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VLSM - Practice and Info

Discussion in 'General Cisco Certifications' started by sendalot, Mar 3, 2013.

  1. sendalot

    sendalot Nibble Poster

    I recently passed ICND-1 with 96% on subnetting part.

    I have a few questions on VLSM practice.

    (1) For those who know of Pearson-IT Practice exams (The one that comes with Odom's library), are the actual exam VLSM questions that much complicated? If NDA gets in the way, then you don't have to answer that question and please let me know not to ask.

    (2) Are there more explanations and practice on VLSM that you know of? For those who own Odom's ICND-2 book, like the appendix of Odom's

    (3) Is the objective of VLSM simply to prevent overlaps IP addresses?

    Thank you all.
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  2. phatboy

    phatboy Nibble Poster

    In my exam, there were some quite complex questions in this area, they really are looking for your ability to be able to subnet very quickly.

    VLSM is very useful for grouping networks and advertising the routes, not really about preventing overlaps I don't think?
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  3. Cunningfox

    Cunningfox Byte Poster

    The objective of VLSM is simply to make the most efficient use of a relatively small IPv4 space, no point using a /8 for your 16 PC network.

    Regardless of how complicated the questions on the exam may or may not be, know subnetting and know it well. It's the core of the network and mistakes can really f**k things up when it comes to routing and summary addresses.

    I recommend subnettingquestions.com - Free Subnetting Questions and Answers Randomly Generated Online it's just pure questions fired at you again and again. I still use it occasionally to keep it fresh.
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