, onto the web.

    They get the big bucks and have the perfect resumes or whatever they are called now. Make sure shareholders know, they are ultimately responsible, as captains of that ship. Blaming the overworked guy with the hammer and welder needs to stop. Don’t all these top tier corporate personnel, who get the very best education, learn that protecting shareholder assets like data and intellectual property is ultimately there responsibility? Maybe they need to get the most basic of Information Technology training like A+, Network+, Security+, CCNA and whatever else is considered necessary. That’s not even considered entry level knowledge anymore. That way, they can have only the most basic of understand of the IT departments actual needs. That should be enough, but maybe not. They are just certification level exams, and not an actual university education. Should be simple enough, for them to do.

    One more thing. When you work for a company in a place like this, you make other IT contractors life harder by making less work for them. Maybe even for people like electricians who haul cables. Now they hate your guts too, and will never hire you locally. You will learn how to become a contractor too, maybe and probably do a better job than them, eventually maybe. You are now competition, and they have no choice, but to bad mouth you too, so they can keep their income protected. They can't even have you step into another company’s place of work. That company(s) (management), just by talking to you, will learn how good you are, and cheap, and available, etc. Basically honest, as you were taught to be. But no more income for you, and out the door you go.

    I should say it’s actually pretty hard to do a good job hauling networking cables. The cables, have and need, so many twists per inch, for passive noise cancellation, at high speeds. The higher the speed you want your network to run at, using this technology, the more twists per an inch you need. Stretching that cable out in just one spot, forces networking data over that cable to run at the next lower default speed, at the very least.

    Every copper cable should be checked by someone with the proper test equipment and skills. Some electricians have been trained to do this and have the proper equipment. You could also do some of your own ok tests too. But they can actually see, let’s say, how close to the edge that cable is to having problems, with the proper test equipment. Maybe an electrically noisy motor in a printer get installed close to that cable, and now, sometimes it defaults down to the next lowest connection speed. Having a high speed copper wire network, mostly requires someone having the time and patience, to properly haul these cables, and not damage their properties by hauling too hard on them, while pulling them, because they do not know, what to do, or how to do it, or they do not care.

    I know how to insure myself, that this does not happen. Easy to do. At the same time also lower the bill, of having someone(s) do this. Let’s say, by one-half at least. Doesn’t even matter, if it’s 100s, or millions, of feet of cable. I think, I want that electrician to keep making lots of money. He or she deserves it.

    Examples of why networks go down other than obvious. Some managers kid “script kiddy” hacking tools installed on workstations. Pulling on cables to move some desktop, that pulls on a wall mounted switch, and it glitches the switch. Modifying desktops by themselves, because it’s easy, and now it’s junk. Installing overclocked part(s) in some hardware, and this turns it to junk (overheating) or flaky and no one tells you, and it doesn’t behave like it’s supposed to (chatty on network now). Forced to buy, cheap junky components and use them. Installing virus or worm infected software like games, yet again and again and again. Going to “bad” sites, because no one really wants to not go, wherever they want, especially management, and they want no logging or reports from the firewall, because then something has to be done about it, and they don’t want to do anything, they do it themselves too.

    It’s still your fault though, when something happens and then you learn they have something called selective memory syndrome (SMS). They do not want to pay attention to you, and display symptoms of someone having Sesame Street Syndrome (SSS). A.K.A. low attention span. From watching Sesame Street and other similar shows. It’s all like 30 second or so segments on Sesame Street and entire generations of children grew up watching this. Then it was fast changing and hard flashing music videos and commercials because of this, as far as I’m concerned for a while anyway (flashy & noisy or attention getting).

    An employee or supervisor or manager is angry, because they feel like they have been wronged, by upper level management. So they do everything possible, to cause trouble now, at work (money and personnel wise), while not wanting to get caught themselves. Maybe they are using some old software, and they know if they do certain things, it will crash. Or new software, and if they do certain things, it will crash. So they do it, and claim they never, or must, but forgot to do some step or whatever. Want some overtime too, and at the same time, cost that company some money. Maybe they do things in front of customers, and as much as possible, to make that corporation look like a fly-by-night company. Maybe, make problems for customers on purpose, to get more work, and again, make that company look bad. Maybe they are planning to start their own company, or know there is real competition now, and want customers to leave, and goto the competition, for vengeance, or perceived justice. So IT Pros are so helpful, so let’s blame IT, or get IT to say, it the software that doesn’t work, because IT Pros assume employees and or managers are telling the truth to IT personal.

    Maybe, someone just got new responsibilities, dumped or delegated to them. They do not want to do the new work, or be responsible for its oversight. So they make sure, it’s a hassle for everyone involved. The entire company, if possible, because they know, because they are management themselves, that they get no real compensation, for the new work they must do. Just more problems for management in that department to worry about, and make sure, it gets done, and when needed, even more to teach new personnel to do. More headaches basically, for them, and more chance of not a having a perfect resume. Maybe employees get overworked, certain ones anyway, from no real downtime, and they must be perfect all the time, or they fall behind schedule, and then deadlines are missed. No perfect resumes for them.

    Management gets mad let’s say, at you, for not stopping yet another problem from the internet (web browsing bad habits or something similar) causing yet again another problem, and you can no longer be bothered to tell them yet again, you could stop most of this by using a combination of white listing web sites and black listing bad web sites (advertising & sales peoples sites and such) at the same time (blocking advertisers on allowed sites basically). Use a local host file copies to each workstation at login for example, and or a DNS server setup to do this in some way ( for bad sites or a custom image page or something). Maybe a custom page with a watermark image or background image that says blocked, or whatever, you call that background image (service) for marketing purposes (smile). Email still a big problem though (attachments) if you do this.

    These sites (white listed “allowed”) could make their own in house advertisements for their advertisers, but they do not. Newspapers do this all the time, and even, magically figured out how to put them online after creating them (ads, banners, etc). So be it, there is ways like this around this problem. (Honest people in the loop technology, always, always, always) for that white listed web site, or what I stated above (white listing and black listing combined, for each company, on the planet to use). That fixes a lot of problems, in a lot of ways, if that was done. Money input steams cut off of white listed sites.

    This is what happens when some programmer who wants “total automation” always if possible. Maybe instead a boss or manager is allowing, or encouraging, there business network (model) to be like this (automated as much as possible). This behavior causes problems for customers (passed on to customer), well more than there should be, even though they may be honest. These owners, and high level managers, have no real world experience, with these problems personally, or they own shares in IT security films or something, or the programmers want more work, because of low pay for what they do, and or they just do whatever, other industry experts in that field do only. Think of nothing themselves.

    I should not say, high level managers have no real world experience with this, it’s just, they do not have to care, no real accountability, for them not caring, if there decisions cause customers problems that may cost world economies billions of dollars per a year maybe, in lost productivity. They just blame IT, and IT Pros lose their jobs, and reputations, eventually because of this behavior (entire IT security films even). (Heads must roll to show the world, that this problem is being fixed, in order to justify high level manager’s expense to these corporations, and or shareholders). Large, and in charge, protocol.

    Have you ever watched those pawn stars type shows on TV. They do teach people some haggling skills. Still would need to practice of course. Have you noticed they always bring in an expert when someone wants to sell something they think is overpriced, even if it’s not real expensive? I have notices this. When someone, usually a woman wants to sell or pawn something, and it might be really valuable, they knock the price down, and basically act like they are doing that person a favor, by buying that item from them right away. He might not even ask if she wants to pawn it or not, or he asks right away what she wants to do (pawn or sell) and then talks fast, about selling that item basically. They never offer to bring in an expert, to confirm the price they offer is reasonable then to the person selling a item. Seen a piece of jewelry made by some well know person who made his jewelry for royalty a hundred or so years ago I think. That’s what happened, no expert offered to see if the price was reasonable the pawn shop offered her.

    Sometimes pawn shows talk about their markup; usually they say it is 50 percent or use to. To me that’s wrong. At first they knock you down as much as possible. Let’s say to 20 percent of what you wanted because they brought in an expert. He says it’s worth 2000 dollars. Now they say they want their 50 percent markup. So he wants to buy it from you for 1000 dollars. That’s a 50 percent mark down not a 50 percent markup. A 50 percent markup on 1000 dollars is 500 dollars. Totaling 1500 dollars and not 2000 dollars. Must be careful of the verbiage they use (words). They want a 100 percent markup and to knock you down to 10 percent of the original offered price.

    Sometimes when you talk to people who want you to invest money with them, or manage money for you in the stock market for you, they do the same thing too kinda. In regards to staying in the market, and holding firm on ups and downs (profits and losses). They use words (verbiage) like it’s only a 50 percent increase you need to do to get back all your lost money, and you may as well stay in the markets for the long haul. It’s actually a doubling (100 percent) in money the investor needs to earn, to just get you even again. (twice as long to do basically)

    Someone years ago told me this happened to her, could have happened to me, brought in a gold coin to a pawn shop that was legal tender in her country as currency to use. Let me explain something. It’s not a smart thing to do, but you could use your countries 20 dollar gold coin as legal tender, and ask for change back, after buying a pack of gum at some corner store. That person would think you are crazy, but you can. Anyway that person who sold their coin said, the pawn shop employee didn’t have a way to tell if it was real gold or not, and if it was, was it a fake, and not a pure gold coin. So that employee acted like he did her a favor, and bought that coin for cheap off her. If it was a fake gold coin, that person should have contacted the police. Counterfeiting money (legal tender) that your country uses (gold coins too) is against the law to do, and that person should have reported it to the police. Instead that person pretended that it was a fake gold coin (a counterfeit one) and bought it for cheap. Do not wait till you are desperate to sell things, or pawn them. Never tell them anything that makes them believe you are desperate either, it gives them a huge advantage over you, to take “advantage” of you. If it was fake, in the U.S.A. anyway, the treasury department would have been contacted. Serious trouble, for that person, trying to pass, a gold, fake legal tender coin, or not gold, legal tender coin.

    Old people forced suicide. Do you have any rights. No. This is another example of what the government (Canada in this case) wants to do to people, throughout the country, to one person at a time, in various communities, on an ongoing, and an as needed basis. Let me say first, there has been an artificial shortage of certain pain killers like morphine, caused by government red tape, and it has been ongoing for many years in Canada, that I am aware of. It’s just a chemical produced by a plant, that gets processed in a lab. Only red tape, is stopping this pain killer, from being widely available to people who need it, like old people with chronic and ongoing pain management issues. In Canada, a few years ago, the issue of government assisted suicide has come before the government and court system. I think now the Supreme Court is looking into it, or has made a decision by now. CBC has been gracious enough, to inform the public, from time to time, on this issue, both on TV and on radio. At least, in the near past.

    This is what the government wants to do in my opinion. After the government decides, to allow it, on some type of trial basis “government assisted suicide”, you will see some genuine sob stories in the National TV news on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) of various people, and maybe only at first, old people, with chronic conditions, who really, genuinely, want to die, and peacefully, because of the pain they are physically experiencing. The pain they have, causes physical and emotional and physiological issues for that person, who does not realize, he is she is being tortured, by lack of pain medication, into believing they have a choice now. “The invisible whip”. Really, they have no choice, if they want the pain and suffering to stop. “Forced Suicide”.

    All this, to get Canadians use to the idea, that it’s OK to let the government (decide) if someone should be alive or not. To be blunt, you do not get to decide eventually, after this starts happening, weather you have the right to be alive or not, the government only, has the right and legal authority, to decide if you get to live or not. Because, you have to get “permission” from the government, to die and hence, also need their permission to live, they will not tell you that part. The government decides, if you should be alive or not, and not you. The government is setting a legal president, by doing this, all nice and legal like. Be wary of “function creep”. Basically once you stop “producing” the government wants you gone. They give themselves lots of options, to make this happen, and or give as little as possible to you, that you are entitled too, and have paided for, all your life like pain killers.

    Another option. You will most likely be alone, and isolated, and in the tender loving care of the government (old folks home or intensive care or long term care), if you have family (children & grandchildren) they were most likely forced, to move away, in order to get a job, or have been told, the government will take care of you. They will most likely do things, like use drugs, and electric shock therapy, to make that old person (senile), so the family gets tired of them, and does not want to deal with them. So that family gives, that old person, into “the tender loving care of the government and also out of sight of family and friends” at least once, that person comes back “senile” or damaged in some way, the government probably used shock therapy and or drugs on that old person. Shock therapy is considered torture, in all first world nations except for Canada, or so I read before. Does not mean other countries do not use shock therapy, when, they can get away with it. Cheaper than drugs, and already paying for electricity (budgeted). Or cause brain damage by lack of oxygen, or blood, maybe also. Blood carries oxygen to vital organs, like the brain remember.

    Then the government will put something on TV later on, as some time has passed, to enrage the general public that that old and genuinely needful person is being denied there “right to die” because of some nasty person, or nasty bureaucratic department. Those men and women on CBC will have some type of talk right afterwards, and or seem genuinely upset, and will decide by saying so for you, what should be done, or that the government needs to “fix this issue and fast” and so you agree because you “feel” like you were part of the decision making process by merely “watching it” with your good old CBC buddies “as usual”.

    People will demand that person be allowed to die, and because of public outrage, CBC or politicians talking on CBC, or both, will make it even easier for people to die basically. And now in the opinion of the average person, the issue has been settled in their mind, and the general public can, and will, move on to the next issue. The government if it can, and when it can, will make it so that people want to die, a bit more at a time. Also the government has set the legal and moral president, that it can decide if you get to live or not. So in years to come, a person may be taken against their will, to a “psych ward” for example, and that government doctor, because of who you are, decides you are a menace to society, and maybe have you killed, or medicated against your will, or have some operation, like a Lobotomy performed against your will. Maybe you are dangerous person, who pushed a prison guard, or police officer, and now there’s a space open in that ward, so they want the federal government funding for having you there. All nice and legal like, they even have footage, of you pushing that guard. Anyway your family has no money, for a lawyer anyway. What do you do, they might do something to your family too now (right away or soon). Probably it will be a pill, that gives you a chemical lobotomy. Cheaper.

    When you see someone (high level bureaucrat) in another country like Europe for example, talk about government assisted suicide, that becomes out in the open forced suicide (convicted murders), that person pretty well snarls when they talk to the host on TV. First it’s murders and such, and then it’s more. Cost savings generally, and other reasons, as needed, or convenience, or whatever.

    So when the government gets one of your older family members. The government wants to make that person permanently senile, or whatever. The government does not want a pattern, of one problem that thousands have, that people might notice, if possible. People however, do notice problems though, like a lot of old people, do not come out of operations, in a hospital alive, usually because of infections. Infections are mostly causes by bacteria and viruses. Bacteria and viruses are around because cleaning is not good enough, especially medical staff hands, or so it has been pointed out on TV several times. The medical industry always wants some electronic gadget, or yet another study, to make them remember to wash their hands basically, in order so that less people die, when in their care. More people get sick though, and that keep their income stream strong. Who knows, what super antibiotic resistance bacteria, or super drug resistant disease(s) people like you, might contract? What medical staff needs to be, is held accountable, for not doing a critical part of their job, that actually causes people to die, in some cases, or become sick, or sick for longer, than they should be. We all have parts of our job we do not like to do.

    Function creep. Also poverty can be used as a tool of forced suicide just like pain, also loneliness (no money to call children or grandchildren), fear of experiencing more violence, public shaming, your treatment by government employees with power over you. Having people allowed because it’s not stopped (defacto permission) to verbally abuse you, etc. All this, make you think it’s your choice, a choice you must make, but it’s not, you are being giving only one option (the silent whip). Death and hell, if you believe in that.

    Another example of function creep. Marriage certificates. At one time, at least in the USA, you did not need permission from the government to get married. It was between you and your religion and spouse. Because the great depression was happening, and the government wanted another source or revenue, from people who were already dirt poor and extremely religious for the most parts (masses of people), the courts (government) decided to give the government the power to tax, and decide whether a couple could be married or not. Not at first though, at first it was just a tax. Now we have a whole new branch of the court system (benefit) that I think, but do not know, also decides who get the kids, and when, and alimony payments and such, whether you abuse your children because someone said so, but no proof, etc. At least at one time anyway. Give the government time, and well, function creep takes over, little by little at first, them in leaps and bounds. Just like it will, with government assisted suicide, forced suicide, A.K.A. First degree murder, and on a massive scale, and against its own citizens. If it can get away with it.

    It’s a well-known fact. By people whose job it is to know, that 1 out of every 3 people in the military is a textbook psychopath. Not necessarily a bad thing for the most part. They are where they want to be and do have some checks and balanced, if they are just a day-to-day soldiers for example. What worries me, is the smart ones. They will want to become career officers in the military. All they got to do, to get at least a fairly high rank, is what they are told to do. Without worry for people, even their own people’s basic human rights. They get access to advanced technology, advanced training and techniques and get to practice them. Like in psychological operations (psyops) type operations. They learn to manipulate the enemy “masses of people” into doing what they want (the invisible whip), including surrendering, because there is no use to fight back. Why vote for example, it makes no difference, or so they believe. Or people (politicians and handlers) with access to these type of tactics and techniques use this tactics against “masses of people” to get what they want. Whatever that outcome is, that they want. Then they move on to the next objective.

    Learned helplessness. Considered 1 of the top 10 most horrible psychological experiments ever carried out. It involved the torture of puppies. When I look now on the internet it says “dogs” and not “puppies”. Anyway, we are all basically a victim of learned helplessness in modern society. In this experiment dogs were placed in a box, and subjected to electric shocks, and could not get away from this undeserved treatment, no matter what they did. Eventually, they just learned to lay down and take the punishment. In other words, there is nothing you can do, about injustices being done to you, so accept it, as just the way it is. So just lay down and take it, or else. That is what we are taught, in various ways, and experience in our lives. But is this the true, when you have tens of millions upon tens of millions of people, also knowing the truth? Do they have to change then, when the spotlight of truth is on them?

    Do you have the right, to fight to save your life, or another person’s life, and you, also must, and do, kill that other person. No, not in Canada. Well unless you are a R.C.M.P. officer, or a family member of a R.C.M.P. officier, than you are a hero. In Canada if you are just an ordinary person, no. I believe this story would have caused absolutely massive protests across the USA, if the government there, dared to press charges, and it got found out, by the general public. Trying to find that story in Canada, but I can’t. A couple experienced a brutal home invasion. It was years ago now. The husband was stabbed; I think a dozen and half times, with a steak knife, and left for dead. I think after two men (home invaders) handcuffed him first to something. Then they did horrible things to his wife for hours. Including, breaking several of her teeth out. If I remember correctly, they burn and cut, and stabbed her too, I’m pretty sure. This is Canada, so it was probably called a break in, at least back then. Criminals adopting S.W.A.T. team tactics.

    Her husband, who was left for dead, managed to get free, and ended up, killing at least one of them. I personally think he was justified in using lethal force. To me, in this case, which seems clear cut, second place for him and his wife was death, and a terrible one, at their slow and vicious hands. But the police did not feel this way, and he was charged with murder or a similar charge basically. This sends all kinds of different messages to different people. Like you do not have the right, to even defend yourself or your loved ones, when people are in the process of trying to kill you, and are actually killing you and loved ones. Because you are not one of the governments chosen few, you have no rights, not even the right to be alive, because criminals have decided, you don’t have the right to be alive.

    The police are sending a message to. Do not dare under any circumstance, use lethal force to defend yourself. Only we, the police (government) in Canada have the right to take a life in any circumstance. A CBC comedy show years and years ago, made a joke about police having to use lethal force on some old women in a wheelchair who was “brandishing a knife” at them in her home. It sure got a good laugh from the audience. I pictured in my mind, that old women pushing forward in her wheelchair. While 2 police officers, fearing for their lives, pissed themselves, at such a dire threat to their lives, having yellow pools of urine at their feet. (They were fearing for their lives). You know with all the training and gear (bullet and stab proof vests, pepper spray, bright big flashlights, expandable batons, could have shot her hand or foot or wheel) and maybe grabbed a broomstick too, they might have grabbed her, or maybe just walked away and gave that “grave threat to their lives a few minutes to think”.

    Maybe the Canadian government has been teaching or OK-ing their police officers for several decades, to take kill shots, whenever they can, with the public at large, in certain circumstances. Like when they think, they can get away with it. Like with people who live alone, and are alone, with no one to complain. Lethal force is always supposed to be the last response, not one of the first.

    So this man gets charged with some type of murder charge. Can you imagine what it must be like for his wife, him too, after experiencing such a horrific experience, of being forced to relive it, in court. Having an government crown prosecutor, trying to rip you apart, on the witness stand. It might have drove his wife insane, it did not do her mental health any good, that’s for sure. Forced, to almost certainly, spend their life savings on a lawyer too. So the government wants people to known, by having the police announce to CBC, our nation news channel. That under no circumstances, are you to fight back again an attacker and kill them, even if you think that if you lose, they will kill you and your loved ones, slowly and horrifically. If you do, the Canadian government will finish the job they started, by destroying you too, and maybe your wife too. Could have been children involved. The Canadian government would not have cared. Those criminal are monsters, and so are we, and we are the government, and there will be nowhere for you to run or hide from us. So despair, and bear it (brutal home invasions), you must, because we do not care about you rights at all, even in public on public TV (CBC), because you are nothing to us, just a source of income. You are helpless, and must depend on us. If you do not depend on us, we will make an example of you, because you are helpless against us (the government).

    Remember most people, when they can, do what’s best for them, not what’s best for you. Real workers do their job as it’s supposed to be done, and in my opinion, the government can no longer afford to have people, like real workers, in real positions of power, inside the government, because that person would actually try to make things better. That person, because of how they were taught, and because of the life experiences, actually sympathizes with ordinary people, and if they had the money, or time, would actually help that person personally, to try to make someone else’s life better. The government doesn’t even want that to happen in my opinion, so they make it that these types of people, can’t really do that, or do that very much (really help even one person).

    So the government makes sure, as these people get older and older, they actually get poorer and poorer, for example, by simply letting business owners grossly take advantage of people, and on a grand scale. It’s the cheapest and easiest thing for the government to do. All the government has to do is pretend they care, to the general public (the voters) using TV. Poor and middle class people with jobs, are generally the type of people, who want to pay taxes, if you talk to them (so the government can help people). I mean, they think, they should pay taxes to help people (via the government), and generally speaking, so should everyone else (rich people too pay taxes). So they say, when you speak to them, but maybe that might change, and they might demand all people pay taxes, especially politicians. This will not fix the problem, which is government corruption. Giving the government more money or power, gives the government more options over you, and gives every person less options, including you. The power to tax, is the power to destroy and control. Mostly you need options for yourself and family. Or else, you end up having to depend on the government, for the options they want you to have, which are no real options at all.

    People will for sure, be led to this conclusion somehow. More taxes, more taxes, more taxes, give me more powers (laws), give me more powers (laws), give me more powers (laws), will fix it, will fix it, will fix it, for you, for you, for you, as we always promise, as we always promise, as we always promise, but never do, but never do, but never do. I have noticed that communists say whatever they must to get into power, and just do what they want, when they get into power. A lot of governments seem to have adopted these communist tactics. Or maybe communists have adopted other nations tactics. When it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck. Well it’s a duck, or it acts like a duck. What’s the difference? If it looks, and acts the same, for all practical purposes? It is what it is, even if you give it a different name. (Corruption on a grand scale) “Scandals”.

    Actually in my opinion, citizens of first and second world nations all live in a technology based feudalistic society, that masquerades as various forms of government, depending how in the open (the public) they act towards their citizens about it. They are all the same, to some degree or another, towards its citizens, it’s just, the numbers of people they persecute, that changes, and how they do it. The outcome is the same for individual people, only the numbers per a week, let’s say, are different.

    Also, if people are aware of it, or not, and the numbers that are aware, and how much they know, that’s important. Any person who knows a lot, is in deep trouble, if alone basically, like you maybe. In a large county, a million people, knowing at one time even, is not soo bad, but 10 million that’s trouble, a 100 million that’s serious trouble for the government in that country. So don’t run into the wood, tell people the truth, unless you do not believe, or are in denial. Think about it later, if you must, and act, and act you must. Just sending this to someone, or printing it off for yourself and for other people, is all you got to do. Properly informed people make better decisions. Now they know the real questions to think and ask about.

    They want you to break the law, so they can get you. Don’t. Just tell and show people. What choice do you have in so many ways? I don’t, and you don’t even know, about punishments that will start to be done to you, and your family, and friends by the government. Some things may take years to do. All they have to do is wait, and waiting is easy. Use that against them. Laziness, and the fact that, they want people to believe in them, that they are right, and you are wrong. Or better for them, you are crazy and not worth paying attention too, so move along, and think of something else (the masses of voters). That’s what the government really wants, in a situation like this.

    Remember the government needs people to believe in them. If people do not believe in them, they have to work extremely hard, to get the public on their side, or pretend to on TV. The next thing they will probably do then, is do things without the public on their side, and then they must pay, with their easy jobs, and wealth, and power, at the polls. It’s always the captain’s fault in the end, so they always blame other people, but come voting time, you have a chance to hold these people and parties accountable. Never vote for that party or politician again. Do not flip-flop back to that party again. They must do something to make your life actually better, and all the time. They cannot though. What do you have left for them to take from you?

    Criminal records, I suspect soon, will mean no right to vote anymore, and law enforcement will do everything possible to make sure, the vast majority of the public with no interest in the status quo, has criminal records. Those politicians will pretend, they did not betray there voters by doing this, and they might do some trick, like pass laws that start, after they get out of office. New politicians will complain, it wasn’t done by us, but by previous politicians and parties, and they have no choice. But they can stop those new laws from being implemented any time they want, or get rid of them, any time they want to. In the end though, they must have the support of the people (voters) to rule and lord over us. We tolerate them only, if it really comes down to it. Believe it or not, but the parties you have voted for or not, were once new political parties.

    Remember elections is how they get there power, and once they get it, they use it to further their own ends, and needs, and wants, at your expense. You get rid of them, by never voting for that party, and the politician’s, and politician’s families, and friends again. Nothing else works; it’s all we have left. Everything else is just pretend, like checks and balances. Vote for a dog, if it comes down to it, and he must be independent, isolated and alone always. Except for from the voters, they need to support that person for a term or two. Hold your nose, and run for election, if you must. Make sure you plug your nose, when you have politician debates with them on TV. (It stinks of corruption). Well, it’s the only option other that ignoring the government ,and law enforcement, on mass, and all the time, whenever possible, and they are already making it harder and harder for people to do that. Say what you want to the press too, you do not have to answer the questions they ask you. Say what needs saying.

    IT people have specialized training in troubleshooting (figuring things out). Multiple techniques, in doing this. Super scarce information sometimes too, from somewhere else, because you might not even be physically present, and you are talking to someone who does not understand, or care probably, or wants more service calls. Specialized training in problem solving and lots of experience in both, with lots of people and companies, and you must come up with solutions. Actually, first you need to know what the problem is for real, hardware, software, or person or people. Then come up with a work around, or other solution. To say, we end up being treated poorly, is not a forthright enough statement. Need lots of background knowledge too. Do Information Technology long enough you start to notice things, lots of things, especially about people.

    Things are so bad in Canada you need to use an access to information act to get information about government funding for example. Lack of transparency is so common place. The money government gives to itself, and to corporate charities, should be easy to find out, and how it’s spent. I suspect that when the economy is booming, there building and land lease contracts get redone, and at a higher cost to the tax payer.

    When the government has you in its hands. You get recycled, by government, and pseudo government organizations, over and over again. Every once in a while you get charged again and convicted again. If you commit a serious crime, well then, the police do arrest you, and charge you right away. It’s too bad some innocent person had to suffer some crime, because you were intoxicated or not, and lashed out at somebody, and now, that person has become a victim too. Not only that person, but of the government too is guilty of that crime. All this, because the government “politicians and bureaucrats” wants lots of easy power and money. They hire people, and make it so that, if they want an easy life, it’s at your and other people’s expense too. This way, lots of people have a vested interest in the status quo, and in the status quo in your community too.

    Are S.W.A.T. team’s death squads in training? Yes. The only difference between an S.W.A.T. team and a full on death squad, is whether or not, they pull the trigger on those guns, when they point there guns at you and your family. That’s it. They sure are getting lots of training, against actual citizens, in some countries.

    Do SWAT teams or law enforcement get used like death squads in your country? In my opinion, almost certainly yes in some circumstances, they have been used that way. Seen some car chase on TV, months ago, maybe a year ago. Turns out it was not the right vehicle the news TV helicopter was watching (noticed that before too). The police had already engaged and killed the driver of that vehicle, and not in front of the press cameras, and the public at large. When the news announcer realized, it was the wrong vehicle they were watching yet again. Notice this seems to happen sometimes too, the police tell the press not to watch some S.W.A.T. style raid on a home or vehicle, and they comply, or it’s the wrong vehicle or something the TV news helicopter was watching (so you too). A few times anyway. The press never complains anyway (so you don’t care either). The police don’t want people to see what they are doing I think. Not interested in having any negative publicity or publicity at all, about that police event, that gets someone(s) killed. (The press never complains). This implies beforehand that people are going to die, before it happens. (Press not watching event or told not too). Lethal force is supposed to be the last option used, and not, “the option” employed. If that is what’s happening. This only happens when the press is present of course. Do their cell phones work, people’s cell phones running away from law enforcement? If it’s busy who were they talking too? Is it just a press release?

    S.W.A.T. style teams, or the police in general, when they go into a mass shooter type situation, in a school for example. Well, they might want to modify their tactics to be quicker, that way so many children do not die. At the same time, keep officer safety a central issue, as much as possible. Because sometimes, and in some places at least, they seem to take much too long. I think they are doing room clearing. As in, one room at a time, to make sure no “mass shooter” is in one, and going to come out and shoot them in the back I guess, or maybe they want the mass shooter(s) to kill themselves, or whatever. Instead of room clearing each room, one by one, and taking forever, while people, maybe children, are being massacred. Well, they might want to modify that tactic a bit, to stop such a large massacre from taking place, by getting to the bad guy(s) faster, and taking them down as needed.

    So instead of the very slow, and possibly currently standard room clearing tactics (in some places), inside a very large school, with lots of rooms to clear. Do this instead maybe. If you have lots of law enforcement personnel available, like right after a mass shooting event is over. Well, when it first starts, and law enforcement personnel advances forward, post police officers, at ever intersection, you come to. Have them face outward and in every direction. So a 4 way intersection in a school would have 4 police officers facing outwards, 1 for every direction watching each other’s backs. As more police advance forward and post themselves as need be, police officers should be able to visually identify other police officers posted at other intersections. Just tell the students to stay in their rooms. If shooting starts, you know you have a mass shooter in there, and that person can be dealt with quickly. Tell police officers, as they are advancing forward, to look into rooms, and see if they see anything wrong, or suspicious, or whatever are key indicators.

    Actually, place several police officers, in each room, that has students in it, and just wait till everyone can be properly searched, if need be. Eventually, law enforcement officers should be able to get to where the gunfire is going on, and deal with the situation, as needed, and much more rapidly. As a general rule, when people are shooting, getting there twice as fast, means half the bullets get shot. So half as many hurt people. Plus they can get taken to the hospital quicker. The “golden hour” is a rule most ambulance style personnel, and first-aid trained people, and nurses and doctors and surgeons too of course know about. S.W.A.T. can lead the way, or whoever has to.

    So if you only say have 4 or 5 police officers, you can use a variation of this tactic. As this small group of police officers, move forward, toward the threat(s), the police officers, following the lead officer, move forward, as he or she does. Watching the lead officers back and flanks basically (left and right), at the intersections. They are always in sight of the lead officer(s). Rolling forward, and protecting those 1 or 2 police officers rear and flanks, as they move forward, so no one can circle behind, or to the sides of them, and ambush them. They may want 1 officer in the rear looking forward to make sure no threat comes out of a room. Warn students not to come out of the room, or the police will assume they are a threat.

    Seen this documentary, in the eighties I think, or maybe the nineties. Kinda a strange documentary or it was showing something to the public, about Mexico. It showed an America Family, going to Mexico for vacation. A marries couple and their young son. They have a video recorder, and just end up being invited, to goto a marriage, in some small Mexican village. So there’s food, dancing and such, in a big square, or something. A little girl comes up to the American boy, with a big smile or her face, and she has her hands behind her back, and she’s swinging around a bit. She’s wearing a blue or pink dress, I think it’s blue. They are both I don’t know 7 or 8 years old. So the America boy, agrees to go dancing with her. So they start dancing for a bit, and someone screams ,“policia policia policia”. There’s all kinds of people there at the wedding and they‘re dancing. All of a sudden, they all start screaming, well the women and children anyway. Women have picked up their children, and are holding them tight in their arms. The young ones anyway.

    I see that little girl being held tightly in her mother’s arms, and so did the camera operator too, I guess. She’s not crying, she’s screaming more or less, in fear, and if I remember correctly, and has also soiled herself though her blue dress. I was pretty young when I seen that, and I still remember seeing that TV show, or whatever it was, still today. I remember thinking, I never wanted to see the day, that when the R.C.M.P. shows up, or law enforcement officers, as they are known of today. Well make ordinary people like women and children, scream in terror, and fear, at just the knowledge, they are about to arrive basically, and soil themselves. Big part of the reason why I have wrote this, and why well I think about the things I do, and of course, well my own personal life experiences too. By the way, all those people at that wedding did was wait for the police to show up. Should have seen, the expression on those poor people’s faces, while they were just waiting for law enforcement to show up. Where to run too, when you fear your government?

    Well, this is why I think, people are treated the way they are, and especially IT people, and other hard working people too.

    George Albert Collins

    A Modern Day Human Rights Activist

    Yellowknife, (NT) Northwest Territories

    Northern Canada
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    Hats off to anyone who actually reads that, finding the motivation to scroll to the reply button was bad enough.
    WIP: A+
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  3. dmarsh

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    Presenting yourself and making a coherent point with minimal ceremony are important skills in IT.

    A forum is not the right forum for a book or an essay.

    IT staff generally get treated better than other workers in most countries, that workers in general don't get treated that well in some western economies is another point. You have to look at who controls the economy and holds the power. You have to consider workers right to withhold labor, the beliefs of society, a whole bunch of issues.

    In most countries traditional print shops now basically work for nothing, its a commodity business and skill. It got made that way by computers. Much of what you describe is actually corruption and government inefficiency.

    When you go to an interview you are not obligated to say anything you don't want to. When you do work you are not obligated to sell it to your competition. There is plenty of work out there, you do not have to go for solely government tenders.

    Asking for government to have tax perks for labor seems counter productive to your other arguments about cronyism and corruption.

    I agree about your points about lawyers, and some other professions getting undue deference due to the way the political system works.

    There is more to making progress in life than being technically competent. Also certifications do not and can not prove competency, however hard you worked for them.

    Business is business, they don't have to 'play fair', many don't even try. Capitalism isn't always the textbook fairy-tale version.

    Self checkout is going strong and shows no real sign of abating in countries where labor is not dirt cheap.

    Where are the Eskimos and native American Indians rights ? You are most likely a foreigner who has no real claim to Canada, your family has probably been there for less than 200 years right ?

    Multivitamins are cheap on the internet in all western countries. Worst ways you'd drive over the border to USA. The western american diet has become truly awful, but you can still eat healthy food there cheap if you make an effort, nearly all fresh fruit and vegetables has vitamins in it. Its not so expensive to buy in a market or supermarket, especially compared to many processed foods, which are expensive garbage.

    Real engineers know a decent amount of math and physics and can do science and build things. I think we can agree that 90% of people in IT roles aren't doing engineering roles. A Comptia cert is worthless compared to a physics degree, they simply aren't comparable.

    You don't like certifications, which many don't, and I'm not entirely sold either, its simple, don't do them. Many people manage to have perfectly decent careers even today without doing them.

    Many of your arguments are, 'business savy people get more $$$', why not become more business savy then ? Ever heard of Bill Gates ?

    Tax breaks exist for small business to try to level the playing field and encourage business and jobs. Now you argue against this? Where before you were for government subsidy for Canadian jobs?

    Ever heard of France, Switzerland, Australia ? If you leave the bubble that is north america, you will see governments with some socialist policies that aren't communist and do try to do the odd thing for the people. We need roads, schools, hospitals, power plants, clean environment, who is supposed to provide these if not the government ? Is 'the market' really fair and the answer to everything ? Didn't you just say large corporations have too much power ? Wouldn't an effective government serve to limit the damage they can do ?

    All this just comes off as the sort of 'life isn't fair' rant I'd expect from a 17 year old. Other parts just come off as borderline unhinged.
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    LMAO. Very funny indeed. I started reading it thinking "that's a hefty paragraph". Then scrolled and realised it was just the tip of an iceberg. A very, very large iceberg. I did a Simon Pegg off of Spaced and said "skip to the end" and read something about Mexicans at a wedding, is that right? I can't be bothered to check again.

    dmarsh, my hat off to you sir, a very competent reply, though I laughed a lot at the vitamins stuff as I didn't know what the context was.
    Good to see the Indigenous peoples of North America getting some recognition too.
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    Surely this is a bot!?
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