VW Golf GTi Ad with Gene Kelly...

Discussion in 'The Lounge - Off Topic' started by noelg24, Apr 27, 2005.

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    No doubt everyone has seen this ad (at least those of us in the UK) what is your view on it? I have downloaded the clip and converted it to play on my mobile and its just brilliant. I also have the full MP3 song itself. If anyone would like one just email me and let me know...but if you watch the ad its amazing what they can do with a dead man's face...wonder if they do that with me when I go? :rolleyes:

    anyway here is the link for the .3gp file (if you have a video mobile) http://www.smsc-soul.co.uk/downloads/golf-gti.3gp-smsc-soul.co.uk.zip

    and the .mov file for the PC http://www.smsc-soul.co.uk/downloads/golf-gti-smsc-soul.co.uk.zip

    the full MP3 version of the song is here http://designdesires.pengus.net/singing_in_the_rain_remix.mp3

    but if all else fails you can visit the site where I got the info

    there that should sort it...
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  2. kat731
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    Cool advert. Still cant beat flat eric!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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