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Discussion in 'Linux / Unix Discussion' started by tripwire45, Dec 26, 2005.

  1. tripwire45
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    I'm "cross-migrating" this post to see if any of you can help this fellow out.
    Find the original post and site at the link below:


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    Off the top of my head - without looking stuff up - some thoughts:

    If this 'splash image' was from Linux then it had installed a boot chooser, along the lines of LILO or similar. One way to get this back is to boot the Linux partition and re-install that.

    I've not heard of Federo - might this be Fedora? That seems to use GRUB for it's boot system, which I am unfamiliar with.

    To boot Linux means you will need to change which partition is 'active' - this will only work (I believe) if Linux has been installed in a primary partition.

    Another way to do this is modify boot.ini. This will allow you to
    choose the booting OS, but won't have the same appearance as GRUB.

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    since grub is installed by linux. using the install cd to repair the install should resolve the issue. it will detect that the boot loader isnt set right and sort it out. thats what happened with me when i re-imaged - although i cant remember the exact steps i used to repair the issue, besides, i have Suse on this machine, so it would be different.
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  4. tripwire45
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    Thanks, guys. I'll pass the suggestions along. :)
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  5. Jellyman_4eva

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    If its any help to you...

    I believe it once you have booted from the Fedora CD and gone into rescue mode the command you are looking for is either


    To reinstall LILO if you had it... if you did it would boot with an L then LI then LIL then LILO...

    That command should reinstall LILO and automatically detect the Windows partition...but if it does not detect the Windows partition you need to find LILO.conf which I believe is in /boot and put in your entry underneath your Fedora one...

    For Grub it is

    grub-install /dev/hda

    If you want to install it on your first IDE drive's MBR.... again the config is in /boot and it is called grub.conf!

    I hope that helps... look on google for the syntax of the conf files if you can not find how to add Windows...
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