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webcam problem with acer Aspire 1640z

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by mahoor78, Apr 14, 2008.

  1. mahoor78

    mahoor78 New Member

    Hello there everybody...
    i have a problem thats driving me crazy... i bought 2 webcams (brand called 2B) one for me and one for my brother and we both have the same laptop (acer Aspire 1640z) and both have windows xp pro installed..
    i installed the drivers for the webcams and the thing thats driving me nuts is that the webcam works great on my brother's laptop and mine doesnt work at all.. when i run the software for the webcam which is called AMcap it says "this graph cannot preview"...
    i have searched for answeres everywhere and tried EVERYTHING from uninstalling the webcam driver and reinstalling them to updating every driver on my laptop(graphics,chipset,audio,wi-fi,codecs)... and still i get the same msg that says this graph cannot preview..
    windows xp recognizes the webcam as ( USB20 PC Camera-268 ) and when i plug it into the usb the little icon of the AMcap software in the system tray says that camera is plugged in... but when i run it it gives that msg...
    and by the way i did try my camera on my brother's laptop and it works like a charm... and non of the 2 webcams work on mine...
    plz any help is appreciated..
    thank you all..
  2. mahoor78

    mahoor78 New Member

    Hellooooo..... no one wants to help??
  3. hbroomhall

    hbroomhall Petabyte Poster Gold Member

    Possibly nobody knows the answer.

    That error message, when searched for in Google, seems to be associated with driver problems.

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