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Discussion in 'The Lounge - Off Topic' started by Nelix, Aug 16, 2004.

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    Hi all, Sorry for not being around lately but we have got by elections, annual conference and national policy forums on the go at work, so they have kept me busy.

    Now for the fun stuff, sunday morning, woke up and whilst walking down the stairs I smelt something strange smell coming from around the computer area. After a little while I thought "I know that smell.........it's....... burning circuit components to which i quickly shut everything down and started investigating, My findings were not good, The main PC's power supply had blown, so off to the computer fair I went and bought a nice 400W gold dual fan unit, installed it into the machine to find that it would not turn on, a little flicker from the power light but that was it, so I started unplugging devices and trying again and discovered that the machine would not turn on if the hard drive was plugged in, fortunatly I had a spare H/D, PC now boots, however the DVD writer drive does not work......Argggggg!!!!!!

    So set the main PC up again, turned on the server and got a HARD DRIVE ERROR message............................BUGGER, seems the system drive on the server had gone down aswell, tried a repair but it could not even find the install of the O/S, so another new hard drive was installed and I am currently in the process of setting up the server again with DHCP, DNS, and Active Directory, looks like all my user files have gone too, lost the lot, and no backup's (not recent anyway).

    Once the install and config is finished I am going to look into a backup regime, does anyone have any ideas, what do you use/do to back up your server etc, cd's would be good but i suspect that I would need to sit and keep feeding the machine with discs.

    Well, I hope everyone alse had a better weekend than me.

    Thanks for reading.
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    Thats what happens when you buy your components from Pikey's R' US!!


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    Depends on how much money you've got to spend...and how much your data is worth. Can you afford a tape drive, tapes and software? Go the traditional route. Good thing this happened at home and not in your work environment. I imagine the boss would be a tad miffed to find out the servers are shot and the data was never backed up? :eek: Could be worse. :)
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    companies tend to have the few thousand it takes to set up and adequate tape backup reigeme ;)

    i have an HP Ultriam tape system that i blagged from work pretty cheap, ran at about 4000 GBP retail, and the tapes are 80 GBP each, got 5 with it (100/200GB Ultrium tapes) not a bad little set up yet ive hardly used it (oops)
    what about other hard drivers and another dedicated system with mirroring?
    your looking at only a few hundred there

    low spec machine = 300 GBP
    2x200GB Hard disks = 200 GBP
    Raid 1 controller = 50 GBP

    run linux on it = Free

    backup data to that on a daily basis, have it mirrored and make sure its on a surge protector (possibly even an SOHO UPS w/ surge protection, belkin do a few nice ones
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