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    I finally got a chance to install today and laoded Windows Server 2003 and also Windows XP pro, did not want to mess my operating system up so left as it is.

    Started off basic things, folder permissions, then a few group policies, however it took me over an hour to work out a problem i thought i had, but i just wondered if it affected everyone who uses Virtual Pc.

    When i added folder permissions on the server the client PC i was connected to at the same time would not take the changes, i also was running GPupdate from the run prompt, however this still did not work, i played about with loads of settings and could not get to work, then i clicked, i logged the user off and back on and this made the change.

    Is this normal, a bit time consuming keep having to log a user off to see if the change has been implemented.

    Any ideas what i should be trying next, im reading through the ms press book as i go, but tomorrow i think i just have a good play around.
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    generally yes, unless u add the user permissions
    if you add say, a group permissions, then add that user to that group, they generally have to log off to refresh thier access token
    the server however should know they are in group x y and z
    if you added the user directly to the file permissions, cant see why it wouldnt of worked

    gpupdate will not make a difference in this instance as we are dealing with file permissions not GPOs
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