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Discussion in 'The Lounge - Off Topic' started by UCHEEKYMONKEY, Sep 29, 2007.

    Honorary Member

    UCHEEKYMONKEY R.I.P - gone but never forgotten. Gold Member

    When I first started out in IT I was almost conned out of £5000 by a learning provider. I was lucky in the sense that I stumbled across CF while trying to find some back ground on this learning provider!

    CF to me was more than just a website. It is a place whereby people offer positve friendly advice about IT.
    It saved me bucket loads of money and time and I made some friends through the forum.

    In my mind I thought by posting answers to questions and signing up to membership here on CF. I am offerring the only way I can support to CF. I have not been in IT long about 2 years, so don't know a great deal about IT as I would like.

    Shock horror as find a email from someone here that I don't post enough I'm doing my bit on CF(WTF I thought) I can't be online all the time.:blink

    Why don't I post everyday? Because CF has become like a childrens play ground, with members through PM having a go at me about my spelling and grammar. Office politics should be left in the office and not the forum.

    What does CF mean to me:-

    A place to when I can't find the answers to IT problems.
    A place that shows what certs you need to get to where you want to go!
    A place that has a friendly postive community that will answer your question may not staright away but always within the day.
    A place where can learn things and not have to apologise every time you state an opinion.

    I asked a simple question about networking and got slacked off for it!
    The question was if you had a network switch that ran on IPV4 128 address could you program one of the ports to have a different ip address such as IP 10 address.

    Instead i got slagged off and ended posting my question on another IT forum.

    I feel that CF is place that you have to be very careful what you post, what you say and how you say it. Because everyone takes everything too dam serious!!!!

    So what does CF mean to you??
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  2. wizard

    wizard Petabyte Poster

    Was it a moderator that sent you the email? If not then don't worry about it 8)
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  3. stuPeas

    stuPeas Megabyte Poster

    I'm sorry you feel like this CM and I think it stinks that your questions have been met with such a response.

    CF to me is the ONLY place that I can talk to like minded people. You see, I'm a Big city man who grew up in a working class family when everyone knew their place. Higher education was the privilege of the middle class and was not even considered for people like me. Although I've always been interested in science, my school education did not pan out to well as I started smoking the old "wacky backy" (which Ive not done for around 20 years BTW). My only education came way after school and as such I have no friends who are on a similar wavelength to me.

    So CF gives me an opportunity to feel like I'm involved in something good, as well as keeping up to date with technology and learning some new tricks. :D
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  4. ffreeloader

    ffreeloader Terabyte Poster


    Sorry that people have been playing such games with you. Why don't you just bring the entire thing out into the light of day? The only way to deal with people who like to play games in private, is to bring their behavior to public attention. That's what I would do if someone started doing to me what you say has been done to you. There's no excuse for that kind of bullying and intimidation around here. Tell us who they are so we can all jump down their throats and get them to understand that their behavior isn't going to be tolerated. A good public shaming may be just the cure.

    As to whoever you are picking on UCM, there are such things as learning disabilities, and the effects of those disabilities don't mean a person is stupid. It just means that person's brain somehow got hardwired wrong. I have three grandchildren with dyslexia, and if I ever saw anyone bullying them because of their dyslexia I'd knock some heads together because there is simply no excuse for that kind of BS.

    I have nothing but spite and dislike for all bullying behavior, and for those indulging in it.
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  5. greenbrucelee
    Highly Decorated Member Award

    greenbrucelee Zettabyte Poster

    My initial reason for joining was to find out about the certs I was planning on doing and to ask advice, I got that.

    I decided to stay as thought there are people on here who are way higher up the ladder than me, and people the same as me and people below me, and hopefully get and give advice.

    I also have learned from CF either directly by posting a question or reading someones post and replies.

    That is why I like CF and that is why I will stay with CF.
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  6. onoski

    onoski Terabyte Poster

    Everyone has contributed to this thread a fair bit and mentioned useful comments. On the other hand what we should all realize is that there are always going to be people who are time wasters and losers in whatever walk of life you find yourself.

    This would also include those who are IT guru's know it all type with xyz years off experience in IT undermining others who mean well. Huh! yes it does happen on this site and I don't want to mention names either:biggrin

    I do appreciate and know where your coming from ucheekymonkey but don't let this bother you as long as you're doing well in life and in IT which is what I joined CF for in the first place. Cheerio and hope you can cool off someday soon:biggrin
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  7. GiddyG

    GiddyG Terabyte Poster Gold Member

    What does CF mean to me?

    A place I can go to ask questions, and get good, real world advice about IT stuff and have a good laugh. I even have a chuckle at the good natured discussions (they are aren't they? :blink ) between the likes of BM and dmarsh. To me it shows both have their own opinions based on masses of experience built up over years of work in 'the industry'.

    I don't profess to know much, if anything about IT, and I depend on you guys to help when I need it. In turn, I will (as I get more confident in my abilities) give as much help as I can.

    I also like to read about what other people are doing, such as courses, probs with studying, taking exams, writing the odd book or three, and seeing how people are getting on looking for jobs. I find it amazing how much of an inspiration (or a kick in the ass to stop me moping) knowing that someone else has the same struggles as me can be.

    If people are sending abusive PMs then I would find that extremely disturbing, almost akin to 'cyber-bullying'. :rolleyes:

    Please let's not go there... this is an excellent forum and I do not want it to lose the 'friendly and approachable' aspect.

    At the end of the day, we all here for one reason - a love of all things IT, a desire to learn and a desire to help where we can...
  8. tripwire45
    Honorary Member

    tripwire45 Zettabyte Poster

    As I recall, I joined CF when it was about a week old. I was encouraged to join by someone on another forum. I was more interested in certifications back then and my job roles were more directly related to IT. I enjoyed the sense of community and humor and friendship engendered here in the early days (especially Rosie's whip) :twisted:

    As far as CF having changed, gee...what a concept. A discussion forum is no more or less than the collective contributions of all its members. CF is what we make of it. I have many good friends here and a few "off threads" isn't going to ruffle my feathers. I've seen members come and go as is typical with any Internet venue. Frankly, anyone who feels that this forum isn't what it once was should focus on their efforts to make it the best cert forum on the planet. That's all any of us can do as individuals, staff included.

    I wouldn't worry about what contributions you are or aren't making, Monkey. I don't have a problem with you and as was previously said, unless someone on the staff PMs you and says they have an issue, don't worry about it. If whoever emailed you has an issue with you, me, or CF in general, I'm available via PM to discuss the matter.

    Nuff said.
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  9. Arroryn
    Honorary Member

    Arroryn we're all dooooooomed

    Thanks for your contributions so far guys.

    It is nice to read and hear why people joined up with CF, though I am worried about the way you feel you are being treated, UCM. I have always regarded you as a pleasant and constructive member of the site. If you feel you are being harassed or victimised in any way, please let someone know, if we can help. That's why this place is a 'community' instead of a 'free for all'.

    So. What does CF mean to me?

    I fell in to CF when I was researching the A+ certification. I didn't dilly-dally around - the place looked great, so I signed straight up.

    I agree, in part, that CF has changed since I joined. It has more contributing members, that make this board the kind of place I want to stick around and be a part of developing.

    Don't get me wrong, I had moments where I felt like leaving.

    There was one thread, where I posted a very silly question not long after joining. I was trying to format the C: partition of my hard drive... well, you can imagine some of the responses I got. Needless to say, I thought some people were being nasty - but after some kinder comments from some members, I stuck around. Damn glad I have, too.

    I know that silly threads crop up from time-to-time, and you will get 'different' members joining - it more than likely comes with the reputation the board is growing, as more and more people visit to see what it is like. If you only want to see the technical content of CF, then steer away from the OT forums. That would normally do it, as spam posters rarely make it outside of OT forums.

    I stay here because the contributions of our active members make it a great place to be.

    I haven't found anywhere on the web that compares to CF for the information I can get, and at a great response speed too. There is often bickering and sarcasm, sure, but a lot of that is 'banter', some of it is 'lost in translation' and the rest... well, we're only human.

    CF is also a great 'leveller'. Where else could you speak to technical writers, company owners, and people with huge amounts of IT experience and knowledge, when you are first starting on the IT ladder? Honestly, when these career advisor people go round, if someone says they want to get into IT, they should refer 'em here! :iluvcf

    It's the contributing members, not the fly-by-night spammers, that makes CF what it is. I hope you keep sticking around, UCM. As any contributing member threatening to leave will be tied down by Mitzs with sufficient duct-tape, and be subject to the fiercest torture from the CF female contingent. :wink:
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  10. stuPeas

    stuPeas Megabyte Poster

    IM LEAVING.....IM LEAVING...:twisted:
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  11. Fergal1982

    Fergal1982 Petabyte Poster

    So what you're saying Arroryn, is that those leaving should slope off quietly before Mitz notices???

    I joined a couple of years back after dropping out of my Genetics degree and was looking at getting into IT. I had already been stung for a (crap) A+ course (although I was lucky, in that I paid 500 quid for the books, a Post Probe, and some extra software for hardware diagnostics (as well as a disk eraser software) - so not a total loss).

    I joined here to get some advice about certs, leading me to get the Myers AIO A+ book (not that I ever got around to sitting the certs - doing quite well so far without them though). I found the community to be helpful and friendly, so decided to stay around.

    I've asked many stupid questions in my time here, and (I'd like to think) that I make a decent contribution to the site.

    Theres a bit of a downhill trend at the moment, mainly caused by a couple of problem members, but I have found that in some of these cases, I end up more peeved at the existing members reactions to them. New members can be educated, existing members should know better! I do admit that its frustrating for existing members to offer advice and see it patently ignored.

    In life I can tend to be quite intolerant. At my old work I was known to spout off in huge rants about various things (my teammate used to like commenting that he knew one was coming by the throbbing vein in my temple :biggrin ). So its a bit of a surprise that I have seen myself defending the posts/situations. In these cases I try to be balanced. I recognise that theres a problem, I just think that sometimes people overreact to it.

    We're an online community, full of people across the globe with various levels of competancy both with the english language, and the technical aspects of IT (and sometimes even life in general). We have to advocate tolerance and respect where we can (after all, if we arent doing it, how are we going to encourage employers to do it?).

    I dont, however, like the fact that certain of our newer members have made comments on how this community does seem very welcoming. This is only a recent development and something I think all members (*peers around*) should work at correcting.
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  12. Arroryn
    Honorary Member

    Arroryn we're all dooooooomed

    No, we have informers everywhere. Nice post :)
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  13. Theprof

    Theprof Petabyte Poster Premium Member

    To start things off, I agree 100% with what's been already said. Although I haven't been on CF long as some of you, I still did notice some changes take place in regards to additions to the board and the type of threads that are being opened and discussed.

    Just like a lot of you, I found this forum from doing a Google search on certification forums and came accross this one. Mind you I didn't join right away, it took me about a week of reading different threads to understand that this is a great place to start with IT learning and development. So I joined, and ever since I find this forums to be a great place. Full of information to help us out. Whether we are just starting out or already experienced and in the field.

    Of course just like any other forums there are going to be arguments and disputes, but with this community growing, its pretty much inevitable.

    UCM, its unfortunate to hear what somebody wrote to you in regards to your contribution. I know that you contribute a lot, and you are pleasant to communicate with. Don't listen to what some random member said to you, obviously that member doesn't know you well at all.
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  14. ffreeloader

    ffreeloader Terabyte Poster

    This looks like something I'd write, Fergal.... :twisted: I'm always leaving out a word here or there.
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  15. Sparky
    Highly Decorated Member Award

    Sparky Zettabyte Poster Moderator

    For me it’s great to be part of a forum that focuses on gaining IT certification the right way. :biggrin
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  16. twizzle

    twizzle Gigabyte Poster

    For me CF has become a 2nd home almost. You guys are about the only friends i have (sad isin't it?). I know i can get away with a few jokes on here and a few "off" comments with some members just liek i could with friends in real life!.

    I joined,a s i'm sure many did. looking for information about IT certs. At the time it was the N+. With ehlp from people like Harry, Trip, Aj etc i managed to get some of the answers to gaps in my knowledge filled. I passed that exam, but still post here for advice and answes. Most of the time i don't feel that if i ask a daft or stupid question i'll get shot down. Only a few members slag you off for lack of knowledge but the bulk are only too helpful and free with thier advice and dont mind the occasional dunce question!

    Ok, so recently one or two posts have gotten to people and been upseting or just plain annoying. I always get worried when a thread about spellings and grammer starts as i'm bad at it. But i never let any of it get to me ona personal level. After all this is just and online forum and these are only text words not spoken ones/ Its easier to shrug anything offensive off. If some said some of the things i've seen on here to me in person (face to face), i might then take offesnse as i see that to be more personal but ona forum, nah just forget it.

    I will always contimue to post here, if i upset someone then apologies, but i know i can also make people smile on here. So for now ya all stuck with me!!!! ahahahahahahahahaha:twisted:
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  17. Fergal1982

    Fergal1982 Petabyte Poster

    oops. yeah. doesn't
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  18. AJ

    AJ 01000001 01100100 01101101 01101001 01101110 Administrator

    First of all, thanks for all of your kind comments guys, its really nice.

    What does CF mean to me? I joined 3 days after SimonV set the site up, however I was lurking around from day 1. Having never been a member of any chat forum I was a bit unsure of how to approach tha place. After joining I found a place of like minded people who where going for IT certs. People like SimonV, Jakamoko, Rosy, Nelix, Phil, Sandy the list goes on.

    This place helped me get through my M$ exams by people answering my questions and their support when things go wrong and when they are successful.

    Silly threads and spam go with the success of the forum. It is multi-national and that is what makes the world a special place. To think that one time I was chatting on MSN to some virtual friends in Australia, Scotland, London and Cypress all at the same time just shows this.

    Cf is what the members make it. What I'll end with is this. If someone asks what you perceive to be a silly question, you have a choice. Answer it or not. To ridicule anyone due to their lack of knowledge is wrong. If they choose not to follow your advice, then just walk away. When a spammer comes calling, why bother posting, your giving them all the attension their post wants, report it to the mods and let them deal with it.

    Cf is a great place and I for one would not be with out it. Your all a great bunch and I salute you all.
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  19. Mathematix

    Mathematix Megabyte Poster

    The people here on CF are generally very nice, but I've noticed that opinions on how to solve certain problems from people outside the industry like myself are often met with derision. I'm a developer, have an appropriate degree, build and upgrade my own gaming rigs, very well respected for my knowledge from those who know me, yet my opinion is sometimes considered somehow inferior because I don't have certs. :blink

    In games development, certs are worthless so there is no point me having them, and secondly I believe that my knowledge already exceeds what could be obtained through certs in having my degree which taught me all the theory that I need to have the broad knowledge that I have. No, I do not know subnetting because I'm not interested in learning networking, etc. When I think about it it is strangely ironinc.

    I'm only here because of my related interest in computing and having previously worked in IT support. IT support is not a career that I wish to get back into, but as I said, we all have a common interest. :biggrin
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  20. ManicMonkey

    ManicMonkey Kilobyte Poster

    I found cf as a place of advice when i was doing my mcse exams, but now i think of it more as a place of friendly banter and help :)
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