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Vlan design help!

Discussion in 'Routing & Switching' started by laet, Apr 29, 2011.

  1. laet

    laet New Member

    Hi i need to do and assignment on the following network: Site A, Site B, Site C, two VLANS one students one teaches. Each site has two departments - teaches only and students and teaches. Students department has hosts for students and teachers. Teachers department hosts for teachers only. I need to develop the topology in packet tracer and get everything working. Can anybody give me some initial ideas, especially on the topology and ip addresses. And also what switches and routers to use. This would be most appreciated.
  2. kammodo

    kammodo Nibble Poster


    Best you do the Donkey work on this one yourself mate. It the only way your going to learn. Tonnes of VLAN design documentation on the web. Start at Cisco Systems, Inc
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  3. jonny7_2002

    jonny7_2002 Byte Poster

    Laet, although Kammodo's comments seem a little harsh, he is right..... really what you need to do is start the design on paper/visio and then when you are stuck come and ask for help; people will be more helpfull if you try first.

    What i would suggest with the limited information you priovided is....

    Work out how many hosts you need for the teachers VLAN on each site
    Work out how many hosts needed for the students VLAN on each site
    Choose and addressing scheme - 192.168.x.x / 172.16.x.x /
    Subnet out the address space you have chosen and then assign 1 subnets to each site for each vlan

    If the sites are remote and not part of a campus topology then you should have something like this (maybe)....
    Site A:
    Student VLAN:
    Teacher VLAN:

    Site B:
    Student VLAN:
    Teacher VLAN:

    Site C:
    Student VLAN:
    Teacher VLAN:

    In addidtion to this i would probably create a VLAN on each site for the infrastructure items so you can lock down the students and their ability to traverse VLANS etc etc

    Once you have this information you can then draw up a basic design of how the sites will all connect to each other. Once you have the basic design you can start to think about what devices are required for the job and then you can create a test environment/lab.....

    this is all my early morning opinion and may not be EXACTLY how i would do it but its a great starting point..... Plan, Design, Implement then Verify.... get that in the right order then you should be good to go!

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