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WHat else do i need?

Discussion in 'General Cisco Certifications' started by paulwatson5, Feb 18, 2013.

  1. paulwatson5

    paulwatson5 Byte Poster

    Hi guys, im about 1/2 way through studying for my CompTIA Network + exam and at present im getting about 65% on practice exams so im not too far off and think that by the time i have got through the rest of the Prof Messer video's and the AIO book i will be ready for my exam.

    SO, this has got my thinking on my next step, either MCITP or CCNA.

    MCITP will suite me down to the ground as i know Windows 7 well and have worked with it every day since release, its also a cert that i do really want.

    BUT, as im coming up to 31 i really want to get ahead and i feel that networking is the place to be and to progress.

    Today i was given 2 x Cisco 2500 series 2516 routers with power cables, link cable and console cables.
    I have never really looked into the CCNA exam and what else i need but if someone could give me a pointer if i could use these in a lab and what else would i need?? I'm looking at 2nd hand gear from ebay basically as im trying to do stuff on a budget.

    Also, i know that there is certain emulators etc out there that i could use but i would prefer the actual hardware so i can build a nice lab and have the experience in setting it all up etc and troubleshooting etc.

    Any help would be MUCH appreciated!!
    Certifications: CompTIA A+ (220-701 & 220-702)
    WIP: CompTIA Network +
  2. BraderzTheDog

    BraderzTheDog Kilobyte Poster

    Hi Paul,

    I would say go with what you are interested in. I did the MCITP in windows 7 edst and have never used it fully since my heart wasn't really in desktop support.

    If you feel networking is the place to be continue studying net + and try get a Junior role in networking. This will give you good hands on experience and exposure to Cisco kit. Possibly look at studying the CCENT and learn the principals of networking, this will give you a solid foundation to build experience on.

    I find quite a bit Microsoft stuff can be picked up when on the job, I know a bit about AD and Exchange to get me by... Networking is a solid skill that isn't exactly straight forward from the onset. You will have times where you hate it when stuck on a topic, but its all worth it when the final piece of the puzzle fits together to resolve a problem.

    It also can open doors into many areas, not just routing and switching, but VoIP and Network Security are also very interesting too.

    My advice, get some kit off ebay:

    1 x 2950 switch
    2 x 2600 routers (with WIC1T cards)


    for route simulation ONLY

    Cisco Packet Tracer (includes switch emulation)

    Hope this helps you decide.
  3. GW

    GW Byte Poster

    From my working experience, Cisco is a better way to go before Microsoft. One problem with Microsoft jobs is every interview that I go to they want you to know a very large list of Microsoft products (intermittant to expert level); if you haven't had previous work experience in the majority of those products they are not that interested in you.

    Cisco is easier in that there is not as many sub-products that you need to learn in addition to the main routing and switching so once you get your CCNA you can get a job in networking and work your way up.

    I'm sure there are those here whow would disagree with me on this and I'm a bit biased but I've been fighting for a job and I'm not getting the microsoft jobs since I don't have experience in a multitude of various Microsoft products (Sharepoint, SQL, Froefront, ect); but if I had my CCNA with a little CCNP knowledge (which I'm reading along with the CCNA topics) I've could have had a good change at least on five jobs.

    But getting back to the main topic it is really up to you on what interests you, some people are more drawn to Microsoft servers and products and others their great love is rocking the command line on a Cisco router or switch. From there you can decide which is the one you want to pursue first.

    Certifications: MCP x4, CompTia x3
    WIP: Cisco CCNA
  4. paulwatson5

    paulwatson5 Byte Poster

    Thanks for the replies there, i had put this to one side but as im nearly ready to sit my Network + exam im kind of thinking of my next step.
    I want to build a small cisco lab and would ideally like to use the kit i already have and add to that (cheaply if possible)
    So far i have 2 x Cisco 2500 series 2516 routers with power cables, link cable and console cables.

    So im guessing i just need a 24 port 10/100 cisco switch now??
    Will somethin like this be ok??? Cisco Catalyst WS-C2924-XL-EN 24-Port Switch | eBay

    Or can someone recommend something for me??
    Certifications: CompTIA A+ (220-701 & 220-702)
    WIP: CompTIA Network +

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