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Discussion in 'Virtual and Cloud Computing' started by Leey2000k, Oct 15, 2005.

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    Hi guys,

    Well VM is running Server 2003 fine but i have 1 small question, My computer only has 512mb Ram and I wanted to be able to set up 2003 server and create accounts and log into them, however I didnt really want to run 2 VM machines due to the drain on the available ram but heres the problem -

    My Computer - Win XP with 512mb Ram

    VM Computer - Server 2003 Using about 256mb Ram

    I wanted to be able to log onto the new domain I've created has different users which I've created however I cant log off my account on Win xp because it will close down VM ie no server then to log on to - Do you guys now of any way i can log onto my domain without logging off my account or installing another VM System???

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    The only way that I think you will be able to do this would be to reduce the amount of RAM given to the VM.

    I Have 2 Win2K3 servers running on Virtual PC with 128mb and they run ok, even when both running.

    I simply installed them with 256MB, shut them down and re-allocated memory.

    Set your self up with an XP VM which runs with 64 mb of RAM. It will be slow, but should still work.

  3. nugget
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    Sure, set up vmware to run as a service and then even the host machine can join the domain. I remember reading this article about how to do it. Unfortunately it's subscriber only. If you want to PM me we can do something about it.
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