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    Hello Again, it's update time again

    I have updated this thread from wagnerk which was an update from my original thread here on Virtualization Resources
    As you all know this is an explosive time for the sector, so it's a fast moving list! :)


    From VMWare:
    Workstation | Fusion | Server | vSphere | Site Recovery Manager | View | Operations Manager

    From Microsoft:
    Hyper-V Server | Windows Server 2008 R2 | System Center VMM 2008 R2

    From Citrix:

    From Open Source:
    KVM | VirtualBox

    VMware Resources:

    VMware vSphere/ESXi 5.0
    VMTN Community | Documentation

    VMware vCenter 5.0
    VMTN Community | Documentation

    VMware SRM 5.0
    VMTN Community | Documentation

    VMware View 5.0
    VMTN Community | Documentation

    VMware Workstation 8
    VMTN Community | Documentation

    VMware Fusion
    VMTN Community | Documentation

    Official VMware Blogs:
    Office of the CTO
    VMTN Blog
    VMware for SMB
    Planet v12n Industry Blog feed

    VMware vSphere Blog
    VMware End User Computing Blog
    VMware vCloud Blog

    VMware Power CLI Blog
    VMware Security Blog
    VMware Performance Blog

    A full list can be seen on the left hand bar here

    Microsoft Resources:

    Microsoft Hyper-V
    Technet, White papers (bottom left of page), Free E-learning from MS, Resource Kit (Book), Free E-Book from MS, Understanding Microsoft Virtualization - Free eBook

    Microsoft Virtual PC
    MS release notes, Technical overview (XPS)

    System Centre Virtual Machine Manager
    Data Sheet, Technet, Free E-learning from MS

    I need to update the MS stuff but it's not where i have been most active, will update as I come up with stuff and also add a decent community resource set too (blogs, people of interest etc)
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