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Vista icons damaged after uninstalling Style XP v3.19

Discussion in 'Software' started by apoorvasheth, Jun 27, 2007.

  1. apoorvasheth

    apoorvasheth New Member

    Hello! My name is Apoorva. I am using Windows Vista Ultimate and I had installed Style XP v3.19. After the installation, stylexp popup a window saying that it does not support Vista. So, I had to uninstall style xp. Now, after the uninstallation, all the icons on my desktop as well as in folders are screwed up and it says: "Window Explorer has stopped working...". And later, when I double click on C:\, it is not opening. I also tried the Vista Repair options through the Vista DVD and also through sfc /scannow but they did not resolve the issue.

    It's wired! I had also created a System Restore point 3 days before installing Style XP v3.19 and now it says that there are no System Restore point created. It also gives an error message and I tried to take a screenshot of it - went to MSPaint - Paste the image. Now, when I try to save the image, the screen gets frozen.

    Also, all the drive icons in My Computer are corrupted. The icons on the desktop are invisible & one can only see the icon names. Also, I am unable to enter any of the drives as the screen gets frozen.

    Seems, like I need to perform a PC Restore. Thank god I took a backup right at the start, after installing Windows Vista. At the moment, I am typing this message from Windows XP SP2. This is the time, when the 2nd OS if installed, comes in handy. Otherwise, I had to visit a Cyber cafe to send you the message.

    Atleast Vista has something good in it than expected >>> PC Restore.

    Anyway'z, do let me know if you have any workaround on the issue that I am facing and if you can save me from this hassle of PC Restore. B'coz, so far if I understand, there could be some corruption in files taken place. I contacted StyleXP in regards to this issue, but they could not help me out...

    Any help would be greatly appreciated....


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  2. BosonMichael
    Highly Decorated Member Award

    BosonMichael Yottabyte Poster

    If StyleXP themselves cannot help you, I'd recommend you do a restore, and if that doesn't work, it's time to reinstall from scratch.

    Hopefully, next time you see those warning boxes that pop up about Vista incompatibilities, you'll heed those warnings, right? :thumbleft
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