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Discussion in 'Virtual and Cloud Computing' started by Jakamoko, Feb 4, 2005.

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    Jakamoko On the move again ...


    Just installed VMWare and playing with it to get a feel. Two questions first of all....

    *Does it default to run within a window, or can I have a virtual machine running full screen ?

    *When I'm "in" the virtual machine, is there an easy way to switch back to use the host, as my k/b and mouse seem locked within the vivrtual machine, and short of hitting <ctrl><alt><del> I don't seem to be able to grab them back, to continue other tasks on the host. EDIT: Just found the "<ctrl><alt> to release cursor" option...sorry.

    EDIT2: OK, found both answers now...

    Sorry if these questions are overly simple for this Board, but I figure if I'm asking them, then I may not be the only one ....
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    nothing is too simplified, were happy to help all manner of queries! :)

    just to put this in perspective for our other new VM users

    VMWare uses a 'hook' key combination to hand control back over to the host machine, the default is Ctrl+Alt
    if you ever plan on using Linux you may wish to change this to something like Ctrl+Alt+Shift as Ctrl+Alt is used by Linux

    likewise it uses Ctrl+Alt+Insert as a Ctrl+Alt+Del replacement (to stop your machine trying to lock), be warned if you change your hook keys this also changes (for instance Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Insert)

    Full screen can be attained by clicking the Full Screen Icon above the VM window, you can return to windowed mode by clicking your hook keys :)

    (to change hook keys goto.. Edit -> Preferences -> Hot Keys)
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