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Virtualizing Exchange: points for discussion

Discussion in 'Virtual and Cloud Computing' started by UKDarkstar, Dec 4, 2008.

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    The subject of virtualization has been a pretty hot topic for the last couple of years. It seems to offer a massive amount, for example: consolidating underused servers and therefore providing cost savings on hardware, rack space, electricity and cooling. On top of that, virtualizing your server infrastructure brings other benefits such as the ability to easily move a virtual machine from one piece of physical hardware to another and also to rapidly provision new servers where required.

    Although this sounds great, there has been somewhat of a problem with virtualising Exchange 2007 because, Microsoft has not, until very recently, supported Exchange 2007 on any virtualization platform. To be fair though, that has not stopped a lot of people from putting their Exchange servers on a virtual platform. In fact it is something I have, myself, done for a handful of clients utilising the VMware ESX platform. However, as mentioned, the support situation has now changed, and these changes form the topic of the next section.

    Read the full article here

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    I thought this might be useful for you "virtual" guys :biggrin
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