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Discussion in 'CIW Certifications' started by Mix'Creations, Feb 27, 2011.

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    Just as long as theres no grumpy old women. :-)
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    So if im using Html, Javascript, Perl or Php and css.Plus the adobe suite (dw, fl, fw, ps etc)

    Im a designer right?

    Throw in jQuery and various frameworks (zend, joomla and wordpress) - tried Gaia .. cant get me head round @ mo.
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    Yes. PHP or Perl are not something you should worry about as a designer though.

    I would say yes to jQuery and joomla, wordpress (those aren't frameworks actually, they're CMS).

    Zend framework is a PHP framework. Again, nothing designer should worry about.
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    really, you are both.

    If you deal with aesthetics, then you are a designer. If you deal with program logic (beyond "clicking this link takes you to this page") then you are a developer.

    The two are not mutually exclusive.
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    Web designer can be a catch all term used to describe anything to do with website creation, I don't think this is helpful as we want to really discuss the process.

    To me designers design, and developers develop. Generally there is a creative bit where colour schemes/fonts are picked, layout/page structure/wire frames, page flow/navigation, user experience and artwork created. This is the core design work and its normally done largely in photoshop and on paper/whiteboards.

    In web development you can divide developers into two main camps client side or server side. (front end / backend).

    Front end developers create code to make functionality work like menus, float overs, maps, instant messengers, carousels etc. They perform 'design' in that they design the application/functionality, like an engineer designs a bridge, but they don't work on funky logos etc.

    Back end developers on web sites work on settlement, workflow, administration, email, newletters, CRM, CMS, B2B type stuff.

    Some people specialise and some people perfrom multiple roles, but in my experience they generally are more of an expert in one field than the others.

    Perl and PHP are server side scripting languages, they definitely are not the domain of the designer, they are for serverside developers. Zend are a company that produces a PHP engine/interpreter. Joomla and Wordpress are CMS products, to use them you could be acting as a front end web developer, back end web developer, administrator, content editor, etc it really depends.

    jQuery is a JavaScript library, there are many others also, JavaScript is the domain of a front end web developer so using and integrating JavaScript libraries like jQuery is largely front end dev, but often back end developers embed the final code into the serverside script.

    Just realise that there are Jobs and then there are Roles and responsibilities, sometimes there is a one to one mapping, other times you will perform multiple roles, you 'put your design hat on' for example...

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