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Discussion in 'The Lounge - Off Topic' started by fgaughan, Feb 4, 2005.

  1. fgaughan

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    Just my luck car broken down and its beyond repair now.
    And i am unable to attend hull college no way i will be able to get another car as i am unemployed.

    I wonder if anyone on here had that sort of problem and then returned (say a few weeks later)
    I do not want to give up my ccna but i am at lost to what to do other than go back to that horrible bacon factory :cry:
  2. Phil
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    Thats a tough break, have you tried talking to the college? The college near me provide all sorts of help to the students including mopeds that can be borrowed. Worth a shot.

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  3. punkboy101
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    Yup, I agree, that is a tough break. All I can think of is it possible to take a bus in for the first month or so? perhaps you will meet someone on the course that live's around you and you could share the journey in?

    Other than that, if you are going through the net academy, the course content is available online to you. That would give you a bit of time to get some transport sorted and not fall behind in the course.

    Not ideal i know, but sometime's we just have to struggle through and hope for the best. As they say, where there is a will, there is a way!

    An other way is you could take the money that you would have spent at college, and buy yourself some cisco equipment and books, and go the self study route. There are more than a few CCNA's around here, and i for one would be glad to help you along, as would the others I'm sure.

    Anyway, i'm gonna stop rambling now, and wish you the best, and I'm sure everything will work itself out eventually, sometime's it just takes time!


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  4. tripwire45
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    Tough break, guy. I don't know what the public transportation situation is like where you are. Many years ago, my beloved VW threw a rod. I couldn't afford a new engine so I was carless. I lived in the San Francisco Bay Area which has a very good public transport system. Between my bicycle, the bus/streetcar and BART systems, I was able to get just about anywhere...even fairly late at night.

    I was studying at San Francisco State at the time (first bachelor's degree) and was able to make it to class, work and anywhere I wanted to go. Sure, it took longer. But on the long rides, I was able to do a lot of studying so it was time well spent.

    Hope you get the situation sorted. Good luck.
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