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  1. brent

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    Now I've seen a post in the forums I think it was Tripwire's about building a PC and he talked about some software called VMware. What is it? I've looked at there website but I dont have the time to read all that so thought I'd pick your brains instead. :ears
  2. flex22

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    It's a program that lets you run multiple OS's, virtually, inside a host OS.

    The more RAM you have, the more virtual machines you can run at the same time.

    So say for instance you want two servers and a pro virtual machine to be running at the same time.Well, if each server needs 256MB of RAM and the Pro needs 128MD of RAM then that adds up to :roll: erm, 640MB of RAM.

    So, that including your host, which let's say has 128MB of RAM = 768 MB.

    You'd need 1GB of RAM to run that smoothly.Of course, you can alter the amount of RAM assigned to each virtual machine but obviously the less RAM a machine has, the slower it will be.

    The virtual machines can be connected by means of virtual switches, so you can replicate a physical network.

    I've found the info on the site to be helpful.Although there seems to be a heck of a lot of info there, just skim over it and you'll soon get the gist of it.

    OK, I'll leave it there for starters.Ask away and I'll try and help with various VMWare issues you'd like to discuss. :peace
  3. Sandy

    Sandy Ex-Member

    It is a great bit of software and well worth spending a weekend learning it - it will save you € lots in the long run ...

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