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Volunteer Work

Discussion in 'Employment & Jobs' started by Ellis, Jan 19, 2010.

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  1. Ellis

    Ellis Bit Poster

    Hi all,

    Well ive been searching for work for a month or two now and been sending off a lot of C.V's and applying for about 100 jobs a month and not really getting any interviews, anyway I wont give up, in the mean time I have one interview but it's for an IT company to do volunteer work, now the advert said it would be for 3 months working on a "project" of some sort and "may" lead on to a real paid position, it also said they would give you a glowing reference.

    Ive got the interview Thursday, should I be concerned in any way?. Of course I will ask questions at the interview, I just see this as a good thing as in a recession im still putting myself out there even for free but I have a concern this could be just being used and then wasting my time?. Can you see where im coming from?.
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  2. soundian

    soundian Gigabyte Poster

    Some alarm bells are ringing here but I'd probably still go to the interview. If nothing else you'll get a little more experience with interviews.
    However I wouldn't be keen on working for nothing for anything other than a registered charity, I wouldn't be up for working more than a day or two a week (I don't need to tell you that job hunting takes a lot of time and that still has to be your primary focus) and the experience I was gaining would have to be relevant to the job I'm looking for.
    Good luck.
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2010
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  3. Ellis

    Ellis Bit Poster

    Thanks, point taken, of course I would let them know searching for a job is my main priority, i'll see what happens Thursday anyway:biggrin.
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  4. miflandia

    miflandia Byte Poster


    I will try this one, i found 1 place in my area. I think i going to apply for that, but i would not do more than 1 day a week.
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  5. Ellis

    Ellis Bit Poster

    Hey guy's,

    Well interview went fine but I dont think I can do it, im signing on at the moment as volunteering needs to be with a non-profit organization, this isnt, also a work trial would be no good either as this is only a month and the chap said he would need 3 months before deciding on if he was going to take me on. :(

    I will double check with the job centre but I dont think I can do it, shame, but I cant live on nothing can I?.
    Certifications: A+, 726 NVQ 2 Computers and Electronics.
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  6. Asterix

    Asterix Megabyte Poster

  7. IT2009

    IT2009 Byte Poster


    I tried this site and got stuck on this bit:

    "Your skills and experience
    Years of IT experience (required)"
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